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Meron Amanuel takes lead in KOM classification - Tour du Rwanda 1st stage 

On today's first stage of Tour du Rwanda, Meron Amanuel from Stradalli - BIKE AID took the lead in climbers classification while Jean-Bosco Nsengimana now ranks on 3rd in GC with 1 second behind.

After 96,4 hilly kilometers from Kigali to Ngoma, the Canadian Guillaume Boivin from Cycling Academy Team won the final sprint out of a 19 man front group that managed to break away 30 kilometers from the finish. Also in this group, Stradalli - BIKE AID leader Jean - Bosco Nsengimana who came in with the same time and now sits on 3rd place overall with just 1 second down.

"Now it is a perfect situation for us and Bosco, as the gap is just 1 second and the responsibility to control the race is on the Rwandan team, so we can be relaxed and wait for the right time", Yves Beau (Sporting Director of Stradalli - BIKE AID) said.

The Eritrean Meron Amanuel won the only KOM of the day and overtook the leaders jersey that he will wear on tomorrow's second stage.

Stradalli - Bike Aid Team to Win Tour du Rwanda

Germany-based Stradalli–Bike Aid are very optimistic of becoming the second UCI Continental team to win Tour du Rwanda. Stradalli - Bike Aid pro cycling teams charge will be led by their Rwandan reigning champion Jean Bosco Nsengimana.

The 8th edition of the UCI-Africa Tour 2.2 race, slated for November 13-20, has been dominated by national teams since 2009 when it became part of the UCI Africa Tour, with United States-based Team Type 1–Sanofi the only UCI Continental team to have won it, back in 2011.

However, Stradalli- Bike Aid pro cycling which is among the four UCI Continental teams that will grace this year’s seven-stage showpiece, are confident that their star man, Nsengimana, who joined the club in June, can win the Tour for the second year in a row, provided he gets the support he needs from his teammates.

“For the Tour of Rwanda 2016, the goals of the team Stradalli- Bikeaid have a little bit changed; last year, we went for stage wins with Mekseb Debesay ( now world tour racer ) and Meron Amanuel. But this year, we have last year’s overall winner in our ranks and we will give him all the support we can for him to win the Tour again,” says the team manager.

"We hope that we can support Nsengimana the best way, the goals are set and the ambition is high. Seven hard days during the end of Tour du Rwanda will show us what we really can do.”

The 22-year old Nsengimana is currently training in Rwanda at Africa Rising Cycling Centre in Musanze District, along with the 15 local riders, who will represent Rwanda.

Among other competitors that will ride along Nsengimana includes Eritrean Meron Amanuel Mengstab (winner stage 2 and 6 of Tour du Rwanda 2012), Tanzanian Richard Laizer, Damien Garcia pro racer from France and Mathias Schnapka from Germany.

 Tour du Rwanda is very important for team Stradalli- bikeaid not only because we have Nsengimana, who can win it, but also because of the very special atmosphere and the huge enthusiasm by the locals and African racing overall 

This year’s edition will attract over 85 riders under 17 teams from different parts of the world. These include eight African national teams, four UCI continental teams, and five regional teams or clubs.

8 African national teams:

  • Team Rwanda
  • National Team of Kenya
  • National Team of Cameroon
  • National Team of South Africa
  • National Team of Ethiopia
  • National Team of Eritrea
  • National Team of Egypt
  • National Team of Algeria

4 UCI Continental Teams:

  • Dimension Data For Qhubeka (South-Africa)
  • Kenyan Riders Downunder (Kenya)
  • Cycling Academy Team (Israel)
  • Stradalli - Bike Aid (Germany)

Florida mountain biking in November 


STRADALLI – BIKE AID to UCI Road World Championships in Doha

This year's UCI Road World Championships will be held in Doha, Qatar. And STRADALLI – BIKE AID will be in the middle as the team receives official start allowance from UCI for Team Time Trial.
It sounds again like crazy news or April's fool, but it is true and real. How can it be that a „small team“ goes to the official UCI World Championships and even more: how to try to challenge the „big guys“ from the World Tour such as BMC, SKY or Tinkoff?
Yes, indeed: we have been surprised the same way But we already received the confirmation from UCI in July, so we had enough time to prepare ourselves how we can announce this awesome news. It is a great honor for us but at the same time this opportunity means also a huge responsibility for the team, the riders and all involved people.

Yes, the guys from STRADALLI  – BIKE AID will be for sure the underdogs and the most important thing at this stage so far is sure to be a part of the World championships and that we made it there, but on the other hand everybody is highly motivated and ready to fight with all he has to achieve the best result possible. Six riders will represent the team colors of STRADALLI – BIKE AID besides the best teams in the world.
Also our partners and suppliers were the same way excited as we were when we told these news and there was not just one second of hesitation to support us a little extra for this event.
Team Time Trial is a huge invest in equipment, as it is a lot about aerodynamics etc. The challenge was also to adapt all of our equipment for this special demand and without any question the partners like STRADALLI CYCLE  (TT – frames), Citec (disc – wheels) or Bollé (TT helmets) or Biehler Sportswear with the new developed high tech TT suits jumped on our side and did their utmost to make all this come true. So our riders will definitely look fast when they will climb the starting ramp in Doha.
This event is a real big thing for us and means a Lot „ STRADALLI - BIKEAID Manager 
Given the fact that we actually are a small professional team with limited budget and based on great sponsor and the cycling community we never could imagine that we could take all these steps from winning UCI Africa Tour  to participate as a team in the UCI World Championships . We can not achieve more with the given budget“.

In 2016 Many top 10 results in races of UCI category 1 and HC but also lot of podium places were taken this year. The best result so far was for sure Meron Teshome's 2nd place on stage 11 in Tour of Qinghai Lake (UCI 2.HC) but also Nikodemus Holler delivered many strong performances with good results in the GC in Tour of gabon (UCI 2.1), Ireland or Tour of China. KOM Ireland jersey.
The team currently holds a special training camp in Bad Salzhausen to finetune the technique for team time trial. On Monday October 3rd the last race in the Europe Tour will take place for the team at Münsterland Giro with guys like Marcel Kittel, Mark Cavendish or André Greipel before the riders and staff fly to Doha on next Wednesday



Color match





Lechner with 3rd place in Rülzheim

Patrick Lechner sprints to the next podium for STRADALLI-BIKE AID.

Last nights criterium in Rülzheim Germany he could only be beaten by Marcel Fischer and Simon Nuber while Niko Holler team Stradalli- BIKEAID ranks 6th.

It was already late evening, under the floodlight of rülzheim that illuminated the Crit course with lots of corners, when Patrick Lechner stepped up again to the podium. He just finished 3rd in the criterium before and managed to fight against the two leading criterium-teams Möbel Ehrmann and Racing students who showed up with a squad of 8 racers .

After 15 laps in front of the pack, Patrick gained already lot of points and cash money that he could only be beaten in a hard final sprint by Marcel Fischer (Racing Students) and Simon Nuber (Möbel Ehrmann). A great result in a great race where Nikodemus Holler rounded the night up with his awesome 6th place.

Well done team Stradalli - Bikeaid 

Patrick Lechner sprints to the next podium for STRADALLI-BIKE AID

Again to China - STRADALLI-BIKE AID receives invitation to tour of China (UCI 2.1)


Just back from China, it is time to prepare the bags again. STRADALLI – BIKE AID Procycling team receives invitation to this year's Tour of China in September.


After the team achieved many good results at this year's Tour of Qinghai Lake (UCI 2.HC) in last month, the guys can look forward to travel again to China. The organizing committee of Tour of China send an invitation to the 14 stage Tour of China that leads through that huge country in far east. The race is categorized in UCI class 2.1 and contains many sprint stages but as well couple of very hard mountain stages.


„We are very happy to receive this invitation to another high ranked and well organized stage race in Asia. This invitation shows also a kind of proof of our latest results and progress we did with this team. We are also sure that we will play again a good role especially in the sprint stages with our Sprinter Meron Teshome from Eritrea“ Yves Beau (one of the sporting directors) explained. 


The race takes part from September 09 to September 25. Grand Start is in Tianjin near Beijing.  







Team Stradalli-Safetti Pro Cyclist Jose’ Frank Rodriguez (Rep. Dominican Republic) has been on one amazing ride. A Journey which began 2 years ago where he placed 3rd at the UCI Paralympics World Championship held in Greenville, SC. But the story doesn’t start there. Back In 2002 Jose’ was involved in a near death life changing car accident where his leg was badly crushed from the knee down.

A difficult decision, left Doctors almost having to amputate his Left leg from the knee; but with amazing medical technology they were able to save his leg while although still badly scarred and with limited movement; he still and has learned to be a top level pro cyclist with this handicap and still capture countless podium finishes with Non-handicapped riders all over the world and country. A testament to his hard work and a positive attitude; by not letting this otherwise life changing accident keep him from achieving his dream of bringing home a Gold medal for Team Stradalli-Safetti and his country at the Rio’ Paralympics Games in 2016.

Competing in roadrace , track and Time Trial , maybe its 3 podiums. He still has one big race left on his calendar which he considers“training”. The Clasico Cayey in Puerto Rico, August 17th-22nd   after

that it’s back to the D.R for some Intense Mountain Training and other local races from August 22nd to September 3rd. Then he will travel over to Brazil, September 7th-18th for the Rio’ Paralympics Games; which will be his final challenge to bring home the Gold Medal.


We will keep you updated on his success as we follow this travels.





After Meron has already showed the last two days with 2 times top 10 that he is in a promising shape, the whole team was motivated to step up with great results on today's stage. Knowing about the strength of the fast man from Eritrea, the team wanted to support Meron with no comprimise.


In the final of the stage the team led Meron out in a perfect position to start his sprint and he finished with a great performance only beaten by Jakub Mareczko from Italian Procontinental team Wilier Trestina. Marko Kump from World Tour team Lampre – Merida completed the podium on place 3, who already won 2 stages of this year's Tour of Qinghai Lake.


After taking this great result, Meron Teshome said with a big smile on his face: "today was a perfect day. The whole team comitted yesterday to work very hard to bring me in a good position and the guys did a great job. In the end I had the pressure to finalize the good work and to finish 2nd in such a big race with such great sprinters is just awesome".






National Elite Championship winners at Track Nationals





At This year's race edition of Sibiu Cycling Tour, ranked 2.1. category in UCI calendar, led over a prologue and four stages with a lot of high climbing in the middle of Transylvanian mountains in Romania.

 The guys from STRADALLI – BIKE AID did a great job throughout the entire week and proofed their ability to act as a real competitive European top pro team.

On stage 1 it was Nikodemus Holler who took the place of the selected sprinter Patrick Lechner as he couldn't make it in the bunch to the finsihline due to several technical issues , broken chain then after chasing back a flat front tire blow out on a fast decent . 

In the massive fast sprint Niko showed that he is a very smart pro racer and finished on 10th position not bad for a skinny GC guy next to the big sprinters.

The goal was to ride for Niko as a captin in the GC and the team showed that this should not only be a plan. As a 13 man break went away in the beginning of queen-stage number 2 over 213 Kilometers with a 15k finish to the top of a ski mountain , the gap increased rapidly as no team wanted to do the work of controlling the bunch. 

After the gap still increased and reached 11 Minutes, the guys from STRADALLI - BIKE AID took over the responsibility and chased the group down to six minutes at 40 Kilometers to go. But then a shock: crash! Niko Holler! His rear derailer is broken and also his knee injured! After a hard fight try back to the group and several times of stopping due to his pain, Nikodemus Holler finished in the last group and remained in the race with his 2 team mates helping to bring him slow but save.

All the hard work for nothing ?

No, he didn't want to let the work of his team mates being unpaid and fought back on stage 4 with another great 7th place. The whole team showed a good performance and the will to ride for his captain without a doubt. Only the crash has left a little scratch on a good picture of the week in Romania





A letter from Angel David Rodriguez
Hi, for those of you that don't know me very well my name is Angel David Rodriguez, I am a 10 year old from Doral, Florida that love the sport of cycling. When you see this, I will be on my way to California, to compete on a Mountain Bike XC race for the National Title. My performance will be dedicated to all the kids in this World that like me are touched by the Autism Spectrum. On Wednesday about 4:30 pm pacific time, all of you can help me with your thoughts and prayers so we, together can make this happen.
Although I am well prepared mentally and physically by may coach Filippo Barbieri and I will be riding my trusty Stradalli 650 B AKA "The Beauty". Your wishes will be the extra boost needed to get the best result possible. For some of us "Autism is not a disability, it's just a different ability".


Patrick Lechner with 15th place at André Greipel’s win in Erfurt with another good performance in a bunch sprint while Meron Teshome was taking silver medal behind Daniel Teklehaimanot.

It was the weekend where (almost) everywhere all over the world the countries were looking for their national champions. Most of them are allowed to wear those famous jerseys with the flags of their country on that everybody of the riders wants to wear throughout the next 12 months.

The nationals in Germany took place in a very old city named Erfurt. The history of this city goes back to the year 742 ac when it was first time officially named. And this city shows really a lot of this history when visiting it with its old houses and the huge cathedral in the city center. But not only the city has a huge tradition, also the German Championships do, as already so many famous names won this race and took the jersey with the black-red-gold ring on it, such as Erik Zabel, Jan Ullrich or Didi Thurau.

This time, all focus was on the two best sprinters in the world: André Greipel and Marcel Kittel. The latter was very motivated as he originally comes from Erfurt and it was his “home-race” and everything was set to welcome Kittel with the stripes after the race. But a lot of riders want to wear this beautiful jersey and the fight was on. 215 long kilometers, windy and fast. Almost 50 Kilometers on the clock for the first hour, suffering legs and hard fights for any position in the bunch. It was a real Championship. And when the end had come, it was the expected showdown in a bunch sprint final between the two giants of cycling. After a long sprint it was André Greipel who won for the third time the title of German Champion. And the young guy Max Walscheid from Giant –Alpecin left Marcel Kittel only the third place.

And what did the boys from Stradalli – BIKE AID do? They did great! They all fought a hard fight and brought Patrick Lechner in a good position and only with a chaotic final he missed a even better place than his 15th. And also Niko Holler finished in the Top 20 with his 19th rank.

Meanwhile in Eritrea: Meron Teshome took in a breathtaking fight with Daniel Teklehaimanot the silver medal only beaten by 34 seconds from the Eritrean hero and werarer of the polka-dot jersey in last year’s Tour de France. A great week-end for all Stradalli – BIKE AID riders! Well done!




Angel David Rodriguez is a 10 year old cyclist who competes in MTB, BMX and Road Racing. He started in motorcross at the age of 2 ½ and was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3 ½ so his father switched him to cycling. He immediately took an interest in mountain biking and has been training with Stradalli Cycle mountain biker Bob McCarty.

His parents believe that cycling has helped tremendously with his autism and Angel competes in races throughout the year. Some of his more impressive accomplishments include:

Winning the State Time Trial Championship the first time he raced a road bike

Cross Country Champ Ages 9-11

Greater than all these accomplishments is the positive attitude Angel has towards life and others with disabilities.

“Angels Racing Together” is a program his parents created where children who are in therapy with Angel are brought to some of his races to cheer him on. Before the race Angel puts the names of each child who is there on the back of his jersey and gives them any medals or trophies he wins on that day. He does this because he wants them to experience some of the joy cycling has brought him. 






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Stradalli cycle - Papa John Pizza Elite woman's cycling team enjoying the NCC and USAcrit race season in 2016.




Stradalli - Bike Aid's Patrick Lechner with 2nd Place in Bolanden – Niko Holler takes 6th in Landshut

Today was an exciting race day with 2 German classics at the same time. In Bolanden (Rhineland – Palatinum) and Landshut (Bavaria) the guys from Stradalli – BIKE AID proved again they're in great shape.

With its name “Rund um den Donnersberg” (means „thunder“ in German) the race in Bolanden already expected a lot. And indeed it is a race where all year the Elite of the German road cyclists come together to fight against each other and make them suffer a lot. It is one of the few remaining real road races in Germany with 140 hard kilometers. Every single lap from 17 in total there is a 1,5 kilometer climb to leave behind. It doesn't sound  really long, and compared to the alps it is really not, but everyone who ever did a race like this, perfectly knows that if you have to do this 17 times, that is what kills you at the end. And especially when there is a hard sprint at the top of the climb for a prime: that is even worse.

After the first or even second lap everything still feels quite comfortable but then, the 5th or 6th lap, the suffering starts. And you just wish you wouldn’t do this kind of racing.

What is the solution for a situation like this? Not so easy to answer but today three guys found a solution after lap 4 and made their way alone after the top of the climb. Among them: Patrick Lechner from team Stradalli – BIKE AID. He already proved to be in great shape in the Tour of Ireland and after giving his body the needed rest, he continues with great racing! The 3 lads in front harmonized well and quite soon they had a comfortable gap between them and the main bunch of 4:30 minutes.

As they went into the last lap, the gap remained at the same time and it was sure they will race for the victory. After a breathtaking final it was Simon Nuber from Team Möbel Ehrman who won the race and beat Patrick Lechner in the Sprint. The 2nd place is a great result for Patrick and the team, and Meron Amanuel rounded the day up with his 7th place in the following group.

Far more south the second hard race took place. 130 kilometers with more than 2500 meters of climbing makes the “Grand Prix of Baier Bike sport world” to one of the most prestigious races in the south of Germany. Nikodemus Holler on his full carbon Bitonto road bike also made his way into the break-away othat was dominated by the host team with 4 people in it. After a lot of attacks and a lot of rain, Nikodemus tried to put all his cards on the table in the final lap and attacked the break. 1 Kilometer to the finish line the guys behind could catch him with all they had and it was Florenz Knauer who won the race. Niko finished on a great 6th place and continues to show he's in great shape.

A really good race day with good results from the guys of Stradalli – BIKE AID! Well done and keep going next week at the German national Championships!  



Stradalli Cycle® San Remo Disc Full Carbon Road Bike. Shimano Dura Ace 9070 Di2 11 Speed. Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes. FSA K-Force Crankset. Vision Team 30 Clincher Disc Wheelset.




Stradalli – Bike Aid Rund um Köln Cologne Germany 

In Cologne on the rollercoaster with the world-class – 100th edition “Rund um Köln”

For the 100th edition of one of the most traditional races in Germany, many World Tour teams were at the start line. Together with Giant – Alpecin, Lotto – Soudal or BMC the guys from Stradalli – BIKE AID had a hard day.

The first edition of this race started in 1908 and since then the riders found the finish year by year in the city of Cologne, one of the biggest cities in Germany with a huge history and tradition. The history of Cologne goes far back to the Romans who named it “Colonia” and it was one of the major cities at the times of the Roman Empire. Lots of battles and war between Romans and Germans took place – a big history that marked all of Europe. Now, more than 2000 years later on a cloudy Sunday morning, there was another battle that took place. But this time on a different kind of battlefield with different kinds of knights using modern kinds of swords to fight. Horses that have two wheels were ridden through the hilly landscape around the city of cologne.

A battlefield with a total distance of 205 Kilometers was ahead of the “black knights” from Stradalli – BIKE AID team. Their mission: conquer the empire of the “dark Lord” André Greipel from the Lotto – Soudal kingdom.

Well, maybe the text would have been like this couple hundred years ago. Today it is more like: Continental Teams trying to present themselves among the Top riders of the World. For sure it is a fight with very different weapons, but still it is worth to fight this fight again and again. Among the best riders were names like: André Greipel (Lotto – Soudal), Taylor Phinney (BMC), Nikias Arndt (Giant – Alpecin) or Sep Vanmarcke (Lotto – Jumbo NL). And what was the plan of the guys from Stradalli – BIKE AID? Well, to put a tiny guy from Eritrea in the middle of the sprint. So far so good. Meron Amanuel, a very fast guy has to sprint against the best of the world. And all other riders would have to protect him and keep him out of all the wind and trouble that can happen during such a long race.

The plan went well, until 30 kilometers to the finish line, when Meron’s back tire punctured in a very bad moment. All that effort for nothing? No, we still had Niko to make an impact. And the small climber made it with his 55 kilos to the top 20 again, among all those sprinters. But he is a very smart guy who knows how to keep position and that led to 17th place at the end.

A great race, a nice day and an awesome city! Thanks a lot Cologne and see you next year! 






Stradalli Cycle Full Carbon Mountain Bike Jupiter Island Florida


Attention All Cyclists!  

