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Stradalli 100% 3K Carbon Fiber Fly Fishing Landing Net

- Material: 100% 3K Carbon Fiber (Majority of fishing nets sold online are not 100% carbon fiber)

1. Size: 24" 

Net size 24": 16.5" x 8.25" x 12" 

Color 24": 3K Carbon / Bronze

- Size: 26" 

Net size 26": 17.5" x 12.25" x 12"

Color 26": Maroon 3K Carbon / Silver

- Weight with rubber bag: 400g or .88lbs

- Net: Clear rubber

Super light weight and strong net that can handle anything. It is buoyant and weatherproof, comfortable and roomy. Serious professional grade equipment for a serious angler.
Superior quality and materials. We are the only fishing net manufacturer that uses 100% carbon fiber construction.

Our quality is world class, competition rated.

Our prices leave competition in the dust.

Authentic Stradalli® product.

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