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Stradalli TTR-8 Black TT Carbon Fiber Time Trial Triathlon Bicycle Frameset

100% UD Carbon Fiber

Overall performance: This frame does not sacrifice one key element for another. This is the time trial frame that ensures the rider is equipped to handle every situation. Every detail has been manicured to provide the best overall ride quality over a variety of terrain.

Adjustability: A frame which seeks to provide optimum comfort to the rider must have a wide range of adjust-ability options. The carbon seat post rail clamp system provides 90mm of fore-aft adjustment. Arm rests and aero bars are constructed to be durable, but still offer the mobility necessary for the rider to achieve his or her optimum position. Linear size jumps make this frame suitable for riders of all sizes. Any rider can easily find a comfortable position on this time trial frame.

Serviceability: Time trial frames should look like rockets, but they shouldn’t require rocket science in order to run smoothly. The direct mount cockpit system allows the rider to easily access and service all parts in the front end. The BB30 system is the most easily serviceable bottom bracket system available. Furthermore, carbon masks provide two benefits. Aerodynamics is what every rider wants, but protection from the elements is what every bike needs. The front end construction hides cables and protects critical parts from corrosion which develops long term due to sweat and elements from everyday training.

Aerodynamics: Cockpit construction was created to be the most sleek, clean looking front end possible. Carbon masks protect wires from elements and keep them out of sight. The front brake is integrated into the fork and protected by a carbon mask, enhancing aerodynamics and again protecting critical parts from the wear and tear of elements. The rear brake is mounted underneath the chainstays to keep it away from the wind. We again provided a slender carbon mask spoiler made of the same lightweight high modulus carbon fiber as with all our products to shield the brake from elements without any weight penalty.

Geometry: There are no sacrifices to achieve optimum overall performance. The geometry of this frame allows the bike to mesh to the rider. Forcing the rider to mesh to the bike always creates difficulties finding the optimum position for maximum, efficient power output. Each tube on this frame was constructed with comfort and peak aerodynamic efficiency in mind.

Also designed ready for Shimano Di2 or Campagnolo EPS 

This is one of the most aerodynamic frames available with hidden, integrated brakes. The Stradalli carbon time trial bike is a pure speed machine.


At the 2016 UCI World Championship in Doha, Qatar, Team Stradalli – BIKE AID finished on 17th place.

What an amazing accomplishment from our "small squad" from Germany that caught much attention with more than 200 professional cycling teams world wide. The 17th place finish is not remembered as a disappointment; but a HUGE accomplishment for our "small budget" team. Such an event means mostly: stress, sleepless nights, headache and night shifts to prepare and organize travel arrangements for the entire team to go to such an event. Compared to the deep pockets of the big name teams like SKY or BMC who more than triple the funds and staff to assist team riders through the season. Thats why to Stradalli this time meant more than ever as the underdogs, because despite all ambitions and sacrifices the boys did throughout this year and all the good results the team earned in 2016 season – to be at the start of the World Championships is not an everyday thing ! 

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