Florent Horeau is one of the Stradalli - Bikeaid pro team ,
Director Of Sportive guys , with years of experience working with some of the top cyclists in the world and is now offering his services to pro and amateur cyclists in the United States. His online coaching will help you to become the best cyclist you can be. Email him for low rates and Stradalli discounts, French, spanish or English speaking.

Florent Horeau is a Top UCI Director Of Sportive and Certified Coach with an impressive resume

Contact:   for more details! 


The Trans-Sylvania Epic Impresses Stradalli Cycle Riders And Fans

Any mountain bike race is tough, especially when it is a stage race. Throw in the fact that the Trans-Sylvania Epic takes place in Central Pennsylvania and you have a challenge in front of you. It’s a challenge that was accepted by the Stradalli Cycle mountain bikers as for the first time the team headed up to PA to take part in the TSEpic. Thanks to the advice and guidance of Cesar Grajales, a veteran of the race, the Stradall Cycle riders were well prepared. However, it’s easy to devalue what a cyclist would say regarding the difficulty of a race, but for non riders who are there as spectators or working the Epic, even they have been humbled by what they see.

Professional photographer Christian McGeachy of Penn State weighed in with his thoughts. “Obviously spending time in Central PA you see a lot of cyclists including mountain bikers. I was excited to work the event because we hear how great the Trans-Sylvania Epic is and how big it has been getting in the last few years. It’s a great event that raises money for very worthy causes. You get to see these amazing areas and sites in the woods, some beautiful destinations any photographer would love to shoot. But to actually see a real race take place is remarkable and the speed these guys are going is something you can’t appreciate unless you are here in person.”

McGeachy was able to get some great footage of Stradalli Cycle mountain bikers Cesar Grajales and Bob McCarty and was impressed with how challenging these trails are. “I don’t know how they do it. The speed they are going at and one mistake they face serious injury. Some of these trails wouldn’t be safe to walk they are so steep and full of debris and these racers come through here on their mountain bikes and aren’t even fazed when something is in their way. Add to that the fact that it is extremely hot and humid here and they do this every day for a week?  When they try to explain that something is easy they say it’s like riding a bike. Well there is nothing easy about what the guys from Stradalli Cycle are doing. It’s truly inspiring. I’ve never been to a mountain bike race and I am so happy to have experienced this. These guys get up and keep going after falls or crashes that most of us would need a week to recover from and then they not only finish the race but race the next day.” 



Stradalli Cycle Mountain Bikers Having A Blast At Trans-Sylvania Epic

Heading up to Pennsylvania for the Trans-Sylvania Epic, Cesar Grajales tried to prepare the rest of the Stradalli Cycle racers for what they can expect. Grajales is a veteran of the TSEpic and other stage races and wanted to make sure his team knew what to expect as they prepared to race every day for a week in some of the most beautiful but challenging trails in North America. After a couple of days of racing, it’s been a tough challenge but they guys have all loved the experience.

“Cesar really helped a lot getting us prepared. When you get done with a race you are ready to relax and take it easy, but not here. You have to get ready for the next day, clean your bike and your gear, make sure it is ready to go, watch what you eat and stay hydrated. It’s very humid and hot up here right now but thankfully racing in Florida all the time helps prepare us for that. The trails are really rocky with bigger hills than we see back home and you have to be focused the entire time you are riding because you don’t want to make a mistake.” Bob McCarty

Also racing in the Trans-Sylvania Epic this year is Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher who was very impressed with the course so far and said everyone was having a great time. “It’s a lot of great people and great racing. Everyone is having fun and the trails are very challenging but that’s also part of the fun. It’s great to interact with mountain bikers from different parts of the country who come here each year. People have been asking questions about our mountain bikes and checking them out because they see how well they are handling these trails. It should be an interesting week of racing.”




Last stage of An Post Rás – Holler defends climbers-jersey

Stage 8 of An Post Rás (UCI 2.2) in Ireland was the last stage of a wonderful and successful race during the last week. With his 13th place today, Nikodemus Holler seals the win of KOM – jersey on his Stradalli Cycle Bitonto full carbon road bike.

A week full of stress, fighting, suffering and much more has now been left behind. Such a stage race always keeps very special and unique challenges for the riders. And it is not only the pure racing that makes it hard, it is also the psychological part that is a real challenge to everyone.

Not only are the riders concerned it is also the staff that has to bear a lot of the stress and suffering too during such a tough race. Lot of tasks have to be done in a very accurate way but in a short amount of time as the whole pack is moving every day from A to B. Waking up early in the morning, preparing bottles (about 40 per day), food, equipment, tactical briefing and many more. Then race time, pure stress. After the mechanics take their space to clean and service all the bikes and wheels and the physios trying to let the riders relax. Lot to do before the last one turns the light off.

In such conditions and with that amount of stress, it is barely important that the people involved in such a tour have a good relationship and are able to maintain a good mood together during the whole time of the race. If you are inside of all this, you often do not realize the real meaning of what everybody brings in and sacrifices to make the whole thing working. But when you take a step outside of the box and look on all these details, you quickly realize that everybody in a team I a hero on his own way with his own experience and with all he or her does. Just awesome what all people have to bring together that it is possible to bring a team to the start line.

And when all these sacrifices, all this passion and suffer from everybody leads to success at the end, there can be not much more feelings that are better. And tonight the guys from Stradalli – BIKE AID surely deserved it to have a brilliant evening with a lot of fun, as the whole week can be seen as a success.

8 hard stages left behind, lot of stress and hectic, suffer and fight and today it was all about bringing the jersey home. And maybe to have a good sprint for Patrick Lechner again at the end of this 8th stage in Skerries. Unfortunately Patrick got involved into a bad crash in the final lap and his opportunity to do another good result was gone. So it was finally all about bringing Niko’s climbers jersey home. He finished 13th again and finally won the climbers classification and took 10th place in GC.

Congratulations also to Clemens Frankhauser form team Tirol who won the GC of this year’s Rás and who really deserves it! Well done to all of you guys! Now we wish you all a good way back and hope for another great adventures!   




A day in the break – superb ride brings Holler closer to the overall win in KOM classification

With his awesome ride today in the break, Nikodemus Holler gained more points for the KOM classification and just needs one more point on tomorrow’s last stage of An Post Rás (UCI 2.2)

Sometimes it is the best way to defend, when you attack. But in cycling you don’t want to throw out all your cards too early on the table and attacking the others also brings many risks. But sometimes you get forced to do it by the action of your competitors and you can forget all your plans that you made before.


On today’s penultimate stage of An Post Rás in Ireland, the plan was actually to stay together with the other favorites for the GC and to have a showdown at the last climb of the day – ranked in category 1. But before the first climb there was a break going with the biggest competitor for Niko in the KOM classification and he had to react immediately. So he made his way to the break before the first climb and from there on Niko showed an incredible performance. Winning all KOM’s until the last climb and when his fellows started to fatigue, he took his way alone. He literally put all his cards on the table and now forced the others to react.

Unfortunately the Australian National team had different plans and put all effort to chase Niko down and fight for the GC themselves. In the middle of the cat 1 climb, the Aussies closed the gap with only 5 guys together and an incredible speed. Of course it is the most difficult moment when you get caught in the middle of a climb having already many kilometers of break in the legs.


Despite all efforts and incredible fight, Nikodemus Holler could not follow the Aussies anymore and took his own rhythm. After the decent he fought with another group to come back but when they arrived to the finish they missed by only 56 seconds. Niko finished on 13th place, but made again his way to the podium to receive “his” mountains jersey.

On tomorrow’s last stage he needs just one more point to take this beautiful jersey home and also to finalize a superb week of great racing in Ireland!

Fingers crossed, and never forget the GC




Holler increases lead in KOM classification – 2 days to go to Dublin

With his 14th place and even more points in the KOM classification on today’s 6th stage of An Post Rás (UCI 2.2) in Ireland, Nikodemus Holler could successfully defend his mountains jersey and still ranks promising in GC.

Actually it should be a day without lot of trouble and a little bit more calm as the previous days. That’s what the riders were thinking. But in reality the stage was again very hectic, nervous and fast in the beginning due to lots of attacks. With 158 kilometers and “only” 3 KOM climbs of category 3 it was not a very hard stage, but at the end it’s the riders who make the race hard. And in the Rás there is no real day to rest or to let you hang around in the pack, as you always have to keep the tension and concentration.

Luckily the “joint-venture” of TeamTirol and Stradalli – BIKE AID succeeded after a while to control the race to make it a little more comfortable for their captains as there is a real day of fight waiting for the guys tomorrow.

At the end of the stage Nikodemus Holler could manage to reach the finish again with the other favorites and keep his promising position in the GC with only 10 seconds back of yellow. In the KOM classification he could increase his gap to 18 points to the second position.

“I still feel very good in the climbs and just didn’t want to invest too much today, as tomorrow will be another hard and probably the decisive day for the GC. But it was also important to me, to win another points for the KOM classification, as this jersey is so beautiful and I want to keep that until Dublin”, Nikodemus Holler described his day.

In the morning before the stage there was some bad news the team received: Joschka Beck couldn’t start the stage as he fell sick and got a fever during the night. We wish him all the best!


Niko Holler extended his lead in the King of the Mountains classification at UCI 2.2 An Post Ras today during Stage 6 through Eastern Ireland.

Stage 6 was not as mountainous as the previous several stages, but it still provided opportunities for the climbers of the race to compete for points on several categorized climbs. The race was hard enough to split the field down to only 50 riders, but the fast flat finish meant Stradalli – Bike Aid team chose to focus on protecting the general classification and king of the mountain classification position held by Holler instead of contesting for the win.

This week at An Post Ras has been about riding as strong as possible as a team to prepare for Qinghai Lake, the most prestigious race on the UCI calendar in Asia. Holler has confirmed all season is ability to lead the team in top level UCI races.

Stradalli – Bike Aid riders Joschka Beck, Patrick Lechner, Damien Garcia and Janvier Hadi have been riding solely to protect Holler and give him the opportunity to chase big wins at An Post Ras. It has been a full team effort to shield Holler from the wind and ensure he makes the front group during every stage of racing. It is very difficult to win a leader’s jersey at a race like An Post Ras, but the goal is very achievable.

Holler still remains 10 seconds away from the leader’s jersey and with several hard stages left the team is going to try everything in the book to gain the lead in the general classification and build on the lead in the King of the Mountains classification.

An Post Ras continues tomorrow with Stage 7, 155 kilometers from Dungarvan to Baltinglass. There will be 4 opportunities for King of the Mountain points. 3 category 3 climbs come early in the race, but the big ascent of the day comes at 110 kilometers. Mount Leinster will give the general classification riders the last opportunity to sort out the overall and the Stradalli – Bike Aid team is looking forward to their defense of the King of the Mountains jersey.






Stage 5 of An Post Ras UCI 2.2 race finished with a small breakaway arriving 27 seconds ahead of the main group. Today Stradalli – Bike Aid missed the breakaway, but the real race for leader’s jerseys was still on in a hard way.

The 166.8 kilometer route saw the riders tackle several categorized climbs which meant many King of the Mountain points were on offer. Stradalli – Bike Aid rider, who was previously placed second in the mountains classification, put his climbing skills to work and reclaimed the King of the Mountains jersey with only three days of racing left

The mountainous route meant the race would be very hard to control and a break of 6 would eventually go up the road. None of the riders were a huge threat to the general classification, so there wasn’t much motivation from the group to chase late in the race. The team worked to protect Holler and keep him safe from any accidents.

Holler would eventually make the front group of only 28 riders and finish 13th on the day and preserving his top 10 general classification placing. Holler still remains 10 seconds behind the leader’s jersey and with more mountainous stages ahead a general classification win is still well within reach.

Stage 6 from Clonakilty to Dungarvan runs 159.1 kilometers is another hilly route, but will provide the sprinters who make it to the end with a fast flat finish. Out of over 150 riders, only 30-40 riders are consistently making it to the finish in the front group. The weather conditions and routes are proving tough for all riders involved, but the team is positive and are looking forward to another day defending the King of the Mountains jersey and chasing an overall win.



Holler and the points – on stage 5 back in KOM jersey

Nikodemus Holler gets back the lead in the KOM classification at An Post Rás (UCI 2.2) in Ireland. After lots of points today, Holler now leads with 11 points ahead of second place.

On today’s fifth stage of An Post Rás the guys from Stradalli – BIKE AID had a lot on their minds with what they wanted to do. In the language of football nowadays everybody talks about “setting goals” and so on. Whatever you may think about those kind of “plans” or “missions” one thing is for sure: in real life it is important to set some goals and to try and reach them as good as possible. And honestly, who wants to go through life without any plan?

Today the riders of team Stradalli – BIKE AID agreed together on 2 main goals: first, to take back the KOM – leader jersey for Nikodemus Holler and second, to try to put pressure on the yellow jersey today.

With these targets in their pocket, the riders from the German team went to the start line ready to fight like hell. Sure, during the Rás it is very hard to control the race as the teams consist only of 5 riders and the race is so nervous and hectic but the guys did the utmost to reach their goals. Again working hard as a team with their Stradalli full carbon Aversa road bikes, they controlled the pack until the first KOM and Nikodemus did the rest. He won the first KOM and took second in the KOM number 2 to win again the third.

With taking all these points, Niko now leads with 11 points ahead of the second and wears the leader jersey of the KOM classification again! A very beautiful one by the way, very colourful!

At the end of the stage, Niko finished with a group of other favorites on 13th place 27 seconds back on the winner Wouter Mol form dutch team De Rijke.

So there is one goal left for the upcoming days, guys!





Congrats Debbie Milne of Stradalli – Papa Johns Women’s Elite Cycling Team on her win today in the 45-49 U.S. National Criterium Championships. Winston – Salem, North Carolina is hosting the master’s national championships for 2016. Thousands of racers from around the United States have traveled to North Carolina to compete for a stars and stripes jersey. Milne has consistently posted great results for Stradalli – Papa Johns. Stradalli Cycle is very proud to have such an incredible rider on our R7. Congrats, Debbie!



Patrick Lechner takes 4th today at An Post Rás (UCI 2.2) in Ireland


On today’s stage 4 at the tour of Ireland Patrick Lechner missed the podium by only a few millimeters, but proofed again how fast he is in the sprint.

It was one of those moments, when it is all about a few millimeters, just a few thousands of a second. A moment, when an athlete doesn’t really know what to think about: should he cry or should he be happy? Was it a great performance or was it simply missing the success? Actually it should be a moment of joy and happiness when you finish 4th on a stage of a professional race but somehow it always remains a feeling of an incomplete mission.

Athletes are like this. Always on the run, always about faster, higher, further. But this is exactly the reason what athletes are made of! Always in mind how to develop and how to improve. When you don’t have this attitude, you will never come to success in competition.


But honestly: what the guys did again today is just awesome! It was a superb performance of the whole team again as they faced one common goal together: to put the fastest guy in the best position for the sprint. And Patrick delivered massively again! 4th place! In a professional UCI ranked race. What more you can ask for? And Nikodemus Holler well rounded this day with his 9th place in the stage classification.

The only small bad thing today: Niko lost his climbers jersey as there was a break that went away and took the needed points. But he will have his opportunities to fight to get the jersey back during the upcoming days.

Well done guys and go ahead!





Stradalli – Bike Aid pro team places two riders in top 10 after 162.8 kilometers of racing on stage 4 of UCI 2.2 An Post Ras.

Stage 4 of An Post Ras had 4 categorized climbs on the route for the riders to tackle, meaning defending the King of the Mountains jersey which was held by Niko Holler after Stage 3 would be difficult. The team rode strongly to protect Holler, but the team decided the general classification was more important than the mountains leaders jersey.

Holler still sits second on the mountain classification, but moved up in the general classification to 6th place, 10 seconds behind the leader’s jersey for the overall general classification of the race. Holler showed his good form again today with a 9th place finish, but the Stradalli – Bike Aid team’s depth is what is bringing the team such great success.

Stradalli – Bike Aid rider Joschka Beck has been the key domestique for the team, allowing Holler and the other riders to excel in the final. Beck has been more active than any other rider covering breakaways and ensuring Holler doesn’t miss any key moves. Out of 163 riders racing An Post Ras, only 43 finished in the front group. Great teamwork is essential in order to keep key riders for the general classification in prime position to compete for the win.

Patrick Lechner of Stradalli – Bike Aid, who has been sprinting in fast finishes and riding in support of Holler, finished 4th on today’s stage giving the team two riders in the top 10. An Post – Chain Reaction, Ireland’s top professional team, was the only other team to place two riders in the top 10. Madison Genesis, NFTO and JLT Condor, the top UCI Continental teams from Britain, managed to take minor placings but Stradalli – Bike Aid is doing a great job of controlling the race.

An Post Ras is now halfway finished and continues tomorrow with Stage 5, a 148.3 kilometer route from Sneem to Clonakitty. The route will include 5 more categorized climbs meaning it will be another tough day of racing protecting the general classification aspirations of Niko Holler. The final 3 kilometers of the race will be predominantly flat, but the sprint will be uphill to the finish line which will give Holler and Lechner the perfect opportunity to capitalize on a great job so far at An Post Ras!



Holler takes 3rd place and lead in KOM – classification at An Post Ras (UCI 2.2) in Ireland

Nikodemus Holler impressively proved his climbing abilities on today’s third stage at An Post Ras by taking the overall lead in the KOM’s classification and finishing 3rd at the stage.

“It is always a good feeling if you have something in mind to do and at the end you succeed with that but in cycling it is not always the case. Honestly speaking it is very rare that this happens as the sport is so complex and there are so many things that can be an influence. But today, was exactly that day where things came together and at the end you reach your goal.”

After Patrick Lechner’s  6th place finish yesterday the team had a clear mission. On today’s schedule: 133 hard kilometers, with a steep climb of the first category 7 kilometers to the finish line. It was expected to be a hard day for the contenders for the GC.

The goal for the guys from Stradalli – BIKE AID was clear: keeping the captain Nikodemus Holler in a good position before the climb so he can put all his focus on delivering his best performance without any obstacles or the risk of a crash. Set and done, the guys protected him so well and especially Joschka Beck worked hard as a tank to bring his man in the final climb. Now it was all on Niko to show the performance that he delivered throughout the last couple of weeks.

And what he did was amazing! He won the KOM and took the jersey for best climber, but when he turned around he saw just 4 other guys who were able to follow his wheel. And now the direction was clear: full gas to the finish, all that he had left! 7 Kilometers almost all downhill and just a slight uphill finish. It was the Brit, James Gullen who risked everything and set the final attack with 500 meters to go when he made a gap to the other fellows.

At the end he won the stage by 2 seconds and Nikodemus finished 3rd after the Kiwi Aaron Gate. Also in the same time, former Ràs winner and favorite for the GC Clemens Frankhauser from Austrian Proteam “Tirol” who took the overall lead and the yellow jersey.

Niko is ranking 7th now in the GC with 10 seconds back on Frankhauser. A good position for the upcoming days!  


Trebisacce SL1 Blue Full Carbon Road Bike with Shimano Dura Ace 9000 11 Speed. Stradalli Carbon Clincher 50mm



Niko Holler finishes third and takes mountains leader’s jersey on stage 3 of An Post Ras (UCI 2.2) in Ireland

Stage 3 of Tour of Ireland gave the riders several opportunities for King of the Mountain points as well as sprint points. The stage was consistently hilly meaning the climbers would have their opportunity to shine. Today’s stage required top level teamwork to claim the stage win.

All day the Stradalli – Bike Aid team rode in support of Niko Holler, who would capitalize on every opportunity the team provided him.

Stage 3 is the shortest of all the stages at 133.2 kilometers, but it confronted the riders with the most difficult terrain. The beginning of the stage was flat, but the riders rode aggressively to take the early sprint points on offer. Many of the riders had put in huge amounts of work before the first ascent of the category 3 Knockabout Cross mountain at 51 kilometers.

The riders who made it over the top of the first ascent in the main group competed for more sprint points at the 60 kilometer mark. The Stradalli – Bike Aid riders were busy all day controlling the race. Even Patrick Lechner, who finished 6th in the sprint on stage 2, rode his hardest to support Holler all the way to the final category 1 ascent of Conor Pass.

In the toughest race in Ireland, Holler finished 3rd and now holds the mountains leaders jersey. Stage 4 continues tomorrow with 162.8 kilometer mountainous stage with 4 categorized climbs.





Patrick Lechner sprints to 6th place on stage 2 of An Post Ras (UCI 2.2) in Ireland

With a massive sprint final and the perfect help of his team mates, Patrick Lechner proved his good shape and sprinted to 6th place on today’s stage at Tour of Ireland.

