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Stradalli 4-5-8Wt 9'  4pc Fast Action Fly Fishing Rod 100% Carbon Billet Reel Combo

The latest in high tech fly fishing technology - carbon fiber.

Pro-angler grade, guide quality rod. 100% High modulus carbon fiber construction that is a cut above the rest.

The medium-fast action is light and responsive. This rod will make fly presentation easy for close precision casts as well as long bomber streamer casts. Light and strong with smooth action easy casting.

The Silver Lining is custom-tuned, light, and highly responsive fly rod designed for technical dry fly, emerger, and nymph fishing for trout of all sizes.

Each male ferrule is hand-ground to perfectly fit the female section of the blank, while the female sections are all internally reinforced. The result is superb ferrule fit and a smooth casting rod with no flat spots.

Perfect for any size streams and rivers and even saltwater flats fishing.
This high-tech rod can take you to the new level and will never let you down!

Product Specifications:

  • Construction: 4 piece

  • Blank Material: 100% High Modulus Carbon Fiber

  • Blank Color: Gray

  • Length: 9'

  • Line Weight: #4Wt #5Wt #8Wt

  • Action: Medium-fast action

  • Number of guides: 9 + tip

  • Reel Seat: 3K carbon insert, aluminum reel seat

  • Handle: Grade AAA cork, Half Wells

  • Tube: Cordura rod tube

  • Reel Material: Cast Aluminum

  • Ball Bearings: 2+1

  • Outer Diameter: 85mm

  • Weight: 167g

  • Fly line: 4# 90'  5# 90'  8#90'

  • Braided White Line: 165'

  • 2x - 9'

Our fly rod designers have over 100 years of combined fly fishing experience. They have been guides for some of that, but they have been students for all of it. They're still learning. One thing they have learned is that many rods are the same. It's often simply the brand and price tag that is the difference. Two fast action rods from two similar brands are going to perform almost exactly the same. So, when we started talking about fishing, some parallels to what got us into high-end carbon bikes were very apparent. The first parallel is that fly-fishing, like cycling, takes time and practice to become good. The second parallel is that having proper gear can enhance the overall experience. The third parallel is that price for good equipment is often a barrier to participation. At Stradalli Carbon Sports, we are dedicated to giving our customers the ability to have the best products with a price that everyone can afford. That is true for our carbon fly rods too. Instead of paying $600 or more for a rod, we offer the identical product for hundreds less. That way you can afford a high-end fly rod and you' are excellent choices. The Release series has grade AAA cork and a unique and beautiful reel seat for the truly discerning angler. The Silver Lining series has a more traditional reel seat for an even more affordable price. The unfortunate reality that many of us have come to believe is that cost and quality are connected. That doesn't have to be true with Stradalli Carbon Sports. Remember, it's the angler that catches the fish. Not how much you paid for your gear. See you on the water!

Our quality is world class, competition rated.

Our prices leave competition in the dust.

Authentic Stradalli® product.

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