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Stradalli Carbon Fiber Aero Flach Compact Shallow Drop Handlebars

100% HM Carbon Fiber.

-This is the perfect balance of aerodynamics and stiffness in a carbon handlebar.

-The Flach minimizes frontal area wind drag, the main enemy for the rider when hitting top speeds.

-Shallow ergonomic drop bars provide a comfortable, but incredibly stiff gripping platform for high intensity sprinting.

- Internal cabling option to maximise aerodynamics and provide clean, sleek look.

- Flat top bar section is perfect for palm relief on long distance riding.

100% HM Carbon Fiber

Available in 40, 42, and 44cm (c to c)

Reinforced and textured clamping area for secure mounting
Textured handles for sturdy tape application.

Our quality is world class, competition rated.

Handlebars for 31.8mm stem
Drop/Reach 125mm/90mm

Our quality is world class, competition rated.


Handlebar Installation Instructions:

A. Measure the stem clamp diameter. The Stradalli cycle carbon fiber handlebar is only compatible with stems that have a 31.8mm clamp diameter.     

Remove all sharp edges and burrs on the stem clamp area. Failure to do so may result damage to the handlebar that can cause failure, loss of control of bicycle, injury or death.   

B. Apply Carbon fiber Installation Compound on stem and faceplate surfaces that contact the handlebar. 

C. Place the handlebar into the Stem Body and install the Face Plate, lightly tightening the Face Plate Bolts but do not tighten. 

Center and adjust the position of the handlebar. Stradalli cycle carbon fiber road handlebars are designed to be set up with the ends of the bars approximately horizontal (0° - 6°). This will give the best position for riding in the drops and short reach to the brake lever.   

D. Tighten stem face plate bolts according to stem manufacturer’s instructions.   

Tighten faceplate bolts only a ¼ turn at a time, alternating between the bolts in an “ X ” pattern. Failure to do so will result in damage to the handlebar that is not covered under warranty.


Our quality is world class, competition rated.

Our prices leave competition in the dust.

Authentic Stradalli® product.

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