It was the longest stage of the tour today, with 188 kilometers from Mullingar to Charleville through the heart of the Emerald Isle. To participate at The Ràs is always very special. This race is more than just a normal stage race. It has the character of a big tradition in Ireland and it seems that everybody celebrates The Ràs when it rolls through the villages.

Also the Irish county teams are every year more than motivated to fight against the professional teams from Europe and give the best they have to make the race as hard as possible for them. Couple of times this also leads to nervous and hectic race and leads to crashes from time to time. And you can believe: to get down on Irish roads hurts like hell, as the asphalt is very hard and not friendly to skin and bones. This is also what makes this race so unique and special!

Today’s stage had all what it needs to have an interesting race day. It began very fast and hectic. The peloton did 51 Kilometers during the first hour and one attack was followed by the next as there are also many young riders who are very motivated and aggressive. After a while a 2 man break away made it and reached a gap of 7 minutes until the pack started to bring them back. Road racing is not a kind of mathematics where you can always calculate everything, as there are so many influences why things are as they are. Road racing is such a complex sport and we all love this pure kind of sports. In the end the two guys could take a couple of seconds to the finish and fought among themselves for the victory. Behind them the real race went on. Sprint preparations, positioning and fighting for every centimeter. That is what it is about when the pack arrives to the finish line.

The Stradalli – BIKE AID boys did so well today. It needs a lot of teamwork to be successful as a rider. Especially in the sprint you need to rely on your team mates. When you ride alongside your competitors with couple of millimeters of distance, speeding up to 70 kph and fighting with all you have your teammates make all the difference. It is scary to think about. In the last kilometer nobody really takes this in mind. Today it was Nikodemus Holler who brought the guys in position and Joschka Beck was leading Patrick Lechner out to the final sprint. One by one they all did a good job and just a crash in front of them avoided more. Patrick sprinted to 4th place of the pack and reached 6th place on stage result!





The An Post Ras Ireland is the most prestigious race in Ireland, begins May 22 and Stradalli – Bike Aid pro cycling team will bring a full A-squad to compete for the overall of the 8-day UCI 2.2 stage race. 

The Ras has been sponsored by An Post for the past six years, but has been a mainstay in the top level of Irish racing since 1953. The race regularly attracts top teams from all over the world. In attendance this year will be well known trade teams such as Madison Genesis UCI Continental Team and JLT Condor presented by Mavic from Britain. 

The An Post Ras is noted for being a tough race due to the hills and volatile weather. The weather in Ireland is consistently rainy and windy. The hilly terrain of Ireland combined with the weather will ensure all teams will have a tough time fighting for the leader’s jersey over the course of 8 stages.

A team containing a mix of German , French and African riders will contest An Post Ras while another top level group of Stradalli – BikeAid Riders will make their to Wales for UCI 1.1 Velothon Wales, a race also historically frequented by top level professional riders from Europe.

The team is finalizing their preparations for the race. Stradalli – Bike Aid team management are taking the ferry from Dunkerque, France to Dover in the United Kingdom so they can safely transport team cars, busses, bikes and gear necessary to complete a long block of racing in Great Britain.







Stradalli – Bike Aid’s Nikodemus Holler Places 6th In Oberhausen

With a great start to the season including strong outings in Frankfut and Belgium, the Stradalli – Bike Aid team has shown they can ride with the top teams in the world. That includes pro racer Nikodemus Holler who is having a great season.

Holler and teammate Dominik Merseburg competed in the Grand Prix of Modelstadt Ruck in a 120 kilometer long crit-race. It is a challenging race that demands a lot from the riders and thanks to the big money prizes, is always a battle. Riders from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands compete in the race.

After a really tough start, Holler showed his ability to read a race and made it up into the decisive break of the day where he was able to continue fighting on his Stradalli Bitonto full carbon road bike. An exceptional climber but not known for his sprinting it was a challenge for Holler to hang in with the lead pack. He finished 6th in the race won by Daniel Klemme.

The rest of the Stradalli – Bike Aid were heading to another part of Germany for a race in Villingen – Schwenningen. Patrick Lechner, Matthias Schnapka Joschka Beck are joining Janvier Hadi and Jean-Bosco Nsengimana from Rwanda in the 130 kilometer road race that will be full of tough windy conditions and a strong field. The team battled and stayed around the lead the entire race with Lechner and Beck finishing 14th and 16th



Stradalli Cycle – Papa John’s Pizza Cyclist Madison Kelly

While South Florida may not be the center of the United States cycling community, it is starting to produce some of the best cyclists in the sport. A great example of that is Stradalli Cycle – Papa John’s Pizza cyclist Madison Kelly who at the age of only 23 already has multiple wins on her resume.

Unlike many of the pro cyclists from Florida, Madison didn’t get into the sport at a young age. While traveling with her mother, Tish Kelly, Madison decided to try one of her moms’ bikes and was instantly hooked. Upon returning to the US she joined group rides and was not only dominant against riders in her age group but started to beat men and women with years of experience riding.

It wasn’t long before she was climbing the rankings. Going from category 4 to 1 takes the best cyclists years to accomplish. Madison did it in only eight months.  Last year went on to win the Florida State Criterium Championship along with many other races.

Having graduated from Eckerd College, Madison has been competing in many of the top pro category 1-2 races around the country including the Tour of America’s Dairyland, the Gateway Cup as well as the Boston Mayor’s Cup.

With a huge interest in both road and crits racing, a great team, experience coaches and her Stradalli R7 full carbon road bike, Madison Kelly is on the fast track to becoming an elite cyclist. 




Stradalli - Bikeaid pro cycling team getting ready for Ardennen , Belgium 1 day race





Ben Renkema getting call up at usa crits race in Charlotte on his white Stradalli carbon AR7




Cole Miller UFC MMA Fighter cross trains on Stradalli TTR8 at St. Anthonys Triathlon



Jose Frank Rodriguez from team Stradalli –Safetti at call-up line ready for usa crits race 2016 at Athens Twightlight pro race



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Great night of racing for team Stradalli cycle – Papa Johns Pizza ,  3 Ladies in the top 15 and great points for team overall standings ! Great coaching from Andrew Crater who won the 35plus masters crit race today at Athens Twilight


Stradalli – Bike Aid take wins at German Elite State Championships

Stradalli – Bike Aid sent three riders to the German Elite State Championships this past weekend. A field of 130 riders from all regions of Germany lined up in Kassel Wolfhagen to compete for the title of their respective State regions. 

Matthias Schnapka, Joschka Beck and Patrick Lechner fought through the hills and wind of Germany to bring home incredible results in a race which only saw 50 riders finish. 

Inevitably, due to the wind and hills, a breakaway would slip away with Matthias Schnapka of Stradalli – Bike who would win his elite state championship title for 2016 Saarland . 

Patrick Lechner drove the race hard from the beginning, allowing Schnapka to take advantage of the breakaway when the opportunity was presented. Though Lechner missed the breakaway because of his hard work, Lechner would still place second in his respective region’s championship in Rheinland Pfaltz.

Joschka Beck of Stradalli – Bike Aid also brought home a strong second place finish against riders of his region who are noted for being exceptional racers at higher levels. Joschka placed second in the Hessen state. 

Stradalli – BikeAid pro cycling team recently returned to Germany after a large block of UCI racing in Belgium. The German Championships attract the best riders in Germany, but the UCI level racing truly brings the Stradalli – Bike Aid riders to another level. Racing against World Tour teams all season has taught the Stradalli – Bike Aid riders many lessons, but their fitness is reaching new levels allowing them to win at the UCI level.

The team has brought home podiums consistently in the UCI Africa Tour and was fighting in breakaways in prestigious races such as Challenge Mallorca and Vuelta Andalucia. Vuelta Andalucia is notorious for being one of the hardest early season stage races in the year and the Stradalli – Bike Aid riders still competed in breakaways throughout the duration of the race.

2016 has been an exceptional year so far for Stradalli – Bike Aid. The team is currently preparing for Tour of Qinghai Lake, the most prestigious race in the UCI Asia Tour. The success in the German Elite Championships gives the riders and management confidence Tour of Qinghai Lake will be another successful tour on calendar of Stradalli – Bike Aid pro cycling team



Stradalli Family





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Bike Aid Provides Dozens Of Stradalli Bikes For Refugees And Youth In Blieskastel

To many in the cycling community Bike Aid is a large group of cycling enthusiasts with a professional German race team sponsored by Stradalli Cycle. However, the backbone of the group, the teams, the racers and everything that is Bike Aid is charity work. This week the charitable efforts of these amazing people were in plain view as dozens of new bikes were donated to refugees and youth in Blieskastel, Germany.

Thanks to the savings association Saarland eV and many other contributors including Stradalli Cycle, many young people were able to receive these brand new mountain bikes to enjoy and use for transportation.

Bike Aid does considerable charitable work in Eritrea, Africa as well as other parts of the world. They raise money and awareness for war-stricken areas of Africa and give hope and opportunity to many of the residents of the community.

“You’ve all probably heard about the success the team has had in bringing young African cyclists to Europe and giving them an education as well as an opportunity to have a real career in pro cycling. That’s great but what about the people who aren’t going to be pro cyclists? They need help as well and when you visit these communities or meet with some of the young men and women from there it is very humbling because you hear their stories and you are amazed at how positive an attitude they have and how much they enjoy life. That’s why I was very happy to help in any way I could.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher

It wasn’t long before the young men and women were riding their new bikes over to the local BMX race track. Bike Aid does outstanding charitable work all around the world, specifically working with refugees of many countries in Africa as well as Syria. If you would like to contribute to these efforts please contact Stradalli Cycle. 



Stradalli Gray TT Full Carbon Time Trial Triathlon Frameset with bars and TRP Brakes and Carbon post 
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Stradalli – Bike Aid today raced UCI 1.1 Dwars door de Vlaamse Ardennen, a hard 179.6 kilometer one day race starting and finishing in Erpe – Mere, Belgium.

The race runs through many famous climbs in Belgium. Though Belgium is noted for being flat, this particular race covers 14 well respected climbs. It is a race similar to many of the Ardennes Classics, which are consistently won by the best climbers in the world.

Stradalli – Bike Aid showed a full team and put their top finisher, Niko Holler, in the front group and well positioned to compete for victory. The extremely hilly race would see only 77 of 196 starters finish the race and Holler pulled an amazing result finishing 22nd and matching his result at UCI 1.HC Eschborn – Frankfurt last weekend in a field against top level riders such as UCI World Time Trial Champion from Etixx – Quickstep Tony Martin. BMC, Lotto – Soudal and Orica – GreenEdge are just a few of the top level organizations which sent riders to compete at Vlaamse Ardennen.

The team will continue its European campaign with the goal of performing at peak capacity for Tour of Qinghai Lake in July.

Pictured above is Niko Holler who looks a lot fresher in this pic holding princess than he did after today’s race. 




Team Stradalli – Bike Aid to Tour of Qinghai Lake again – a true peak of the season

The race also known as The Tour de France of Asia takes place in some of the most astonishing places on earth. The Tour of Qinghai Lake leads through the highlands of the Chinese region “Qinghai” near Tibet and along one of the biggest salt lakes on earth.

After participating the last two years 2014 and 2015, this will be the 3rd year in a row in which Team Stradalli – Bike Aid has received invitation to this race. The 2016 Tour of Qinghai Lake will be a very special edition as it is the 15thanniversary of the Tour. To be invited again to this race means a lot to the team as the Tour of Qinghai Lake is the most important race in Asia and ranked with HC category in the calendar of UCI. This is the highest category in rankings apart from World Tour races. Qinghai Lake will again give the team the opportunity to race side by side with big teams such as Lampre – Merida of the World Tour during the same time as the Tour de France in July.

The team has been proving their strength over the year against World Tour teams since the beginning of the year. The team first travelled to Challenge Mallorca where they were a constant factor in breakaway moves. The team then continued their aggressive racing style at Vuelta Andalucia Ruta del Sol. The team recently grabbed a 22nd place finish at UCI 1.HC Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn – Frankfurt, widely known as one of the hardest races in Germany and Europe.

Florent Horeau, who will fill the role of head sport director for Stradalli – Bike Aid in Qinghai Lake, said preparations for Qinghai Lake are the most important for the team.

“The whole schedule and planning of the season is targeted to this race. We have been able to show good performances in the past two years with many Top – 10 results, but this year we want to achieve the next level and be focused on this race,” Horeau said.

Stradalli – Bike Aid will continue using the carbon Aversa frame for Qinghai lake. The Aversa frame has proven itself over a wide variety of terrain and racing conditions and will suit the racers needs for the toughest stage race in Asia. The team fully believes in their capabilities to impact the race and will be using the best technology to do so.

Especially with the new rider from Rwanda, Jean-Bosco Nsengimana, team Stradalli – Bike Aid want to play an important role in the general classification of the race. To achieve this goal it is necessary to be perfectly organized and to have a square schedule for every rider to be in top-shape at this time.

Horeau said another goal will be to fight with Meron Teshome from Eritrea for stage-wins.

“Meron already proved lot of times that he is a fast sprinter.” Horeau said. “He has been especially good this year. He already beat one of his biggest competitors a couple of times in the sprint. That gives us confidence and hope to also play a good role in the daily sprints.”

Not only in terms of sport the Tour of Qinghai Lake will be a highlight of the season. The race is well-known for its unique location on altitude and given the fact that the stages will be held at altitudes between 2.400m and 3.800m this will be a very special challenge for the body and also the mind of each and every rider. The team recently traveled to the Tour of Eritrea where they raced and excelled in similar altitudes after preparing on Alpe d’huez in France and STEPS training facility in Germany. Nevertheless the racing will still be tough and the riders will be rewarded for their agonies with breath-taking views and landscapes at the top of this unique scenery that is quite impossible to find the right words for.

In terms of media, the Tour of Qinghai Lake is a real eye-catcher! Every stage will be live broadcasted in the Chinese TV channel CCTV 5 ensuring huge media coverage as well as the reports in the countless daily newspapers. A peak of about 2 million spectators per day on the race roads well-rounding this awesome event and makes it to a unique platform for riders, teams and also the sponsors to present to the Chinese and Asian markets!

We hope that we will be also able to bring you again breath-taking pictures and stories from the Tour of Qinghai Lake also in 2016!




Stradalli Cycles Cesar Grajales Will Enter The Trans-Sylvania Epic Mountain Bike Race

Stradalli Cycle will be well represented this year at the Trans-Sylvania Epic mountain bike stage race as it was confirmed this week that Cesar Grajales would be joining the field. Grajales will be joining Stradalli Cycle mountain biker Bob McCarty and CEO Tom Steinbacher in the stage race which takes place May 29th through June 3rd. In just 6 short years the Trans-Sylvania Epic (TSE) has quickly become one of the biggest mountain bike stage races in the United States.

“I’ve heard about the TSE for a few years now. Some good friends have told me about it and how great a time they had at it. Then I found out Tom and Bob were going and I had to join in. Everyone I’ve spoken with said it’s a lot of fun and they recommend doing it at least once, if not every year. I know Pennsylvania has some of the best MTB trails anywhere so I’m excited to get there and race. Stage races are always so much fun because you get to go against great racers every day but on different trails so it’s a great challenge.” Stradalli Cycle mountain biker Cesar Grajales

Grajales has an impressive cycling resume. As a member of the Colombian National Team he medaled three times in the Colombian National Championships as well as competed in the World Championships of Mountain Biking. However, it was in 2004 when Grajales had the biggest win of his career racing and beating Lance Armstrong, Jens Voigt, Bobby Julich and Chris Horner in front of 750,000 spectators in the Dodge Tour of Georgia.

As a member of Stradalli Cycle, Grajales has been racing and training on both mountain bikes as well as road bikes. He is looking forward to the opportunity to compete against great competition and showcase what his Stradalli M29 29er full carbon fiber MTB can do. 



Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn - Frankfurt, one of Germany’s most important and hard one-day races, can be won by either sprinters or early attackers. It creates a beautiful race in which riders have the opportunity to make the difference before the flat finish in the center of the city. The race is 206.8 km and the presence of the Taunus Mountains and their challenging climbs could see the race change at any time and requires to the riders to focus 100 percent of their energy into every moment of the race.

180 riders lined up to complete the circuit which featured 8 categorized climbs with gradients of 20 percent. The race which saw the riders race uphill at insane speeds had only 56 finishers. On the first lap riders were already losing contact with the bunch.

Stradalli – Bike Aid lined up their best riders to compete against Etixx – Quickstep and Team Katusha. The team knows the strength of the World Tour teams from their early season racing in Challenge Mallorca and Ruta del Sol and came fully prepared to attack the race.

Etixx – Quickstep fielded a talented team which included Niki Terpstra, Giani Meersman and 3-time UCI Time Trial World Champion Tony Martin. Terpstra, winner of the 2014 edition of Paris – Roubaix and Meersman did not finish the race. Martin was the last of 56 finishers of the tough, hilly route through Frankfurt.

Alexander Kristoff of Team Katusha would take the final sprint of the day, but he was not the only winner at Eschborn - Frankfurt. John Degenkolb could feel like a winner after almost a three-month injury break. Degenkolb celebrated an impressive comeback even if he did not finish with the best time. Degenkolb rode in the service of his team, Giant-Alpecin. After nearly 160 kilometers he reduced his pace instead of hurting himself over the fourth and final time on the Mammolshain mountain. Degenkolb finished the race in the team bus. Giant – Alpecin teammate, American Caleb Fairly, also pulled out of the race.

The race would finish hard and fast in the Frankfurt city streets and Milan – San Remo winner Alexander Kristoff would take the sprint handily. The Argentinian Maximiliano Richeze from the Belgian Etixx - Quick-Step team and the Irishman Sam Bennett Germany Team Bora – Argon 18 rolled in behind for second and third place.

Stradalli – Bike Aid rider Nico Holler had an incredible ride finishing 22 in the main pack. Holler is a climber by specialty, but still managed to be at the front of the group for a tight fast sprint. Eschborn – Frankfurt is widely considered one of the hardest races in Germany and it is a huge result for Holler and Stradalli – Bike Aid to be at the front attacking and competing with the best teams and Europe.



Stradalli Cycle introduces a new deal that cannot be beat. Call now and you receive the 29er full carbon fiber mountain bike frame for only $899.00   That’s a savings of $700! But that’s not it! If you call and mention this ad you will also receive a FREE Stradalli Cycle racing jersey AND a pair of running shoes! Call 954-283-8585 



Tom Stradalli, CEO of Stradalli Cycle, and the Stradalli - Bike Aid Team have spent the week 
preparing for Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn - Frankfurt. This UCI 1.HC race is one of the toughest races in 
Germany and attracts many World Tour teams. 
Eschborn - Frankfurt past winners include Alexander Kristoff of Team Katusha and the legendary 
Erik Zabel of Team Telekom. 
The Stradalli - Bike Aid Continental Professional Team will use the Aversa carbon aero road frame 
for this weekend's race. The guys are coming off some great wins and podiums at the Tour of Eritrea and are 
ready to continue their European UCI racing campaign.



Stradalli - Bike Aid Amanuel Meron Tour of Eritrea

The Tour of Eritrea began with a bang for Stradalli – Bike Aid after they put Amanuel Meron on the podium after 117 kilometers of racing, but Stradalli – Bike Aid’s time in Eritrea began far before the 2016 edition was even thought about.

Stradalli – Bike Aid is well known for their charity work in Africa and much of the work is done inside the borders of Eritrea. Before the race, Stradalli – Bike Aid spent time exploring the roads of Eritrea and spending time with local youth.

Eritrea is known for its difficulties regarding poverty and war. Most wouldn’t guess Eritrea is a cycling-crazy country. Americans dream of being professional football players or perhaps going to the NBA. In Eritrea, the dream is cycling and those that reach the World Tour are forever heroes in their country.

3 of the 6 African riders on Stradalli – Bike Aid are from Eritrea and all 3 were present every day to race in their home country. These Eritrean riders are not just filling the pack. These are young rock stars. These are the top athletes Eritrea has to offer and they proved it every day in Eritrea with a podium or top 10 finish.

Amanuel Meron opened the account for Stradalli – Bike Aid with a 3rd place finish in a very tight sprint finish in stage 1. Amanuel Meron repeated this finish on stage 2 in the process of helping Meron Teshome of Stradalli – Bike Aid take a commanding win in the sprint finish in Agordat. Stage 3 was more mountainous and less suitable to the team of expert sprinters at Stradalli – Bike Aid, but Amanuel Meron still finish at the front of the main group. However, the team didn’t take it easy for long.

Stage 4 was a déjà vu for the peloton as Stradalli – Bike Aid again took 2 of the top 5 spots. Amanuel Meron and the team knew the sprint leaders jersey was well within reach. Meron Teshome returned the favor helping Amanuel Meron onto the podium while finishing fourth on the day.

The sprinters may be the stars of the race, but they could not accomplish these results without top notch teamwork. The rest of the team, which includes Eritrean rider Amanuel Mengis Ghebreindrias, and German riders Dominik Merseburg, Daniel Bichlmann and Matthias Schnapka worked tirelessly to put the team in the best possible position for the win. They do it all on the Stradalli Aversa to handle the tough roads of Eritrea.

Such is the case for Stradalli – Bike Aid on and off the bike. The team works constantly to continue their mission in Africa to provide opportunities for less-fortunate people. Many Africans would never have the opportunity to be educated, let alone have easy access to clean drinking water and nutritious food.

Stage 5 ended in Asmara, the capital of Eritrea. The team had done more than enough to cement their victory in the sprint points competition. The team took home the green leaders jersey and gave Eritrean cycling fans the opportunity to spend time with their cycling heroes. Now the team is in Germany to continue their European campaign.

Many say the level of cycling in Africa is not as high as Europe, but this is not the case. African cycling is full of incredible athletes and the team is well prepared for Eschborn – Frankfurt after a long stint in Africa and several tune up races in Germany.

The Tour of Eritrea was a success. Wins aside, the team got back to its roots and it was a healthy reminder to the riders why they race. Stradalli – Bike Aid does not race their bicycles just to race. Stradalli – Bike Aid Continental Professional team is a family and they are proving every day they have the work ethic to succeed.






Stradalli – Cycle professional ambassador and reigning Florida State Mountain Bike Champion Doug Deweese is now in off season, but Deweese is stronger than ever and is training diligently to prepare for the upcoming Florida Mountain Bike Series Racing.

Deweese splits his time between training on the mountain bike and on the road bike to ensure he has the best fitness and the best skills to compete at the top level. Deweese currently rides the 29er Full Suspension Frame and the Aversa Carbon Road Frame.

Competing in a way that Deweese does requires serious dedication to training. For his off season training, Deweese has been taking his Aversa out on the road for rides as long as 170 miles.

The Aversa is used by the Stradalli – Bike Aid European Continental Team for long stage races due to its performance in a variety of conditions. Deweese said the Aversa lets him train as long and as often as the European professionals because of its performance.

“I love my Aversa road frame. It has the right amount of stiffness to put big power to the ground, but it is still compliant enough to put in long, long training rides and enjoy every mile of it. It is tough competing at the top level, but the Aversa allows my training to go smoothly.” Deweese said.




Stradalli Cycle Race Teams Head Into Speed Week

Speed Week begins Saturday April 30 in Charlotte, North Carolina and Stradalli Cycle will be at the front of the race in full force.

Stradalli – Safetti will be present along with Stradalli – Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team, Texas Roadhouse Elite Cycling Team, Stradalli – Papa Johns Women’s Elite Team and Stradalli – Wizard Development Cycling Team. Stradalli Cycles will be heavily represented in the men’s professional category race and in the women’s professional category race Saturday evening.

The Charlotte Criterium, which is widely known as one of the toughest races in the United States, kicks off a week-long series of races held throughout the Southeast. Speed Week will see hundreds of professional riders race in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

The Stradalli – Papa John’s Women’s Elite Team began their USA Criterium campaign at the Sunshine Grand Prix and took several podium spots over the week of racing.

Stradalli – Wizard Development Team also had a successful beginning in top level racing with Justin Pfaff taking a top 10 placing in the first USA Criterium Series race of the year in Tampa.

Stradalli – Safetti took multiple podium finishes during Speed Week in 2015 and will be looking to repeat the same success in 2016. Stradalli – Finish Strong currently has two riders in the top 10 of the overall standings in the Tufmed 2016 USA Criterium series after the first round of USA Criterium racing and will bring a full team to continue their success in 2016.

Riders from Stradalli teams will be using a variety of frames for the event. Stradalli – Finish Strong and Texas Roadhouse are using the AR7 for 2016 due to its high performance in high speed criterium racing. The Stradalli – Papa Johns and Stradalli – Wizard teams will be using the light weight R7, the most popular frame ever released from Stradalli.


Stradalli – Bike Aid Team Dominant On Their Adopted Continent Of Africa

It’s funny how things work out. The Stradalli – Bike Aid team from Germany loves to race in some of the most beautiful locations in Europe. Their trip to Spain is a great example as they raced in Mallorca and saw some of the most amazing sites in the world. But there’s only one place this team truly feels at home and it is the last place you would expect.

Africa is the adopted continent of the Stradalli – Bike Aid team as their charity efforts have helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to help young African cyclists realize their dream of becoming pro racers. The program has so many success stories but the one thing people weren’t sure of is if it would lead to wins and podium appearances for the race team.

Not only is the team off to maybe it’s best start ever, but they are dominating races throughout Africa and it continued this week at the Tour of Eritrea. But it’s not just the Germans who are doing well. Of the 6 young African racers on the team, 3 of them are from Eritrea and all have either won or placed in the top 10 already in this early season. This includes Amanuel Meron who rode his Stradalli Cycle Aversa full carbon road bike right to the podium in the Tour of Eritrea already.

Amanuel is joined by teammates Amanuel Mengis Ghebreindrias, Meron Teshome and German riders Dominik Merseburg, Daniel Bichlmann and Matthias Schnapka who all have experience riding in the heat of Africa. Great teamwork is the reason for the early season success of Stradalli – Bike Aid, however, it is also a great reminder of the hard charitable work put in by the organization. When you have 3 stellar racers return home to Eritrea and perform the way these young men have you know that the program is working and the efforts are paying off. 




Stradalli Cycle Mountain Bike Racer Bob McCarty Joining Trans-Sylvania Epic

The roster for the Trans-Sylvania Epic is already pretty deep with plenty of champions. Well it just got a little deeper as Stradalli Cycle mountain bike racer Bob McCarty has announced he will be joining the field for the first time this summer. McCarty has been racing for over 20 years, in some of the biggest MTB races all around the world. He’s excited to be entering his first TSE but also his very first stage race.

“It’s really funny; I’ve been in over 300 events during my career but never a single stage race. I love riding in Pennsylvania and I’ve heard a lot about the TSE so I figured it was something I had to experience myself. Word has spread about this event; even though it’s young it’s already considered the best MTB stage race on the east coast by many in the mountain biking community. I’m really excited to go up there.” Stradalli Cycle mountain biker Bob McCarty

McCarty is not concerned about the trails or the conditions for the race. Ironically racing in South Florida may be the perfect training environment for racing in Pennsylvania, especially during the summer where humidity and temperatures will be very high.

“It’s going to be high temperatures, chances of rain, brutal humidity and lots of that PA granite which is very sharp. I live and train in South Florida, high temperatures, lots of rain and brutal humidity and instead of granite we have coral which is nothing but little sharp knives sticking out from everywhere. I am going to feel right at home for the TSE. I know my pro 650b Stradalli ” Joked McCarty

Stradalli Cycle racers will be joining a list of already well over 200 racers from around the world. The event is helping to raise funds for the Pennsylvania interscholastic cycling league and will consist of 5 days of racing from May 29th to June 3rd



Stradalli – Bike Aid Continental Professional Team has been on a hot streak the past few weeks in Europe and Africa.

Stradalli – Bike recently travelled to the Tour of Eritrea, where they not only took many podium places, but finished off a successful week by taking home the green jersey with Amanuel Meron for the best sprinter competition. The team worked flawlessly throughout the week to position their sprinters to give them the best possible chance at stage wins.

Though the team did not win every stage, the team was the most consistent giving them the reward of the green jersey in the UCI 2.2 Tour of Eritrea. This was a huge success for the team.

Immediately after the finish of the Tour of Eritrea, the team returned to Germany to prepare for the upcoming UCI 1.HC Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn – Frankfurt. The team has been participating in races around Germany to and most recently put two riders on the podium the Uberherrner National German Professional race, the team’s opener for Eschborn – Frankfurt.

Eschborn – Frankfurt is one of the toughest races in Germany. The previous edition was won by Alexander Kristoff, classic specialist from Team Katusha who has won Milan – San Remo and The Tour of Flanders.

Former winner John Degenkolb of Giant – Alpecin will make his return to racing at Eschborn – Frankfurt this Sunday after recovering from injuries suffered from a terrible accident whilst training in Australia early in 2016. Degenkolb, who won Milan – San Remo and Paris – Roubaix in 2015, has been off the bike since January and enters Eschborn – Frankfurt with the intent of finishing the race.

The 27-year-old from Gera, East Germany has been with Giant – Alpecin since it was in its professional continental form, Argos – Shimano in 2012. Since he has won 10 stages of the Vuelta a Espana and several important spring classic races. Argos – Shimano was also the home for our recent podium finisher Niko Holler. Holler and Degenkolb were teammates in 2012 and will race together this weekend again at Eschborn – Frankfurt. Since 2012, Holler has grown to be a team leader and challenge the general classification in UCI races all over Europe, Africa and Asia.

Eschborn – Frankfurt will be televised throughout Europe this Sunday and will feature other UCI World Tour teams such as Etixx – Quickstep and AG2r La Mondiale as well. Stradalli – Bike Aid will use the carbon aero Aversa frame exclusively for this race. The temperatures in Germany have been freezing and below for the past week, which means the racing this weekend will see the riders compete in some of the toughest, snowy conditions Germany has to offer.




Rain, Snow, podium and barbecue – an interesting first race for the guys from Rwanda in cold Germany at pro race 

Nikodemus Holler and Janvier Hadi convinced despite horrible weather conditions with place 2 and 3 at the team’s home-race in Überherrn.

We all know that in April there is a special situation with our weather conditions here in Germany. Due to influences from the wind we can have warm conditions (if we have south winds) or get all the cold weather from the Nordics and polar area (with winds from the north). For sure everybody hopes that the wind will always blow from the south but unfortunately we all got disappointed that day. A drop of 20 degree celcius compared to only 2 days before and also a mix of snow and rain should make this day unforgettable for the two guys who just arrived from Rwanda that week. Thankfully their Stradalli Cycle Aversa road bikes have performed amazingly despite the different weather conditions the team has faced.

Janvier Hadi and Jean Bosco Nsengimana. Two young riders, who come from the same small village in Rwanda and both of them know perfectly when it rains, as it sometimes rains a lot in Rwanda. But there it just feels like taking a warm shower while here they felt like sitting in a freezer. Due to this situation they had to learn quite quick that in Germany are couple of seasons, even if we should not have this kind of low temperature anymore. And at the end it should also have an impact on the race, as it was impossible for Janvier Hadi to eat enough as he couldn’t move his fingers anymore, as he told later after the race.

But at the beginning the impact should be not really visible as he took the chance and went into a break-away right from the start of the race, accompanied by his team mate Nikodemus Holler. Nikodemus just arrived 15 minutes to the start with his fancy VW Polo that let him suffer a little bit due to a technical problem but finally bring him safe and sharp to the start. Just in the bib-shorts and also shoes and jersey and off to race! Obviously Niko had the right level of adrenaline due to this incident and went also directly in that break-away that should work together quite well and stay out until the end of the race.

As the deciding moment arrived it was at the hill to Rammelfangen where the two guys from Stradalli – BIKE AID split the break again. After Nikodemus’ attack it was only Fabian Genuit and Janvier Hadi who could follow and made 3 out of 8. A perfect tactical situation for the team, as they had two out of 3 riders in the front.

But Janvier should feel the impact of the cold weather now in the final lap as he could not follow anymore after another raise of the tempo in the climb. So he got a small gap to the two guys in front and the perfect situation became a little bit worse as all knew Fabian was the better sprinter. So Nikodemus tried all he had to drop Fabian but he was staying on his wheel and took his chance to win in the final sprint.

Short after them it was Janvier Hadi who arrived at 3rd place only couple of seconds behind. A great first race for him in Europe and especially with these conditions he is not used to. Congrats to him! 

Also great performance by Nikodemus and the whole team to made an impressive race on this day. After this suffering all the riders well deserved an awesome barbecue with the BIKE AID community and letting an incredible day come to the end together!



Stradalli – Bike Aid Team Visits History Sites Of Germany During Training

During their time in Germany the Stradalli – Bike Aid race team has enjoyed their time of team building activities and site seeing. One of the great benefits of being able to train and race in Germany is that you are able to visit so many historic sites like the ones pictured below including Devils Castle near the French border and more.


Of course it wouldn’t be a trip to Germany without seeing some pretty unique cars including this one made by the Morgan Motor Company which has been around since 1909.


Of course as great a car as it is, it has a long way to go to match the Stradalli – Bike Aid Team Car 




Stradalli – Bike Aid wins stage 2 of the UCI 2.2 Tour of Eritrea.

The 179 kilometer stage from Tesseney to Agordat featured significant elevation change, but that didn’t deter the peloton from riding hard. Attacks started as soon as the riders left the start line. Stradalli – Bike Aid controlled the race with excellent teamwork throughout the day.

After Amanuel Meron’s podium finish in stage 1, the team knew he could provide a result. Amanuel Meron would be the most protected rider throughout the day due to his high general classification placing. Meron Teshome, however, is the better sprinter.

The two riders worked together to shepherd themselves in a fast final after a tough day of racing. Meron Teshome took the win, proving his sprinting ability at the highest level. Amanuel Meron followed closely behind in 3rd place giving Stradalli – Bike Aid two riders on the podium of stage 2 of Tour of Eritrea.

The Eritrean riders have special motivation to race well in their home country, but the entire Stradalli – Bike Aid team and their management are working hard to ensure success at the Tour of Eritrea. Many of their riders are native to Eritrea and it is the place where the Stradalli – Bike Aid mission of creating a better future for those who are less fortunate began.

The Stradalli – Bike Aid team is currently using the full carbon Aversa frame because of its ability to perform well under a variety of conditions. The Tour of Eritrea will feature technical roads, fast sprint finishes and high mountains.

The Tour of Eritrea continues tomorrow with Stage 3 from Keren to Asmara, the capital of Eritrea. The stage will cover 93k, but it is mountainous. This stage will be the first opportunity for the real climbers of Stradalli – Bike Aid to show their talent.





Stradalli – Bike Aid has started their time in Eritrea well with a podium spot in the UCI 1.2 Massawa City Circuit Race.

Meron Teshome found his way to 3rd by winning the field sprint after two riders broke away in the closing kilometers.

Stradalli – Bike Aid and Amore & Vita Selle SMP started attacks early to try to force the pressure onto other teams. Several breakaway attempts were made in the beginning of the race, but the race was too fast and difficult for anything to stay away.

Stradalli – Bike Aid riders are very motivated for this tour of racing in Eritrea because of the mission behind the team. Several of the Stradalli – Bike Aid riders are native to Eritrea and spend much of their time traveling to other countries for races. The opportunity to race in Eritrea for Stradalli – Bike only comes by on a few occasions, so the riders are putting all of their effort into getting a good result while in Eritrea.

Meron Teshome, Eritrean rider for Stradalli – Bike Aid, has had several podium finishes this year and said this finish was the best yet.

“I have had results in other countries, but for me to get on the podium in Eritrea is extra special.” Teshome said. “The Aversa rides so well and super stiff  in the sprint, so it is no surprise to me to be able to be this consistent.”

In Massawa City, the riders of Team STRADALLI – BIKE AID had to expect a unique atmosphere in a city that they surely will never forget. At the end, the result well rounded up this awesome and spectacular day.



Meron “Sunshine” Amanuel takes 5th place at UCI 1.2 Fenkel Challenge in Eritrea

Races in Africa are always something special for our team. We already have been reporting a lot about that and due to the special mission of the team – to develop African cycling and athletes – races on this continent are a special interest. This time there is no more superlative. The team is now in Eritrea which has a very special meaning indeed to the team. Eritrea is unique, it is a special country and a huge adventure. The first riders from Africa in the team were riders from Eritrea. It has a bit from: back to the roots!

What makes it so special to be in Eritrea? This small country is located on Africa’s east coast, right at the Red Sea and shares border with countries such as Sudan, Djibouti and Ethiopia but has a big and unique cycling tradition and history. The Italians brought this culture to this country during the colonial times beginning of the 20th century. Nowadays cycling has a similar or even bigger meaning to the people in Eritrea than Football in our country. You can imagine that every little kid dreams of a big cycling career and talks about their legends and heroes. Not only names like Eddy Merckx or Miguel Indurain are popular, it is more the fact that their own heroes such as Daniel Teklehaimanot and our other former rider Mekseb Debesay – who made it from BIKE AID to the World Tour – are the idols of today’s generation in Eritrea.

Now our guys are there and are allowed to feel this special atmosphere and enthusiasm that is not easy at all to describe. The riders experience many nice and positive people in a country, which gives you astonishing moments.

The first of 4 UCI races has been held yesterday and led over 113 kilometers from the city of Foro to Ghindae. There is always an estimation in Europe that races in Africa are not on a high level, but this is completely wrong when you have ever done races there. In countries like Eritrea, Rwanda or in Northern Africa you find a huge potential and huge talent of riders who all grow to fulfill their dream of becoming a famous cyclist outside of their country. The only thing they don’t have: experience and the opportunity to show their talent outside or in Europe. From a point of motivation, there is no single word to describe that as this kind of motivation and passion simply not exists in our countries. Only in Eritrea there are 1.000 junior riders dreaming to become stars in the cycling world.

 If you take the conditions for instance, it is also very hard for European riders to compete as the capital Asmara is located on altitude of 2.400 m sea level.  Not that easy to get enough of oxygen that is so important to deliver a good performance.

Fortunately there are also 3 Eritrean riders in our team Stradalli – BIKE AID who are perfectly adapted to those conditions. Yesterday it was Meron Amanuel who managed the conditions the best of the team and finished on a great 5th place just beaten by 37 seconds back on the winner!

Also Meron Teshome delivered a good performance on 11th place. All in all a good opening of an interesting and unique week that needs to be followed!



Another big day for the Stradalli Cycle – Papa John’s Women’s Team as they are the 2016 Masters Ladies 35 Plus Team Time Trial National Champions. 




Meron Teshome of Stradalli – Bike Aid German team may only be 23 years old but he is already gaining attention around the European Cycling community. Trying to give sprinters from Eritrea a great reputation, Teshome is also trying to become a great representative for the rise in African cycling.

During an interview with Teshome, we were able to get to see how impactful the Stradalli – Bike Aid efforts truly are in the lives of many young African cyclists.

When you grow up in Eritrea you grow up a fan of road cycling. It’s just the way it is back home. It doesn’t matter if you race or not, over half the population of Asmara uses bikes to commute. My uncle and great uncle were also cyclists and they influenced me to do it. I grew up wanting to be just like Tom Boonen, cycling is in my blood and it is a passion I have had my entire life.

Comparing African Cycling To European

Some people don’t realize how much of a challenge it is to reach the top in Africa as compared to Europe. There are fewer opportunities in Africa, for example in Eritrea cyclists like Daniel Teklehaimanot or Nathanael Berhane will get more looks because they are very talented climbers. Daniel is already proving to the world the level of talent there is with Eritrean climbers but that doesn’t help me to move forward to where I want to go. Cycling is so big in Europe but I think Africa is finally catching up. The fan base is great and we have a great group of highly talented cyclists coming up and winning in Europe.

Despite such a young career, Teshome has picked up victories in the Tour of Rwanda, the Tour of Eritrea, the Eritrean National Championships, the African Games ITT in 2015 and the African Continental Championships TTT in 2013.

It’s not that I look at one win to be more important than another. They are all important to me. However, one that I will always cherish is the stage I won in the Tour of Rwanda, as Rwanda is a full of mountain country. That and the African Games ITT win was also special to me because I worked so hard to improve my TT skills. When I was with the MTN team in South Africa I learned a lot about being a professional racer. This is a sport centered around family because your team is your family but also because it really does take the support of your family back home to help you become the best possible cyclist.

Being a part of the Stradalli – Bike Aid family is very special for me. This has been a tough season to start, especially the Mallorca Challenge. However, when I look back to how far I’ve come in such a short period of time, I am now racing with a great team in some of big races and I get to race on the beautiful Aversa road bike from Stradalli, I know I’m very lucky to have these opportunities and I hope to make the most of them.






2 new teams have confirmed their entry for the May 22nd start of An Post Rás.

The France Amical Vélo Club Aix-en-Provence and Germany Stradalli - Bike Aid have joined teams from Australia, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands and the USA. The line-ups from both teams will raise the quality of racing even higher.

 The eight day event is Ireland’s toughest and most prestigious cycling race on the calendar.

France Amical Vélo Club Aix-en-Provence will include: Florent Castellarnau, Grégoire Tarride, Matthieu Converset, Alexis Dulin and Loïck Lebouvier. It is a team loaded with talent including Castellarnau who recently won Monaco – La Turbie. Tarride has picked up stages wins in the Vuelta Madrid and the Tour d’Alsace as well. Dulin has the most number of wins including the Trophée Roger Walkowiak, Circuit de la Drôme and Boucles du Haut-Var.

The Germany Stradalli - Bike Aid team, has been working towards the noble goal of developing young African cyclists. To date, they have raised over €200,000 in donations for social projects which support numerous young athletes.

The team for An Post Rás will include the Rwandans Jean Bosco Nsengimana and Janvier Hadi, as well as the Germans Nikodemus Holler, Timo Schäfer and Joschka Beck, all of whom have had great success to start the season.

Nsengimana took three stages plus the overall in last year’s Tour du Rwanda won a stage in the Tour du Cameroun this season. Hadi won the All African Games Road Race in 2015 while Niko Holler was second in the 2012 German championships. This year he also picked up fifth on a stage of the 2.1 ranked La Tropicale Amissa Bongo.

The An Post Rás will total 1240 kilometres and include 25 climbs. The race will roll out from Dublin Castle on Sunday May 22nd, with the venue chosen to mark the 2016 Easter Rising commemorations.

The world-ranked event will feature stage finishes in Multyfarnham, Charleville, Dingle, Sneem, Clonakilty, Dungarvan, Baltinglass and Skerries.




Stradalli 29er Black / Yellow Full Carbon Fiber Dual Suspension Cross Country Mountain Bike. Shimano XT. Magura TS8 Suspension. Stans ZTR Crest Wheel Set.


Welcome to UCI Tour of Eritrea, Africa

Stradalli – Bike Aid has landed in Eritrea to prepare for the upcoming Tour of Eritrea. Eritrea sits on the East Coast of Africa. The race will explore the entire country, from the mountainous inlands all the way to the Red Sea in the east.

Stradalli – Bike Aid will be using the Aversa for the Tour of Eritrea due to its versatility. The bike climbs well, but is also suitable for sprint finishes. More importantly, the frame will keep the riders comfortable on the rough roads of Eritrea.

The Tour of Eritrea covers 669 kilometers over 5 days of racing. Mekseb Debesay, formerly of what is now Stradalli – Bike Aid, won the Tour of Eritrea in 2013 the last time the race was hosted. Stradalli – Bike Aid riders Meron Amanuel and Teshome Meron took 3rd and 4th place on the general classification during their last attendance at Tour of Eritrea.

Eritrea has historically been a country of turmoil, but the country is responsible for some of the most successful riders to arrive at the World Tour from Africa. Daniel Teklehaimanot, who has ridden for teams such as Orica GreenEDGE and is now currently with Dimension Data, is arguably the most successful Eritrean rider in history. Mekseb Debesay recently switched from Stradalli – Bike Aid to join Teklehaimanot at Dimension Data.

Stradalli – Bike Aid is now the team which hosts the most exciting, young talent to come out of Eritrea. Meron Teshome and Amanuel Mengis Ghebreindrias are just two Stradalli – Bike Aid riders from Eritrea, but they have already had many podium appearances in 2016.

The team is now doing race reconnaissance on the mountainous roads of Eritrea before beginning the 5 stage UCI 2.2 race which begins on April 19th.





Stradalli Cycle has been experiencing great success in the mountain bike market thanks to people like Bob McCarty , Cesar Grajales , Doug DeWeese , Fabio Leopoldo and other pro mountain bikers who represent the brand so well. 

As a result we are looking to expand our athlete representation and initiate our mountain bike brand ambassador program. Whether you are a customer or a brand ambassador, you will have all sorts of new Stradalli mountain bike product to look forward to in the future. Join us as we open the next chapter at Stradalli Cycle. We enjoy working with every customer at Stradalli Cycle and now we are offering the chance to work with the company on another levels. We are looking for men and women who maintain themselves professionally on and off the mountain bike. Please contact us if you are interested.

Please send your MTB or Cycle Cross resume to







Hell of the South

Texas Roadhouse traveled to Lewisburg, Tennessee for the Hell of the South Road Race this past weekend. They brought a full masters elite squad for a race through the rough, hilly roads of Tennessee.

This race traditionally has had the worst weather the South has to offer. Both previous editions were held in wet, freezing temperatures. The winner of the Hell of the South receives a giant cobble to honour the tradition of the Hell of the North, the most famous one-day race in the world.

Paris – Roubaix is referred to the Hell of the North because of the incredible conditions the racers have to endure in order to have a chance of even finishing the race. The race passes over 27 cobbled sectors, each of which forces riders to compete for top position to lessen the chance of crashing, but even then the  riders need luck on their side.

Texas Roadhouse currently rides the AR7, a frame built for tough sprinters and powerful riders. The AR7 has been one of the toughest frames to be released by Stradalli Cycle. It is currently being used by Texas Roadhouse and all other domestic elite teams sponsored by Stradalli Cycle for technical criteriums and rough cobbled races.

The Hell of the South seeks to imitate similar toughness with a course that keeps riders attentive at all times. Texas Roadhouse brought home two wins with Dirk Pohlmann in the 45+ Category and Curtis Tolson defended his 2015 win in the 50+ Category make it back to back wins for Texas Roadhouse.





The Markham 100 finished this weekend with Bob McCarty of Stradalli Cycles taking the top step of the podium.

The Markham 100, which took place at Markham Park in South Florida, featured some of the most technical trails ever featured in a mountain bike race in Florida. The race saw over 250 starters for the 100 kilometer race making it one of the biggest mountain bike events in the history of South Florida.

Markham Park is known for very technical trails and the Markham 100 included many of these. The event even went so far to run one of the trails backwards, which threw even local riders into a difficult situation. The course included everything from very steep, rooted uphills to winding, tight single track.

All individuals from all categories would start the race at the same time, meaning it was a mad dash to enter the trails first.

McCarty, riding the Stradalli 650b full suspension, was at the front of the race with 1 other rider for the entirety of the race. However, McCarty's race was not as easy as he made it look. A fork malfunction on lap 4 meant McCarty rode the entirety of the race with a nearly rigid fork.

This created many difficulties in tight corners and fast downhill sections, but McCarty and the Stradalli 650b performed flawlessly throughout the race.

McCarty's experience would see him not only lead the entire race, but also post a blistering lap time of 20:24 on his 12th lap to cement his 1st place finish at the Markham 100.




Justin Pfaff Stradalli Cycle - Wizard Racing Bill Bone Pro-Am Series

The Bill Bone Pro-Am Florida Series races continued this past weekend at the Brooksville Cycling Classic. The Stradalli - Safetti Team split this weekend to cover multiple races, but Stradalli Cycles were still out in force at the Brooksville Cycling Classic thanks to the Stradalli - Wizard Development Team.

Justin Pfaff, star rider for Stradalli - Wizard, added another win on Saturday to his track record for 2016 in the Pro/1/2 Brooksville Criterium. Pfaff has won several races this year and placed top 10 in his first USA Criterium Series race.

Pfaff followed up his Saturday criterium win with another win in the Brooksville Road Race. The Brooksville Road Race is notoriously windy and hilly. Pfaff is now has 4 wins in two weekends of racing and 5 total wins in 2016 on top of multiple podium finishes.

Pfaff is the reigning U23 Florida Time Trial and Criterium Champion and has done it all riding in the orange and black colours of Stradalli – Wizard Racing. Pfaff currently rides the Stradalli R7 and is currently the leader of the Bill Bone Pro-Am Florida Series.



 Stradalli - Safetti Pro Team Wins Miami Criterium Classic

Stradalli Cycles were taking wins in several states this weekend, but the Raw Revolution Miami Criterium Classic Sunday saw a podium sweep from Stradalli - Safetti Team in the Pro/1/2 category.

Stradalli - Safetti started a team of 4 of their top riders, two of which found the podium the previous weekend at the Florida State Criterium Championships.

Akil Campbell, young rider for Stradalli - Safetti, worked for the team throughout the race. Campbell was constantly covering attacks and flying off the front of the race. Campbell worked well with Enrique Lopez to drive the pace of the race and ensure other teams had to work hard in order to stay in contention.

Jose Frank Rodriguez raced a masters race early in the day and immediately followed his first race with the Pro/1/2 race. Rodriguez also worked for the team throughout the duration of the Pro/1/2 race chasing and riding in breakaways.

Despite other teams doing their best to get away from the field, Stradalli - Safetti controlled the race and set up the finish for a field sprint. A small group of 4 would get away from the field in the closing meters which included Stradalli - Safetti rider Alex Mclaughlin

Mclaughlin would sprint from that group to take 1st place. Campbell and Lopez would lead the charge from the field sprint to pass Mclaughlin's late breakaway companions to take 2nd and 3rd places making for Stradalli - Safetti's first podium sweep in 2016. Despite having raced two races, Rodriguez would still finish top 10 in the race.





Justin Pfaff of Stradalli Cycle - Wizard Racing wins the Brooksville Classic

The Bill Bone Pro-Am Florida Series races continued this past weekend at the Brooksville Cycling Classic. The Stradalli - Safetti Team split this weekend to cover multiple races, but Stradalli Cycles were still out in force at the Brooksville Cycling Classic thanks to the Stradalli - Wizard Development Team.

Justin Pfaff, star rider for Stradalli - Wizard, added another win to his track record for 2016 in the Pro/1/2 Brooksville Criterium. Pfaff has won several races this year and placed top 10 in his first USA Criterium Series race.

Sebastian Morfin, another young rider for Stradalli - Safetti Team, followed closely behind in second place making it a Stradalli Cycle 1-2 finish in Brooksville, Florida.

Pfaff and Morfin were on the podium together two weekends ago at the Florida State Criterium Championships U23 race.




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Stradalli – Bike Aid – Mont Ventoux training camp racers are preparing

The European racing schedule is intensifying. We are in full swing with the spring classics well under way. The Tour of Flanders finished this past weekend and Paris – Roubaix is nearly upon us. Many of the classics riders are in top form this time of year, but the general classification riders are just getting started.

Stradalli – Bike Aid began their season early in Africa , germany and in Spain as do most UCI teams. Since they have taken several podiums in Africa and are now preparing for the important stage races with a team training camp.

Places such as Tenerife are famous for their high elevation and tough training conditions. Teams such as Sky and Astana frequent the area to prepare their riders for the high elevation of big stage races. This year Stradalli – Bike Aid has chosen the battleground for many Tour de France routes as their choice for high mountains training, Mont Ventoux.

Mont Ventoux has long been a mainstay of the Tour de France route due to its beauty, but also its diversity. The variety of conditions riders experience on Mont Ventoux makes it incredibly difficult. It begins as a sheltered, gradually rising road through the green forests of France, but finishes at the top of a barren and windy mountain peak with incredible steep roads which switch back and forth up the mountain.

Mont Ventoux has featured in the Tour de France 15 times over the years, 10 of which were summit finishes. In 2013, Chris Froome of Team Sky won atop Mont Ventoux on his way to winning the yellow jersey. The difficulty of the mountain has made those who win legends of the sport. Richard Virenque, Marco Pantani and Eddy Merckx are all on the list of riders to win atop Mont Ventoux.

Stradalli – Bike Aid will face similar challenges in Africa, Europe and Asia in the coming months. The Tour of Eritrea will reach 2,500 meters, a height surpassing that of Mont Ventoux. The team has been training all over the world in preparation for upcoming races in high tech facilities such as the STAPS facility in Koln, Germany. Now the team is bringing their fitness to the road and putting themselves to the test on the toughest mountains Europe has to offer.

Stradalli – Bike Aid’s next race will begin April 19th in Eritrea.




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On everyone's desk this morning bicycling magazine

Stradalli – Bike Aid pro team’s new full page was released in Bicycling Magazine this month. The photo was taken in Mallorca when the team was preparing for the Mallorca Challenge earlier this year.

The team started early in 2016 in Gabon, Africa at La Tropicale Amissa Bongo taking multiple top 10 and podium finishes. From Africa the team flew straight to Mallorca for the Challenge Mallorca for four days of racing with top World Tour teams from all over Europe. The team met with Stradalli Cycle management for product testing, photo shoots and training rides around beautiful Mallorca.

The photo features 9 of the top riders from Stradalli – Bike Aid Continental Professional Cycling Team and title and official bike sponsor Tom Stradalli. Bike Aid and Stradalli joined forces this year on a 3-year multi-million dollar deal.




Florida State Championship U23 Stradalli Cycle Podium Sweep


The Florida State Criterium Championships were held in Stuart, Florida this past weekend and Stradalli Cycles came away with multiple championship jerseys.

The talk of the weekend has been the U23 podium where Justin Pfaff of Stradalli – Wizard racing, Sebastian Morfin and Akil Campbell of Stradalli – Safetti took the top 3 spots all riding Stradalli bicycles. Pfaff, Morfin and Campbell have been competing with and against each other since early this year and have all been a factor at the front of the race in every race they have entered together.

Though they are all young, they still compete at the top level of criterium racing in the United States. More interestingly, they are eligible for the stagaire role with the Stradalli – Bike Aid team in Europe this August.

Stradalli – Bike Aid is a continental professional team based in Germany who competes in over 100 UCI level races per year. Stradalli – Bike Aid has raced in Spain at the Challenge Mallorca and as far south as Gabon, Africa already in 2016. Stradalli – Bike has two stagaire positions available this coming August, but they will be earned, not given.

Pfaff recently began his USA Criterium campaign with a top 10 finish and has now added a U23 Florida State Championship to his name. After several Bill Bone Pro-Am Florida Series wins, Pfaff is looking well positioned to take one of the stagaire roles for 2016.

Campbell recently returned from a long stint of racing in Trinidad and Tobago. In his first race back in Florida he found his way to a U23 podium and factored in the pro race later in the evening proving he is one of the best young riders in the state. 

Morfin, who is a full-time student at the University of Florida, manages to race and be one of the best U23 riders in the state despite balancing a full work-load while he finishes his bachelor’s degree. Morfin has been on the U23 podium at the Florida State Championships for two years running.

Stradalli Cycle invests much of its resources on developing young riders. The success of young riders at the Florida State Championships shows the dedication and hard work from all parties is paying off. The riders are being well prepared for the real European racing in August. 







Cole Miller UFC Fighter Using Stradalli Cycle Bike To Train In MMA 

Cole Miller: A New Stradalli Cycle for 2016

Athletes of all sports are always looking at ways to better their fitness. The trick is to find the balance between intense training and avoiding injury. The most motivated professional athletes will spend the majority of their day in the gym or practicing their sport.

Over the past few years Stradalli Cycle has had MMA fighters of all origins visit us to pick up a bike to further their training. Every single one of them talks about the benefits of training on a bike before and after the intense work they do in the gym and in the ring. MMA is a dangerous sport. There is only one way to excel in MMA and that is to get in the gym and train every day. The chance of injury is always around for these athletes.

American Top Team UFC fighter Cole Miller has been meeting with us for the past few weeks to square way a purchase of a new time trial bike. Miller is a veteran. He has been a professional MMA fighter for 13 years. Miller knows what it takes to be successful in professional MMA and the first step is injury prevention.

Miller worked closely with several Stradalli Cycle employees to find the exact bike which was perfect for him because cycling has been his way of staying on top of the sport and away from injury since 2007 when he first walked into Stradalli Cycle.

“I remember being on the show The Ultimate Fighter back in 2007. We were all competing, but we were going back and forth with training ideas as well. Many of them told me they did triathlons to keep their cardio up. The fun I had getting out on the bike and the training benefits meant I wasn’t going to put the bike down any time soon.” Miller said.

Miller has built a relationship with Stradalli Cycle since 2007 and said it has helped him immensely, but it is the lifestyle aspect that appeals to him the most.

“I have been hooked on these bikes for what seems like forever now. American Top Team has a great relationship with Stradalli and I went over there for the first time because of them. Now I own 3 of them. The first carbon road bike I bought from them years I still have and it takes a beating from me every day. Even if I am just riding over to Starbucks, I hop on my Stradalli carbon fixie. I just love being on the bike and my knees are so much more healthy because of it.” Miller said.

Alex Mclaughlin, manager at Stradalli Cycle, worked with Miller to get him set up on his bike and said he was the easiest person he has ever worked with.

“Cole knows exactly what he wants. He is competitive and he wants to be the best. He is now riding one of the best bikes you can possibly buy. You would expect a guy like Miller to be crazy being one of the most famous MMA fighters in the world, but he is one of the coolest, down to earth guys I have ever met. He just wants to ride a bike and be good at what he does. He knows he can come to us and be taken care of.” Mclaughlin said.

Miller said having the best training equipment is essential. There are many ways to become injured and not many of them actually involve fighting. Miller chose the TTR-8 with Dura Ace Di2 because he needs a bike he can rely on to keep him in top shape for the big fights.

“A big misunderstanding people have about MMA and UFC is they think you can only get hurt during a fight. Fighters go through so much during training. Most of the damage to their bodies that fighters deal with is during training. That is why cycling is so popular with MMA fighters. It builds endurance and it protects your body from the wear and tear you get from other things like running.” Miller said.




Stradalli – Bike Aid Racers Getting Ready At STAPS Institute 



Stradalli – Bike Aid riders are now in fully focused on preparing for the Tour of Eritrea on beginning April 19th. Several riders are currently training at the STAPS Institute in Koln, Germany.

The STAPS Institute is world famous for their work with World Tour level professional cyclists. STAPS works closely with top level athletes providing threshold testing, training data analysis and detailed development planning. They have brought several teams incredible amounts of success.


The infamous HTC – Highroad which saw Mark Renshaw and Mark Cavendish form an unbeatable sprint duo behind an even more intimidating sprint train was fueled by the guidance of STAPS between 2008-2011. Team Katusha of Russia and Garmin – Cannondale Pro Cycling have both trained with STAPS in the past and STAPS currently works with several top level triathletes and cyclists for more personalized training.


Tony Martin of Etixx – Quickstep is one of these athletes who have been supervised by STAPS since the beginnings of his professional career. Martin has seen 57 professional wins during his career including 3 UCI Time Trial World Championships.

This high quality facility is now home base for preparation for Meron Teshome and Amanuel Mengis Ghebreindrias for the upcoming Tour of Eritrea. The Tour of Eritrea reaches 2600 meters altitude, an altitude similar to the mountain ranges covered in the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia.

The Tour of Eritrea is tough, but the team is sparing no expense in ensuring the riders are prepared for the worst the Tour of Eritrea has to offer. Amanuel Mengis and Meron Teshome have already shown they have great form for the early season, but winning the Tour of Eritrea will be the next step in the development of these young riders.


Stradalli – Bike Aid races with a focus of developing young African riders, but also giving the people basic needs such as food and water. Education and training for these people is also provided as part of the Stradalli – Bike Aid mission. Eritrea is one of the poorest countries in the world. Very few can fathom what life would be like to live with only $150 USD per year, but this is reality Eritrean men, women and children. Two thirds of Eritrean households lack basic food security.

The idea of an Eritrean man finding success at the highest level of the sport is miraculous, but despite the odds being stacked against them, Eritreans are excelling at the top level of cycling. Daniel Teklehaimanot, Mekseb Debesay and Natnael Berhane of Dimension Data have made their way into the World Tour and are riding at the front of the hardest races. Eritrea is a small country, but they are cycling crazy people with a lot of determination who take nothing for granted.

Now at STAPS Stradalli – Bike Aid is helping Meron Teshome and Amanuel Mengis reach the next level with rigorous training in the state of the art STAPS facilities. Teshome and Mengis have gone from training on the war torn roads of Eritrea to racing the Challenge Mallorca. Now they have made it all the way to the number 1 training facility in Germany. They have talent, but they have the heart for what it takes to be truly successful in the toughest sport in the world.

Many teams are now inquiring about Teshome and Mengis after stellar early season performances in Africa and Mallorca. Both riders had standout performances at La Tropicale Amissa Bongo and Tour du Cameroun. Stradalli – Bike Aid management said to lose them would be tough, but expected.

“When young guys are performing so well and they are so grateful for the opportunity, they are ideal candidates for top level teams. We love helping these guys develop into something special. To see them go is bitter sweet. We love having guys like Meron and Amanuel with us, but these guys are destined for the World tour. We don’t know if they will make the jump to the World tour next year or not, but either way we are happy that our mission to help African riders is succeeding and not just a dream.” Management said.







Stradalli – Papa John’s Girls Heading To The Races 





Stradalli SL-16 Full Carbon Green Track Bike . Ultimate Power Weinmann Wheelset for your 2016 Velodrome track racing season .Be Fast and look great doing it. 




The UCI 2.2 Tour of Eritrea begins April 19th and Stradalli – Bike Aid will be bringing a full team to compete at a race in a country that sits close to the heart of the team’s mission.

Eritrea, due to its Italian influence, is a cycling crazy country. Cycling is less of a hobby and more of a way of life for many Eritreans. Historically the country has been torn by war, disease and poverty. However, that hasn’t stopped Eritrea from ascending into the higher ranks of cycling.

Stradalli – Bike Aid will be in attendance with a full team of 6 cyclists, half of which are from Eritrea. Stradalli – Bike Aid has had several success stories of bringing riders from Africa and elevating them to the World Tour level. Past riders such as Mekseb Debesay, Eritrean professional rider for World Tour team Dimension Data, found their feet at the higher level with Stradalli – Bike Aid. Educating, training and providing opportunity for the African people was once a dream and is now reality for the German Continental Professional Team.

Teshome Meron, Amanuel Mengis and Meron Amanuel are the 3 Eritreans that will represent Stradalli – Bike Aid at the Tour of Eritrea. Of all the talent coming from Eritrea in the past few years, these few star riders are showing they are most exciting. Daniel Bichlmann, Dominik Merseburg and Matthias Schnapka will all be present to make up a top level team to compete for victory.

Amanuel Mengis, 21-year-old from Eritrea, began his season at the Challenge Mallorca racing against teams of the highest caliber. Trek – Segafredo took a win with Fabian Cancellara. Lotto Soudal took wins with Andre Greipel. Movistar, Team Sky and Francas de Jeux all were present showing off their early season form. Mengis was one of the youngest riders in the race and still proved he could perform with the best.

From Mallorca, Mengis travelled immediately to Vuelta a Andalucia Ruta Ciclista Del Sol where he was a constant presence in breakaways for Stradalli – Bike Aid. Mengis then brought his early season form to the Tour of Cameroon where finished in the top 10 in every stage, led the youth classification and took home the green points leaders jersey after 8 days of racing. Mengis is the first Eritrean to bring the Stradalli Carbon Aversa to a first place finish in a leader’s jersey competition.

The Tour of Cameroon is one of the most prestigious races on the UCI Africa Tour, but Eritrea is home for Mengis and several Stradalli – Bike Aid riders. The riders will have extra motivation to dominate their home race and show Eritrea is ready for the highest echelon of cycling. Cycling is the most watched sport in Eritrea. Weekend races have standout numbers in terms of attendance. Fans line the road for local races and beginner riders just entering the sport.

The accomplishments of Stradalli – Bike Aid have attracted attention internationally prompting everything from invites to larger races to television coverage in multiple countries. The Tour of Eritrea will be televised in several countries. Cycling aside, television networks in Germany will be broadcasting a human interest piece on Stradalli – Bike Aid and its riders, showing the genuine interest the public has in the mission behind the cycling team.

Eritrea, despite being a very small country, has already found its way to the top level of cycling. The Tour de France for many is the end goal of their cycling careers. Natnael Berhane of Team Dimension Data was the first Eritrean to achieve this goal, finishing 51st in his first Tour de France and wore the polka dot climbers jersey for several stages during the race. For a small country, this is a huge achievement.

The question for the future will be whether Eritrea can make an even greater impact on the sport. The highest point in Eritrea sits at 2600 meters altitude and with Eritrea being such a cycling crazy country it seems Eritrea is poised to begin producing top athletes.

They may lack in resources, but they do not lack heart. Stradalli – Bike Aid’s mission is to give people such as these opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have. All the African riders on Stradalli – Bike Aid have been top performers this year and Tour of Eritrea is the next stop on the journey to success in 2016. 

Robbie Hunter, former Garmin – Sharp rider from South Africa, now spends his time helping develop young African riders. Hunter has won stages in the Vuelta a Espana and at the Tour de France. His experience gives him an eye for talent. Cycling is crazy in Eritrea and many fans line the streets on race day. This is like a pro tour race just amazing atmosphere and the love for cycling





Stradalli Cycle - Wizard Racing Development Team Justin Pfaff

The Stradalli cycle- Wizard racing Development Team has been very busy racing and representing all over the United States with up and coming rider Justin Pfaff. Pfaff is young, but he is punching way above his weight.

Pfaff kicked off the Stradalli-  Wizard race team's Sunshine Grand Prix and with an excellent 10th place against the toughest competition in the United States in the first USA Criterium Series race of the year.

Pfaff consistently rode the front of the race with riders from Holowesko - Citadel, Team Astellas and Finish Strong. The Stradalli- Wizard Development specializes in developing young riders and Pfaff is the latest rider to show the quality of rider which come out of the program.

The Stradalli- Wizard Devo Team is currently riding the Stradalli R7, a bike known for its stiffness, lightness and superior handling capabilities. Pfaff so far has won and podium in several races in the Florida series on his new bike and has now taken his racing to the next level.

Pfaff placed well again today in the St. Petersburg Criterium, the third of four races in the Sunshine Grand Prix. With only 1 race left in the series, Pfaff is set to finish a hugely successful 4 day omnium to kick off the top level of racing in 2016. 




Stradalli Cycle Safetti Pro Race Team Sunshine Grand Prix 

The Stradalli – Safetti pro race team entered the Sunshine Grand Prix St. Petersburg Bay Front Criterium as part of the USA Crits Series, facing off against tough competition this Easter weekend. Former Slovenian cycling champion Aldo Ino Ilesic won the race, 2 time defending USA Crits Champion Dan Holloway finished 2nd. Travis McCabe of team Holowesko – Citadel came in 3rd and former Stradalli Cycle racer Ruben Companioni came in 4th.

Despite the stacked field Stradalli – Safetti turned in a solid outing with Jose Frank Rodriguez finishing the race in 8th and Alex Mclaughlin and Kiko Karen finishing the super fast race in the top 20. Kiko was able to recover after a crash earlier in the race to round out a solid day for the race team. 




Stradalli - Bike Aid Caperi Tour du Cameroun Caperi Article









Stradalli Cycle TTR-8 Triathlon TT Bike 

UFC Fighter Cole Miller Prepares For Next Fight With Stradalli Cycle TTR-8 Time Trial Bike 

American Top Team veteran UFC fighter Cole “Magrinho” Miller is currently training for his next MMA fight with his new Stradalli Cycle full carbon time trial TTR-8 bike to help improve his conditioning not only for the octagon but for triathlons which Miller has become a huge fan of competing in. 

“It started years ago when I was on the show The Ultimate Fighter in 2007 and some of the guys told me about how they rode bikes and did triathlons to keep their cardio up. I was hooked from that point on. I love the races and I love riding bikes. American Top Team has a great relationship with Stradalli Cycle and I went over there to get my first bike. Now I own 3 and I ride them everywhere. The ATT full carbon road bike is the beast I use all the time, I abuse it and it takes a pounding and keeps going. Then I have a carbon Fixie from Stradalli I use when I ride up to Starbucks for coffee or go somewhere in town. Just love being on the bike and it really helps keep my knees healthy during training.” Cole Miller 

A professional MMA fighter since 2003, Miller has been using Stradalli Cycle full carbon bikes for training since 2007 while also training at American Top Team academy in Coconut Creek, Florida. He was a member of Jens Pulver’s Team on TUF 5, and is a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt who has fought under both featherweight and lightweight divisions.   

Many also remember Miller for calling out Conor McGregor back in 2014. The two were originally slated to fight in the main event of UFC Fight Night but injuries kept Miller from fighting.

“A big misunderstanding people have about MMA and UFC is that they think you can only get hurt during a fight. Fighters put their bodies through so much during training that it can often do as much or more damage. That’s why cycling has become such a popular form of cardio for MMA fighters. It’s not just that it is a great way to build endurance, it protects your body from the wear and tear you get from other forms of training like running.” 





Stradalli Cycle Full Carbon Fiber Dual Suspension Mountain Bike Two 7


Stradalli Two 7 Full Carbon Fiber Dual Suspension Mountain Bike. 27.5" MTB 650b Shimano XTR 9000 11 Speed. DT Swiss Tubeless Ready Wheelset





The 13th Tour du Cameroun finished Sunday with Stage 8 where riders fought to the finish to decide the outcome of several close battles for leaders jerseys and all jerseys .

Stradalli – BikeAid again placed several riders in the top 10 while working to give Amanuel Mengis the chance at victory in the general classication and the youth classification. At the finish of the race, Amanuel Mengis finished in second place in the youth classification, only 7 seconds behind the leader.

Amanuel Mengis took the youth classification jersey on the hardest stage of the Tour du Cameroun and in the process acquired many points in many different competitions of the race. He took 4th place in the mountains classification and 4thoverall in the general classification of the race.

Yves Beau, Stradalli – Bike Aid team director, said pressure was on all the teams to make improvements on general classification.

“Our plan before the stages was to be very active and make sure we are represented in the breakaway,” Beau said. “We were able to put most of the pressure on the Morrocan teams to compete for the GC and Amanuel Mengis brought his time gap to the yellow jersey down to just one minute.”

Though Amanuel Mengis fell short on the general classification, he won the points competition overall for best sprinter of the race and got the green jersey . The Stradalli – Bike Aid rider was in the top 10 at the finish of each stage, showing his great all around skill in flat finishes and hilly, windy stages and his great conditioning .

Patrick Lechner, Stradalli – Bike Aid rider, grabbed a podium spot on the way to helping the team fight for the general classification.

“I am more than happy and proud about today,” Lechner said. “I really wanted to win the stage, but in the end Martin was the strongest in our group and he deserves the victory. I am also very happy about the teamwork we have here at this race. That is a joy for all of us.”

Daniel Bichlmann, Stradalli – Bike Aid rider, said the roads in Cameroun threw all sorts of obstacles at them, but the team stuck together and the bikes rode great.

“Some of the roads we were on were very dangerous,” Bichlmann said. “The bikes rode and handled really well. Some teams had trouble navigating the rough roads, but we were able to just ride and focus on the race and that was key to our success.”

After great showings at La Tropicale Amissa Bongo and Tour du Cameroun, Stradalli – Bike Aid is now ranked top 10 in the world in the UCI Africa Tour. This is a huge success for Stradalli – Bike Aid and the team will travel next to race the Tour du Maroc at the beginning of April.





Very good news from Stradalli – Bike Aid who sees it’s young rider from Eritrea, Amanuel Mengis achieve an authentic feat by winning the green jersey of the Tour du Cameroun 2016 UCI 2.2


In the final overall standings of the Tour of Cameroon the Stradalli – Bike Aid pro cycling team can be very pleased with their 4 podium finishes (including 1 victory by Jean Bosco Nsengimana in the 5th stage). Amanuel Mengis finished 4th place and only 1:01 minutes behind the overall leader. Patrick Lechner, Daniel Bichlmann and Joschka Beck also had strong showings. Mengis also finished 2nd overall in the youth white jersey category and winning the green jersey , great tour for team Stradalli – Bikeaid .





Stradalli - Safetti Pro Race Team USA Crits Series

The Sunshine Grand Prix and the beginning of the USA Criterium Series kicked off this past weekend. Several teams riding Stradalli Cycles found themselves at the front of the action and on the podium this weekend in Tampa, Florida. Hundreds of the best racers from all over the United States traveled to Florida this weekend for the start of the 4 day race omnium. 

Ruben Companioni, former Stradalli – Safetti racer and family friend, won Saturday evening’s Criterium ahead of Holowesko – Citadel presented by Hincapie and Astellas Professional Cycling Team. Over 80 racers started the professional race and riders from multiple teams riding Stradalli Cycles took top spots in the finish.

Finish Strong Cycling Team, a new partner of Stradalli Cycle for 2016, took the sprint points jersey after two days of racing in the Sunshine Grand Prix while taking many top placings in the process. Finish Strong presented by Stradalli Cycle is targeting all the top level national races on the calendar in 2016. Last year Finish Strong took the overall title and many podium spots in the USA Criterium Series last year. This weekend began their defense of the best overall team title in the USA Criterium Series.

Stradalli – Safetti Cycling Team put new rider Enrique Lopez on the podium of Stage 2 of the Sunshine Grand Prix after 60 miles of fast racing. This is a great result for the Stradalli – Safetti team against the some of the best riders the United States has to offer.

Stradalli Cycle – Papa John’s Women’s Elite Team got on the podium on in the first USA Criterium Series of the year on Saturday against a very competitive professional field of elite racers. This weekend was the first test at high level racing for the new women’s outfit and they took high placings in both races and took the sprint points leader’s jersey.

Wizard Development Team presented by Stradalli Cycle was also in attendance this weekend at the Sunshine Grand Prix. The development team has been taking top placings at the regional level all year and capitalized on those results with a strong 10th place finish from young rider Justin Pfaff. Pfaff recently returned from a stint in California where he took his Stradalli R7 to San Francisco, California for training and topped off his time there with the Chico Stage Race.

Texas Roadhouse also had a successful weekend with races in Tampa, Florida, St. Louis, Missouri and Tennessee. Texas Roadhouse has been a successful elite cycling team for many years and is already continuing that trend in 2016.

The Sunshine Grand Prix and USA Criterium Series will continue next weekend in Clearwater, Florida.





Stradalli - Bike Aid Stage 7 Tour du Cameroun

Tour du Cameroun – Stage 7: Another Great Podium Finish For Stradalli – Bike Aid

Patrick Lechner of Stradalli – Bike Aid finished stage 7 in 3rd place. After Amanuel Mengis’ strong performances the goal for the race team was clearly defined, they wanted to occupy early breakaways to put the Moroccans under pressure and force them to work.

After a few attacks Patrick Lechner could settle with 5 other riders from the field. The group maintained a lead of more than 6 minutes before the field was led by the Moroccans once more.

Then a battle for the overall title and Daniel Bichlman, Joschka Beck and Jean Bosco Nsengimana did an outstanding job for Amanuel Mengis where a high pace was set on the mountain by the “man in yellow.”

But the Moroccan team worked well and were able to stay out front. It was an exciting day of racing which should decide the final top group. In the last steep part, Martin Mahdar of Slovakia attacked again and Lechner could not follow. However, he was able to secure 3rd place and the team and sposnors where very excited and proud of him.

“I am super happy with the day, you want to win but I cannot complain. Martin was just a little stronger in the end a deserved to win. I am happy that we raced as a team and worked well together.” Stradalli – Bike Aid rider Patrick Lechner.

Also very encouraging was the 6th place finish for Amanuel Mengis, solidifying his 3rd place ranking in the overall standings and youth classification lead and young riders white jerseys 


Stradalli Gray TT Full Carbon Time Trial Triathlon Frameset



Daniel Bichlman of Stradalli – Bike Aid pro cycling team Cameroon Diary #3

After a relaxing rest day yesterday in touristy well developed Limbe on the coast of Cameroon we traveled with the tour entourage (with free room and board, including the driver of the Congolese national team who had accidentally missed their original arrival flight, but now they do not want to miss out).

The severe sixth stage between Mbanga and Bafanga was over 129km. From my first participation of the Tour of Cameroon in 2014 I just felt that this was the stage for me. That’s why I and the rest of the team were motivated even more to start on the offensive.

Finally, the group of the day consisted of a Moroccan and myself. Everyone who knows me knows how much I appreciate the typical North African practices. I was surprised to learn that we had a chaser and was even more surprised to learn it was my teammate Jean Bosco from Rwanda who had won the stage the day before. After we teamed up the Moroccan racer no longer wanted to work together.

To get the stage win to the team I decided to try and wear down the Moroccans by alternating attacks. I went on the attack and Jean Bosco wasn’t as fresh as the day before but I wanted to grab the bull by the horns.

All communications were difficult because Bosco is still trying to improve his English. I tried to be as aerodynamic as possible to master my Stradalli Aversa racing machine to curve the remaining 25km of the day.

Unfortunately the group got away from me before the summit of the last climb of the day. I was frustrated and just wanted to get back to the air conditioned hotel room. However, when I saw our teammate Amanuel Mengis had finished well to improve to 3rd place overall I felt better. 


Stradalli Cycle Full Carbon Disc Cyclo Cross Bike

Cyclocross Pro T-700 Full Carbon Disc Cycle Cross Bike. Ultegra 6800 11 Speed. Vision 30 CX Wheel Set. TRP HY/RD Hydraulic Brakes.



Cameroon Diary #2: Joschka Beck

The heat was brutal during the Tour du Cameroun. Between that and battling the Moroccans and Cameroonians who were able to acclimate to it much faster, it was a tough race. They ride and attack one after another and we find it challenging to keep up with them in the race. You find yourself thinking about how they would be able to adapt in Germany, in the snow.

Racing here is a lot different than anywhere else in the world . Stage 3 was the longest stage of the program, 177km. Without more topographic difficulties it was still a hard race. It’s not about tactics, it’s about going full throttle and giving it all that you have for hours in the heat . After 2 hours of barely reaching the half way point your legs are noticeably tried but you have to continue to attack.

We tried to stay up with the leaders but it wasn’t going to be easy. In the final, we went to the city of Douola and it began to rain and you had to stick to slippery roads very carefully because of all the construction sites all around. Daniel and Amanuel did a great job in the field sprint. It actually is funny that Amanuel is here with the sprint when he is actually considered one of the best climbers but he always manages to come stay up no matter the circumstances. 




Amanuel Mengis Ghebriendrias taken the lead of the youth classification of the Tour du Cameroun with only 2 stages left in the 8 day UCI 2.2 Africa Tour race.

Amanuel Mengis has placed in the top 10 in every stage so far at the Tour du Cameroun. His consistent placings have seen him slowly rise to the top of the general classification. He now sits 3rd overall for the entire race and is the best young rider at the Tour du Cameroun.

Stradalli – Bike Aid also sits second in the points classification and third in the mountains classification. The Tour du Cameroun has been a huge success for Stradalli – Bike Aid this far in the race. 

Stradalli – Bike Aid Management said the performance of the team and the bikes has been perfect from day 1.

“We haven’t had any issues with crashes and all the riders are riding better than we could have dreamed of. Our equipment is top notch so we have no issues competing at this level. Only two stages are left and the team is very positive.” Management said.





Stradalli Carbon RD17 Hydraulic Disc Brake Bicycle. Shimano Dura Ace 9000. Vision Team 30 Wheelset.



 Stradalli Bike Aid Amanuel Mengis At Tour Du Cameroun

Stage 6 of Tour du Cameroun finished with an epic battle in the final which saw time large time gaps appear throughout the peloton.

Patrik Tybor of Slovakia took the top step of the podium on Stage 6 on the hardest hilliest day of the Tour of Cameroun, but Stradalli – Bike Aid rider Amanuel Mengis Ghebreindrias placed third on the day only 9 seconds behind the winner and put significant time into all the general classification rivals. 

The Tour du Cameroun is an 8 stage, UCI 2.2 race on the UCI Africa Tour. In 2016, Stradalli – Bike Aid has raced and taken podium in finishes in every Africa Tour race they have entered. Stradalli – Bike Aid’s mission is to develop young African riders and 2016 has already been a year of success.

Stradalli – Bike Aid has placed multiple riders in the top 10 of every stage of Tour du Cameroun so far and are looking to continue that trend in Stage 7 and Stage 8.

Patrick Lechner, Stradalli – Bike Aid rider from Germany, said the team is performing just as they had planned.

“We came with the intention of riding a great team race and it is paying off,” Lechner said. “We have had great rides so far because of our teamwork. The bikes are riding great and there is nothing holding us back. I just stepped off the bike from stage 6 and I am already ready for stage 7.”



 Bike Aid Race Team UCI Races German Record

In 2015 Bike Aid raced in 24 different countries in UCI races. That is the highest number EVER for a German pro team. 


Amanuel Mengis Of Stradalli - Bike Aid Tour of Cameroon 

Stradalli – Bike Aid racer Amanuel Mengis makes the Podium On 6th Stage of Tour of Cameroon


Stradalli – Bike Aid pro racer Amanuel Mengis finished the sixed stage of the Tour of Cameroon and climbed to 3rd in the overall and overall leader in youth classifications with his Aversa road bike now taking the white jersey

After yesterday’s rest day and the stage victory of Jean Bosco Nsengimana from team Stradalli – Bikeaid in the fifth stage, the team was very motivated to start today’s stage. The goal for today was to be aggressive in the mountains to make up time on the yellow jersey leading the Moroccans. Daniel Bichelman and other members of the Stradalli cycle – Bike Aid team planned an attack together which forced the Moroccans to act quickly. The timing was perfect for Amanuel Mengis to settle in a three-strong group of remaining pursuers of the yellow jersey to make up crucial time.

Now only 1:01 minutes behind the overall leader, Mengis ranks third in the overall standings and leads the juniors white jersey standings. The last mountain stage is tomorrow and a good starting point is feasible. 


 Stradalli Safetti Pro Race Team Win

Last night the team went to the last training race with community members from the South Florida area to get ready for Sunshine Grand Prix . 

The goal for the team was to get a great workout, but also mentally prepare for the beginning of the Sunshine Grand Prix in Tampa, Florida this coming weekend. This weekend marks the beginning of the 2016 USA Criterium series, the top criterium series in the United States which attracts 100’s of teams from all over the United States.

Stradalli – Safetti in 2015 placed second overall in the team competition and second in the individual standings with Ruben Companioni and took many podiums over the course of the season. The racing schedule took the team from Florida all around America and Canada for a fun successful criterium racing pro series.

This year Stradalli Cycle – Safetti team will be in attendance with several top teams in the United States. Stradalli is now the official sponsor for Team Finish Strong, the team which placed first in the overall team competition in 2015. Stradalli Cycle is continuing its relationship with Texas Roadhouse in 2016, another top level team which frequents National Criterium Calendar and USA Criterium Series races.

Stradalli Safetti Pro Racer Jose Frank




Stradalli Bike Aid Pro Team Racing Jersey

Stradalli-Bike Aid Has Strong History At Tour Of Cameroon

Few years ago when the german based pro team won their first victory in the Tour de Cameroon. It began with Dan Craven getting the overall victory in 2014. Then it was Daniel Bichman who was dominant and Mekseb Debesay (now with Team Dimension Data of the World Tour) who won the overall classification of the UCI Africa Tour.

Now the Stradalli-Bike Aid team is chasing down victories all over Africa. There have been plenty of obstacles in the way but that is not going to stop this team. They have established a solid reputation amongst racers and fans in Africa.

As Jean Bosco Nsengimana and Amanuel Mengis race on their Stradalli Aversa full carbon road bikes for the Tour victory, they also rely on the help and support of their teammates during the stages. Teammates like Joschka Beck , Patrick lechner and Daniel bichelman who play a key role in the team Stradalli – Bikeaids success.

The 8 stages of the tour along the West African country are beautiful and grueling. As they ride through the mountains of Cameroon they battle tough climate conditions near the equator but they continue to battle and hoping for a overall team win . 



 Stradalli Papa John's Women's Elite Race Team

Women’s Stradalli / Papa John’s Elite Team Getting Ready For Sunshine Grand Prix


Stradalli Bike Aid Pro Racer Daniel Bichlman

Cameroon Diary: Daniel Bichlman

This is my third time in the West African country. I know what I’ve gotten myself into, Europe cannot compare with racing here. It literally would fill a book to try and explain the differences between the two.

After resting for a couple of hours on Thursday to heal the legs from the previous four days of ten-hour journeys from the wintry Chiemgau it was time to begin a new challenge. The stage looked simple enough on paper, only 128km of flat surface, no significant slopes and the best road conditions you could ask for.

There was no delay at the start, countless attacks and crazy initial tempo. Then after some time there was a 19 man lead group around our teammate of Stradalli-Bike Aid, Amanuel Mengis of Eritrea. Joschka Beck was also near the front and working hard to help Mengis throughout the day.

The heat was brutal and not a good thing for all of the pale European riders like myself but we did our best. It was also a challenge switching from the winter of home to the heat of Africa so quickly. In most cases the Stradalli Aversa road bikes we are riding are able to stand up to the challenge better than we are.

We raced well throughout the days as a complete team but Joschka , Patrick and I were envious of our teammates Jean Bosco Nsengimana and Amanuel Mengis because of how well they were able to handle the heat. We pride ourselves in helping them learn while racing in Europe but they are certainly the teachers here in Africa. Hopefully we can continue our progress and the next few days of racing will see great results for Stradalli -Bike Aid. 



Tour of Cameroon Stage 1:  Amanuel Mengis Of Stradalli-Bike Aid In 7th Place

The cold temperatures of racing in Europe are a distant memory as the Stradalli-Bike Aid Team starts begins the Tour du Cameroun in the heat of West Africa.

The first stage was actually not too hard on the riders with fair conditions and 128 km of mostly flat terrain. Team captains Amanuel Mengis and Jean Bosco Nsengimana are used to these conditions and it showed as Mengis on the Stradalli Aversa full carbon road bike was in the lead group along with teammate Joschka Beck.

The brutal heat took its toll on the riders, especially during the later stages of the day but Mengis continued to perform well and stay with the leaders, finishing in 7th on the day. 






Today’s 5TH stage of Tour the Cameroon, Jean Bosco Nsengimana took his first victory for Team STRADALLI – BIKE AID in 2016.
Daniel Bichlmann, Amanuel Mengis and Patrick Lechner ended up with a amazing places 6, 8 and 9. Four racers in the top 10 at a UCI 2.2


What more can we say than the obvious. Today was not the worst day the guys had so far. That the trend went up during the last days was also obvious, but no one expected such a result or even dream of it. Four Stradalli-Bike Aid riders finished among the Top 10 and taking the stage win in solitude,  just incredible ! “It was just an amazing day today. We were all highly motivated after Amanuel’s 2nd place yesterday and planned to put Jean Bosco in the break, because everybody was watching Amanuel now. And we did it!”, Yves Beau, the Sporting Director of the team said. 

The 5th stage led about 101 Kilometers from Douala to Kimba through slight hilly landscape. Those were the best conditions for Jean Bosco Nsengimana, the climber from Rwanda who rides for the German Pro team STRADALLI – BIKEAID since January 2016: “I am more than happy now that I took the first win on my Stradalli Aversa and im in this awesome new jersey. This means really a lot to me and makes me proud to race for our team. And the guys support for me was absolutely great!” Nsengimana said. The ambitions still remain high now, as with Amanuel Mengis and Jean Bosco Nsengimana the team STRADALLI – BIKE AID has super strong climbers and both of them are still able to win the general classification.

Today is definitely a great day for the entire team and all sponsors for team STRADALLI – BIKEAID today we have a reason to smile and celebrate 

Stradalli Bike Aid Win At Tour Of Cameroon


Stradalli Bike Aid Mengis Podium Cameroun

Again a pretty flat but fast stage at Tour of Cameroon with lots of attacks and hard fight to get the break. As from tomorrow on there will be more and more climbs, today’s goal was to save energy but still to try to keep a good position in the race. All STRADALLI – BIKE AID racers worked well together and in the final they did a great job by placing Amanuel in the front. But despite all riders worked well together it was not possible to bring back the last man from the break away and Amanuel finished 2nd by winning the fild sprint!

The team remains confident for the upcoming days to have a fight with the current yellow jersey from Morocco! 

“Hard day but great fun race , my Carbon Stradalli Aversa was immaculate super fast and stiff for a great field sprint win.


New 2016 Hydraulic Disc RD17 is in stock , call for details


Stage 2 of Tour du Cameroun ended yesterday with a fast, tight sprint finish after a 153 kilometers of hills and extreme winds. 

The Tour du Cameroun is infamous for its windy stages which often create large time gaps when the peloton splits apart during intense parts of the stages.

Stradalli – Bike Aid placed three riders in the top 10 of stage 2 Tour du Cameroun, which is the most top 10 placings in one stage for Stradalli – Bike Aid since La Tropicale Amissa Bongo where they took a podium place and a top 10.

The team is racing Tour du Cameroun with stage wins being a primary goal, but team resources are being put into giving Amanuel Mengis Ghebreindrias, Stradalli – Bike Aid rider from Eritrea, the chance for success. Amanuel Mengis is only 21 years of age and is one of the most promising riders to come out of Africa in the past year.

Last year Amanuel Mengis finished Tour du Maroc, UCI 2.2 race consisting of 10 stages, in third in the youth competition. The Tour du Maroc is one of the most prestigious and difficult races on the continent of Africa.

The young rider from Eritrea now sits 15 seconds off the lead of the youth classification in the Tour du Cameroun thanks to incredible teamwork by Stradalli – Bike Aid which has allowed him to finish in the top 10 on the first two stages of the race. Amanuel Mengis is known for his climbing ability. The coming hilly days will suit the Eritrean rider and provide many opportunities for victory in the Tour du Cameroun.

The Tour du Cameroun continues today with a 173 kilometer stage through hilly Cameroun.




Stradalli Cycle will continue as a bike sponsor for Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team in 2016.

Texas Roadhouse, a 30-man elite team from Louisville, Kentucky, has been racing for over 10 years. In years past they were sponsored by Aerocat bicycles and Cervelo, but switched to Stradalli Cycles in 2014- 2015 riding primarily the Stradalli R7 and AR7.

2015 saw Texas Roadhouse contest many National Criterium Calendar and National Racing Calendar races around the United States and bring home many wins on Stradalli Cycles. The team has been working closely with Stradalli to promote the brand and the positive feedback between both parties means Stradalli Cycle will continue to be the official bike sponsor of Texas Roadhouse for 2016.

Texas Roadhouse has many riders who have been U.S. National Champion on the road, in criterium racing and on the track in past years. One of the major goals for 2016 is Elite Road Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky, but the team will focus heavily on the track and have padded their roster with many top performing Marian University athletes.

Brice Brookshire, Jordan Marhanka and Jos Chalmers will be joining Texas Roadhouse for 2016 to assist in the chase of national titles. The Marian University Cycling Program has produced over 30 national titles in its history.

Another major focus for the Texas Roadhouse team will be track nationals. 

Curtis Tolson, owner and captain of Texas Roadhouse, has many past national championship wins. Tolson and Texas Roadhouse will be targeting wins in many major track events in the U.S.

Texas Roadhouse will begin their 2016 season at the Inaugural Cardinal Criterium in Louisville, Kentucky. The race is hosted by the University of Louisville, a university known for their NCAA Basketball Championship wins. The University of Louisville Cycling Team will attract colleges and professional teams from all over the eastern United States for a race which will be the first of 2016 for many northern cyclists.


Stradalli – Bike Aid begins the Tour du Cameroun today, a race with lots of history and a race where the team has had major success in the past. This year Stradalli – Bike Aid will be returning as previous champions of the race.

Dan Craven, formerly of Bike – Aid and Team Europcar, led the team to a general classification win in the Tour du Cameroun which was one of the team’s biggest results in its history. Craven is one of many success stories for the team and Stradalli –Bike Aid will be looking to match that result in 2016.

The Tour du Cameroun is a UCI 2.2 race which has been a part of the UCI Africa Tour since 2005. The UCI Africa is contested by the top athletes on the continent of Africa and attracts many pro continental and World Tour teams to its events.

Daniel Bichlmann, Joschka Beck and Jean Bosco Nsengimana are all riders who had a great amount of early season success and will be racing the Tour du Cameroun in 2016.

Bichlmann, who was ever present in breakaways during the Challenge Mallorca, is looking to do the same type of positive racing in Cameroun.

“I was able to race aggressively and positively in Mallorca which says a lot about my fitness for this time of year,” Bichlmann said. “I know I can help my team with my ability to ride breakaways, so I am going to Cameroun to do more of the same.”

Beck brought Stradalli – Bike Aid their first great results of the year in La Tropicale Amissa Bongo, the biggest race of the year in the UCI Africa Tour, and said the team’s previous performance in Africa is what motivates him.

“I know we are going with a great group of guys so there isn’t any reason we shouldn’t be able to top our last race here in Africa,” Beck said. “It is always going to be hard to get good results with so many great riders in the field, but we know we can focus and compete with the best.”





Stradalli Cycle Wizard Racing Development Team 

March Madness Begins For Stradalli/Wizard Racing Development Team

A successful start to the season has created plenty of optimism for the Stradalli/Wizard Racing Development Team. That’s good because March Madness starts for the young team as they begin a stretch of several road races over the upcoming weeks.

The one on one coaching style combined with a smaller roster allows for better cohesiveness among the racers and more attention to detail. It also helps to create a great work ethic and fun atmosphere that is helping the team gain lots of popularity throughout the state of Florida.

Equipped with R7 Star full carbon road bikes from Stradalli, the young race team is eager to continue their early success and improve throughout the course of the season. 



Stradalli Cycle American Top Team Full Carbon Road Bike


Stradalli Cycle and American Top team have partnered to produce ultra light 3k carbon fiber bike frames that will be designed to assist some of the top Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and UFC fighters in the world with their training regimens and better cardio training 

The Venice is made from the same 100% 3k HM carbon fiber as used in our most popular frames. With the tensile strength of 50 tons per square cm, and an exterior weave of 3000 weaves per crossing (3K), the Venice will be one of the quickest yet comfortable road bikes you have ever ridden.

 Stradalli Cycle American Top Team Full Carbon Road Bike


Stradalli Cycle Papa Johns Womens Racing Team


The Stradalli Cycles /Papa John's woman’s race team is ready for travel to various racing events across the United States covering the 2016 Pro Road Tour Calendar and USA Crit Series. However, first the Domestic Elite Woman’s team will be participating in a charitable event on March 12th and 13th. The ride will be 160 miles across Florida on their Stradalli R7 carbon bikes in “The Pan Florida Challenge”.

The race is to help raise awareness for a great cause. Hunger in children is an epidemic in Florida which alone has over 1 MILLION hungry kids (1 out of 4), which ranks it the 5th worst in the nation. The Annual Pan-Florida Challenge (PFC) for Hungry Kids is a great cause and is now in its 3rd year. The PFC was founded to do raise awareness and funding. This year it will have over 100 riders cycling more than 160 miles from Naples to West Palm Beach and 100% of the riders’ funds raised will provide meals for children in Florida and Haiti. These children often find themselves without food when they are not in school including nights, weekends and vacation periods. This year the PFC has set a goal to provide 1,000,000 meals to those food-insecure kids – a bold increase over last year’s 700,000 meals.

The Stradalli Cycles / Papa John’s Elite Woman’s team is proud to be participating in the event and will be riding alongside the other riders on Saturday and Sunday to bring awareness to the event. They will bring a level of professional cycling, energy, and fun to this group of riders, many of whom have been training hard for months in order to make it across the state in 2 days. We hope that you will join us in supporting this great cause!

Stradalli Cycle Papa Johns Womens Racing Team



We All At Stradalli Pull Together To Thank Tom After Tough Week Of Filming And Break In

To say Tom had a tough week would be an understatement. If filming for the new European reality TV show wasn’t hectic enough, (15 hour days), on Sunday night the warehouse was robbed and nearly $200,000 in full carbon bikes and carbon wheels were stolen including Tom’s full custom 650b mountain bike. His pride and joy.

Today the guys Jose, Alex and Bob secretly worked together to build a new 650 hardtail bike for Tom to use this weekend. All I did was write this and take a cool picture but we are all happy he’s at least smiling a little. The bike is for sure not as cool as his full suspension but at least he’s out in the trails again. 


Stradalli Bike Aid Pro Racer Patrick Lechner  

Debates among road racers, mountain bikers and cyclocrossers about which discipline is the best have gone on for ages. Nobody has a real answer, but everyone is sure they love their sport the best. Patrick Lechner, at a very young age, decided he was going to disregard that argument altogether. 

Lechner is a professional cyclist for Stradalli – Bike Aid from Saarland, Germany who has won state championships on the road, in time trials, on a mountain bike and on the track. Lechner doesn’t bother with which discipline is better. He truly loves riding a bike. It is this quality that allowed him to become the caliber of cyclist he is today. 

It takes talent to be a professional cyclist, but dedication is crucial. Lechner spends an incredible amount of hours on the bike building himself up for a long season. Lechner recently raced the Challenge Mallorca, which was the first race he entered in 2016.

“This race was really hard for me.” Lechner said. “It was maybe a bit too early for me to start racing, but now I know the fitness is coming along great for the next races. Mallorca was an incredible experience with the team. I am already looking forward to the next one.” 

Lechner said achieving his goals in 2016 is going to be much easier with Stradalli – Bike Aid.

“My Aversa is riding so well.” Lechner said. “I am really enjoying this bike. This project as a whole is inspiring me. When your sponsors are great, your teammates are great and you have the best resources at your disposal you race with an entirely different attitude. Nothing is holding us back and that is going to give us the confidence to win races.”




Stradalli Cycle Full Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike





 Stradalli Cycle European Reality TV Show Everglades

Another day of filming for German television station RTL and we are still riding nonstop. We have been riding to film sets, riding to photo shoots and just riding because we enjoy riding. We started filming at the warehouse where Stradalli – Bike Aid professional cyclists got the chance to show us just how good they are with a bicycle. Afterwards we filmed with Metisha Schafer, who is essentially the German version of Kim Kardashian. Then we shot down to Miami for professionals photos in 363 Photopia, the most incredible studio we have ever seen. From there we headed out to the Everglades with the alligators. Talk about a complete change of scenery. No air conditioning and alligators. If you thought you had to be crazy to be a professional cyclist, you were right. We really had to keep track of those guys in the Everglades! We finished up yesterday filming in Boca Raton on the beach at the same time as Baywatch. Now we are continuing filming with some special guests celebrities. We went to Markham Park where Bob McCarty and the professional road riders took off for a ride on their 650b mountain bikes. Bob showed the road professional boys a ton of tricks on the 650b full suspension mountain bike. Eventually the director got sick of Bob running the show and started telling them to stop acting so much like kids. It has been a crazy week and it is only Wednesday. Stay tuned for more updates!

Stradalli Cycle European Reality TV Show Florida



Stradalli Bike Aid Racer Joschka Beck

Joschka Beck, 6’4 German powerhouse riding for Stradalli – Bike Aid, is still only 23. That isn’t stopping him from finding his way at the top level of professional cycling.

Beck began 2016 in La Tropicale Amissa Bongo and was consistently bring Stradalli – Bike Aid their first top placings of the year. He played a significant role in guiding Meron Teshome to his podium finish on stage 2 and over the course of the Tour of Gabon, netted a couple top 10 placings for good measure.

After Beck finished in Gabon, he stepped up to the next level at the Challenge Mallorca. Against the best teams in the world during a stage won by Andre Greipel from Lotto Soudal, Beck finished 32nd after working hard to the entire day for the team. Only half of the 167-man professional peloton finished in the front group that day.

Beck has only been racing for 6 years and has accomplished an incredible amount in the short time he has been racing. He regularly attends Vuelta Independencia in Dominican Republic, a UCI 2.2 race, and has held the young leaders jersey on 3 separate occasions. He has won many time trials over the course of his career. His strength and calm, focused attitude makes him a perfect addition to the Stradalli – Bike Aid team.

“The team knows they can rely on me to be at the front of the race when it matters,” Beck said. “I get my own opportunities and that is always nice, but I am here for the team first and myself second. We have been a successful team so far because of our teamwork and our family attitude and I intend to keep it that way.”

Beck is a full time racer, but any and all free time he has is spent studying to finish his college degree.

“Cycling is the thing I love, but there is a lot outside of the sport I care about.” Beck said. “Education is definitely a big one and it takes up a lot of my time, but the charity mission Stradalli – Bike Aid focuses on is very important to me. I look forward to racing in Africa because we make a difference there for the people. This team allows me be competitive in sports and help real people. It doesn’t get better than that.”

Stradalli Bike Aid Racer Joschka Beck


Green Faenza In Sunny Florida


The 2016 cycling season is still in its early stages, but Stradalli – Safetti Cycling Team has been working hard in preparation for the USA Criterium Series which begins in Tampa, Florida on March 18th.

The team began training early in the year to get up to speed with the rest of the Florida cycling community. The warm, sunny Florida allows racing to begin early, but early racing does not mean slow racing in Florida. The team traveled from South Florida to Orlando area for the first series of races. The fast, windy racing made it difficult to find a win.

Stradalli – Safetti came away with a top 10 placing in every race while helping develop the young riders on the team. The focus is on providing opportunity for wins for new, young riders and the team found the top step of the podium in the Miami Pro Cycling Criterium after a great team performance.

The early season was all about practicing teamwork and Stradalli – Safetti found great success using the experience riders to give younger riders opportunity to win the top races in Florida. Now the team has had a short break from racing, but that doesn’t mean the pedals have stopped turning.

Akil Campbell, the ambitious young recruit from Trinidad and Tobago, recently traveled home for a large block of training on his home island. Campbell, in his first race for Stradalli – Safetti, brought a top 10 placing in what will likely be the hardest road race of the season in windy, hilly Central Florida.

Grant Potter, team leader of Stradalli – Safetti, is now in the middle of a large training block in his home country Scotland. Potter recently overcame a life threatening surgery and has since found his way back to racing at the top level in Florida. Potter brings a wealth of experience to the team and is using the hilly, quiet roads of Scotland to prepare for a hard, fast season of racing.

The Vuelta Independencia Nacional Republica Dominicana UCI 2.2 race begins tomorrow and Stradalli – Safetti rider Jose Frank Rodriguez will be racing for his country for the 8 stages around his homeland.

The rest of the team is currently training in South Florida awaiting the next opportunity to jump into top level racing. Stradalli – Safetti will continue their 2016 racing schedule in March starting with the Chain of Lakes races which are a part of the Bill Bone Pro Am Florida Series.



Doug DeWeese on his yellow full suspension carbon 29er rocking the 12 hour of Santos, pro race course like a champ.


11 years of racing a bicycle sounds torturous for some. Niko Holler of Stradalli – Bike Aid, who has an undying love for riding a bike, it is completely the opposite. He found his way to his first professional contract in 2012 at only age 20 and his ambition for success with Stradalli – Bike Aid is as strong as ever.

He rode a very strong 7th place in his first year as a professional in under 23 Internationale Thüringen Rundfahrt, which is one of the most important U23 races a young rider can attend. Holler found his way to 2nd place in the U23 German National Road Race Championships later that year.

His success did not go unnoticed. After a very short time Thüringer Energie Team, who provided the springboard for the careers of Marcel Kittel and Tony Martin of Etixx – Quickstep, signed Holler for the 2013 season.

Holler was signed for his obvious talent in the mountains and his ability to function well as a team player. He functioned as team captain on the road until Argos – Shimano, the team which now functions as Team Giant – Alpecin, signed him on a stagaire contract until the end of 2013.

Holler said the experience was invaluable and helps him even today racing the top level early season races.

“It was a great experience to be a part of such a big and successful team. I did a lot of big races like the USA Pro Challenge in Colorado. With Stradalli – Bike Aid I have that same feeling and same environment. I can tell we are on the right track to do big things.” Holler said.

Holler began the 2016 season with Stradalli – Bike Aid in La Tropicale Amissa Bongo, UCI 2.1 in Gabon, Africa. There he notched a very strong 5th place on the queen stage of the tour and finished 11th place overall on the general classification.

Holler has a meticulous personality, which is often the source of his success. Training, recovery and equipment choice are very well thought through. Holler generally rides the Stradalli Aversa during day to day racing, but on the hillier stages he prefers the Stradalli Bitonto. Holler said the performance of the bikes has brought him the confidence to start of the season on such a positive note.

“I am happy that the frames ride so well, but even more happy that frames are available that will help me excel in all different types of situations. Gabon was hard, but the bike allowed me to perform to the best of my ability. I get to look ahead in the season with confidence knowing I have great resources on my side.” Holler said. 





Damien Garcia is a 23-year-old, third-year professional from Pau, France. Garcia hails from the Southwest of France and has a figure suitable for the long climbs of the Pyrenees.

Garcia’s career has taken him through great teams and many countries. He rode for the Euskatel Development Team in Spain as a young rider before transferring to the best elite team in France, GSC Blagnac. In 2014 he found himself racing for a continental team out of Luxembourg and in 2015 his professional career took him to Norway.

Now Garcia has found his way to Stradalli – Bike Aid, a team he says feels like family.

“Motivation is big for the future. We lived some weeks together and built a great team spirit. I liked the family and friendly spirit inside the Stradalli –Bikeaid team. We did good job together. That is an important advantage of our Team. Now we have to stay humble and keep working hard to prepare for the upcoming races. I am excited to help the team to my best ability and win races.” Garcia said.

Stradalli – Bike Aid began their season at La Tropicale Amissa Bongo. Since they have completed the Mallorca Challenge and the Vuelta Ciclista a Andalucia Ruta del Sol. Garcia said the Ruta del Sol changed him.

“As a rider of Team Stradalli Bike Aid, I can say that I learned more in five days of racing this Vuelta Andalucia than eight years of cycling. The team, staff and riders gained extensive experience that will serve us for the rest of the season.” Garcia said.

The Ruta del Sol was a testing ground for Stradalli – Bike Aid’s talents and a taste of what is possible for the team in the future.

“Personally, the race was great. I found myself in the midst of World Tour riders in the mountains and I was enjoying riding every day at the top level. Knowing that the race was on live TV in 120 countries was a big motivation.” Garcia said.

Garcia said racing at this level is an eye opener, but it only motivates him more for the upcoming races.

“The world's top riders were present. Valverde, van Garderen, Mollema, Kelderman, Kyrienka and Poels were all there. The biggest difference with the races at World Tour level is when the leading teams such as Sky, Movistar, BMC or Lotto start to push. This is a real steamroller and we cannot go back to front. We fight to keep our place.” Garcia said.

The highest level requires the best equipment to compete. Garcia said his Stradalli carbon bike propelled him to a finish he knew he was capable of and his result at the Ruta del Sol will be one he holds close for the rest of the season.

“It is also the first time I was testing our Stradalli bikes in the high mountains and I loved the performance . The bike is super reactive and it's nice to climb the long climbs. It was really hard race and of the 165 riders at the start of the race only 81 arrived Sunday evening. I was part of it. I am proud of that.” Garcia said.




It’s Time to Meet your New Bike: Stradalli Bitonto

Deciding on a bike can be tough. Here are some talking points to guide you:

Acceleration- Of all the things that are necessary when creating a frame that can compete with the best teams in the world, a bike’s responsiveness is arguably the most important. High modulus monocoque carbon frame structure is the key to creating this. A frame needs to be strong in every situation. This frame construction combined with a BB30 bottom bracket ensures every pedal stroke takes you skyward. It is up to you to keep up with the bike.

Handling- We capitalized on the monocoque foundation of the frame with our Superlight Frame Construction mold and topped it off with a tapered headset. This created a frame that returns every input confidently. The Bitonto is light and fast, but more importantly the frame handles confidently through the tightest corners.

Compliance- Long days in the mountains give even World Tour riders a tough time. Vibrations from the road wreak havoc on the lower backs and shoulders of cyclists daily. The Bitonto’s geometry was built for climbing, but we didn’t forget to include the Shock Dampening System to ensure the smoothest ride possible. To climb well, the lower back needs to be strong. The Shock Dampening System allows the lower back to remain comfortable over the longest climbs. The elements will try to hold you back. The Bitonto will defy the rough roads and take you forward.

Precision Shifting- Shimano has been the leader in precision shifting for years. Di2 electronic shifting has had resounding positive feedback from the professional peloton. Dura Ace Di2 has been flawless. For Shimano, it has been the definition of “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. It has carried professional riders to many World Tour wins in the mountains, which makes it the obvious choice to complete the perfect climber’s bike. Shimano Dura Ace Di2 provides 100 percent accurate shifting, every time in every situation.

Climbing Performance- The Bitonto is the complete package. Top tier performance requires the bike to excel in every situation. The Bitonto with Dura Ace Di2 and lightweight Stradalli climbing wheels weighs in at 12.9 lbs. It is the definition of climbing performance.

Now for the kicker: bikes of this caliber usually cost over $10,000 and as much as $15,000. This can be yours from Stradalli for only $4999. It’s time to join the Stradalli family.

Stradalli – Bike Aid recently completed the Challenge Mallorca and the Vuelta Andalucia. The World Tour season is well on its way. Please like and share our Facebook page and check back for regular updates on Stradalli bikes and our continental professional athletes in top level UCI racing.




Fellow countrymen and friends Mekseb Debesay and Amanuel Mengis proudly represent their home country of Eritrea at the Vuelta Andalucia. Mengis of Stradalli-Bike Aid is off to a great start this season following in the footsteps of Debseay who is in his first year with World Tour Team Dimension Data. They have a great friendship until the start of the race!  


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Stage 3 of the 62nd Vuelta a Andalucia Ruta Ciclista del Sol finished today after 157.9 kilometers of racing with Oscar Gatto of UCI World Tour Team Tinkoff taking first place in a sprint finish. Ben Swift of Team Sky placed 2nd. Raymond Kreder of Roompot – Oranje Peloton took third.

Stradalli – Bike Aid has been fighting for places in the peloton and making the best of breakaways during their time in the race. This is historically one of the toughest races on the calendar. The race course features significant amounts of climbing on every stage.

Stradalli - Bike Aid riders such as Damian Garcia of France and Daniel Bichlmann of Germany are racing impressively with World Tour teams every day, finishing well alongside teams such as Lotto Soudal and Movistar Team, who are providing the quality of racing necessary for the Stradalli – Bike Aid riders to learn and succeed later in the season. Ruta del Sol is proving to be the perfect test to show the strength in every team racing the UCI calendar.

The Ruta del Sol continues tomorrow with an individual time trial, a race that will surely allow Stradalli – Bike Aid riders to show their strength in the toughest race happening right now in the world. The 5-day race finishes on Sunday with a 164.2 kilometer trek through Southern Spain. The race will finish at the top of the 18.4 mile climb, Alto de Penas Blancas, which will undoubtedly determine the overall winner of the race.

Stradalli - Bike Aid Ruta Del Sol


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 Vuelta a Andalucia Ruta Ciclista Del Sol

The 62nd Vuelta a Andalucia Ruta Ciclista Del Sol begins tomorrow. This UCI 2.1 race, which traces its history back to 1925, is one of the longest running races in Europe. Stradalli – Bike Aid continues its UCI calendar campaign at the Ruta Del Sol bringing a full line up comprised of the top riders from the German Continental Professional Team.

This race recently has been dominated by Alejandro Valverde from Team Movistar. Chris Froome of Team Sky won last years edition, but historically German riders have excelled at the Ruta del Sol. Erik Zabel is the most recent German winner and it was a win that did not come easy as the quality of competition at this race is extremely high. 

The Ruta del Sol is one of the primary early season races frequented by World Tour teams, which makes it an important event for Stradalli – Bike Aid. Tinkoff, Trek – Segafredo, Team Giant – Alpecin are just a few of the World Tour teams present at the Ruta del Sol. Half of the 24 teams in the race are World Tour teams. The rest of the field is made up of the top professional continental teams in Europe.

At the Challenge Mallorca, Stradalli – Bike Aid showed they were willing and able to compete with the best and they will be looking to continue the run of good racing at Ruta del Sol beginning tomorrow with the first 165.2 kilometer stage, Almonaster la Real – Sevilla.





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The 2016 Challenge Mallorca finished with the 161.5 kilometer Trofeo Playa de Palma – Palma. This was the last day of four incredibly hard days of racing in Mallorca. Andre Greipel of Lotto Soudal again found his way to the top step of the podium in a fast sprint finish.

For Stradalli – Bike Aid, the four days of racing was about much more than just results. The racers started 2016 at La Tropicale Amissa Bongo and brought home great results in the country where the team is making a difference. They then brought a full team including two African athletes to Mallorca. Podium finishes were out of reach, but Stradalli – Bike Aid proved they could compete with the top level teams.

There is a large difference between Continental Professionals and World Tour Professionals. Stradalli – Bike Aid riders often found themselves under pressure from the toughest guys in World Tour racing. When Fabian Cancellara attacks, it is serious. When Team Sky takes the front and ups the speed on the ascent of a mountain, everyone hurts.

For the growth of Stradalli – Bike Aid, riding with and learning from teams such as Movistar and Trek – Segafredo is necessary. Daniel Bichlmann and Timo Schafer found themselves in breakaways many times which nearly survived to the finish. Every day the team suffered, but every single rider gave it their best during every day of racing.

The Challenge Mallorca was hugely success for the new Continental Professional team. The Stradalli Aversa performed under the toughest conditions and the riders are already looking forward to their next batch of UCI racing.





Sometimes you are the hammer. Sometimes you are the nail. Today in the third stage of the Challenge Mallorca, Trofeo Serra de Tramuntana, the Stradalli – Bike Aid team learned a lot of lesson while experiencing what truly separately a continental team from a multi-million dollar World Tour Team.

The race organizer packed over 9000 feet of climbing into a 149.9 kilometer (88.5 mile) stage. At first glance you would think that would make the racers take it easy during the race start. The world tour teams did exactly the opposite. Every one of our riders had a max wattage over 700 watts in only the first 6 kilometers of racing.

The stage started with a 4.5 ascent of the Col de Soller which had sections so steep the team cars barely made it up the mountain in second gear. It was an incredibly hard day filled with positive racing. Stradalli – Bike Aid rider Daniel Bichlmann put the mountain out of his mind and started the first breakaway of the day with one Russian rider for 6 kilometers, but the fact is we are the little guys in the race surrounded by seasoned world tour teams who were in control of the race.

Tom Steinbacher, title sponsor owner for Stradalli – Bike Aid, said he couldn’t have asked for more out of the team. They gave it everything they had.

“When the team cars can barely make it up a mountain, I have a hard time telling my racers to pedal harder up a mountain. It is miserable following the best guys in the world uphill like that, but my racers still came back to me with smiles after the race.” Steinbacher said.

Steinbacher said the experience in Mallorca has changed the racers for the better. Despite the tough racing the racers are super happy with their performance.

“We still have a lot to learn. We are a young team, but the guys show they are up to the task. They give it their best and that is what I want to see most out of them. They have the heart for professional racing and they are super grateful for not only the sponsors, but for the opportunities to race with world tour teams like Team Sky, Lotto Soudal, Ettix – Quick Step and Team Dimension Data.” Steinbacher said.

Steinbacher said the racers are coming back with improvements after every race.

“I am super grateful to have these world tour teams showing and teaching our guys how to race at the highest level. Not everyone has that opportunity and the Stradalli – Bike Aid team has been making the most of it. Daniel Bichlmann has been riding breakaway nonstop and Timo Schafer has been right there with them. We are a new team and it is inspiring to see that effort from them.” Steinbacher said.

The third stage of the Mallorca Challenge was won by Fabian Cancellara of Trek – Segafredo who went on a solo attack 10 kilometers from the finish. An impressive second place finish was taken by former world road race champion Michal Kwiatkowski. The top 28 finishers of the race were all from world tour teams and over half of the 103 finishers of the stage finished over 5 minutes down on winner Fabian Cancellara.



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Stradalli – Bike rider Daniel Bichlmann is making great moves with the best riders in Challenge Mallorca. In the first stage of the four days of racing, Bichlmann formed the breakaway that would stay away for the majority of the day. Bichlmann and the other Stradalli – Bike Aid riders are using Challenge Mallorca as a springboard for a successful 2016 season.

Bradey Wiggins, former Tour de France winner with Team Sky, is riding the Challenge Mallorca to build fitness ahead of Track Worlds, which take place in London England. After Track Worlds, Wiggins will set his sights on 2016 Rio Olympics during the summer where he intends to win what would be his last Olympic Gold medal.

Wiggins is among several high profile professional cyclist riding the Challenge Mallorca. High winds and open roads provide the perfect ground for world tour cyclists to find their legs for the 2016 season. Riders such as Fabian Cancellara, who need a high level of fitness spring classics like Paris - Roubaix, use this race to get to a high level of fitness early in the year.

 Niko Holler, professional rider for Stradalli – Bike Aid, uses Challenge Mallorca to test his climbing legs early in the season. Holler focuses on general classification throughout the season and riding against world tour professionals early in the season provides him with a platform for success later in the year.

Today in the second stage of Challenge Mallorca, Trofeo Pollenca – Port de Andrax, Stradalli – Bike Aid rider Daniel Bichlmann initiated the first good breakaway of the day that would stay clear for the majority of the stage.

The breakaway initially had only 9 riders, but a group of 23 riders including Stradalli – Bike Aid rider Timo Schafer would bridge across to form a large group of 32 that would stay clear until the closing kilometers of the stage. The course had over 6,000 feet of elevation gain, but the bumps in the road didn’t prevent the top group from hunting down the breakaway and finishing the 162.6 kilometer stage in 3 hours 32 minutes.

The closing kilometers of the race were incredibly fast, which gave the breakaway no chance of surviving no matter how hard they worked. A final group which included Bradley Wiggins of Great Britain, Alex Dowsett of Team Movistar and Niko Holler of Stradalli – Bike Aid finished the race a few minutes down on race winner Gianluca Brambilla of Etixx – Quick Step. Out of 168 starters, 109 finished the intense race day in Mallorca.

Michal Kwiatkowski, 2015 UCI Road Race World Champion, placed second for Team Sky. Zdenek Stybar, former UCI Cyclocross World Champion, finished on the podium in third place. The Challenge Mallorca continues tomorrow with the 149.9 kilomteer Trofeo Serra de Tramuntana.


Stradalli AR7 White Team Aero Racing Frameset Full Carbon Fiber



The Challenge Mallorca started today with the 174 kilometer (108 miles)  race which saw Stradalli – Bike Aid active immediately in the first breakaway of the day. Our French rider Damian hopped in the first breakaway of the day and rode strongly, but the peloton was not happy with that breakaway combination. They were pulled back and immediately the attacks started again. Daniel Bichlmann represented for Stradalli in the third breakaway and looked to have a chance to stay away, but Lotto Soudal and Team Sky had other plans.

A final short, but very steep hill saw Team Sky and Lotto Soudal set a serious pace at the front of the peloton to set up the finale. Lotto Soudal protected Andre Greipel in the final and set him up for the sprint win with a lead out train. Sam Bennett of Bora – Argon 18 and Edvald Boasson Hagen of Team Dimension Data rounded out the podium.

Tom Steinbacher, CEO of Stradalli Cycle, said he couldn’t be happier with the team so far in Mallorca.

“We raced positive from start to finish. It was great to see our guys out there competing with the best teams in the world. It is tough when teams like Movistar and Team Sky are giving it their best in the race. This is definitely a proud day for the Stradalli – Bike Aid family.” Steinbacher said.

Dominik Merseburg, 24-year-old in his first year as a professional with Stradalli – Bike Aid said being surrounded by legendary riders was an incredible experience.

“It is amazing when Cancellara rides by you. Then Greipel and Wiggins ride by you and you realize what an amazing opportunity this is. It is super humbling to compete with these guys and do so with the best teammates I could ask for. I can’t thank my sponsors enough for this opportunity.” Merseburg said.

The first day was super fast, super windy and the Stradalli – Bike Aid boys left the race looking forward to tomorrow’s race. The racing in Mallorca continues tomorrow with the 162.6 kilometer (101 miles) Trofeo Pollenca – Port de Andratx.




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Stradalli – Bike Aid will start 25th Playa de Palma Challenge Ciclista Mallorca tomorrow. An increase in the quality of the competition means an increase in team stress, but the Stradalli – Bike Aid riders have spent the past week in Mallorca preparing themselves for their first race this year against UCI World Tour teams. Team Sky, Cannondale Pro Cycling Team, Francais de Jeux, Trek – Segrafredo and Movistar Team are just a few of the 20 world class teams participating in the race.


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Another fun day in Mallorca, Spain as the Stradalli – Bike Aid Pro Cycling team enjoys some team building activities and beautiful rides in preparation for their upcoming UCI 1.1 Challenge Vuelta Ciclista a Mallorca race.

Mallorca has some of the most beautiful bike riding sites in the world and the race itself will feature tough competition for our boys including Team Sky, Trek-Segafredo, Movistar Team, Etixx-Quick Step, FDJ, Cannondale Pro Cycling Team, Lotto Soudal, IAM Cycling 



Stradalli RS Orange Full Carbon Road Bike. Shimano Ultegra 6800 11 Speed. Shimano RS Aluminum Clincher Wheelset.



Racing at Amelia Earhart Park in Hialeah

Stradalli Cycle Mountain Biker Bob McCarty Back On Top Of The Podium

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Bob McCarty is back to his old form. Only 13 weeks ago he was in the worst crash of his career, costing him a chance at the FSC championship. But Bob has said that 2016 would be a big year for him and he wasn’t kidding. 

Racing at Amelia Earhart Park in Hialeah, Bob was more than dominant as he not only won the overall solo category, completed more laps than any solo rider and more impressive he completed more laps than any team did combined.

“It felt great to be back out there are racing. I lead from start to finish so I was really just focused on hitting my lap times rather than racing anyone. I spent 9 hours on the Stradalli 650b full suspension and it was rode just as well at the end of the day as it did at the start. I love races like this but it’s even better when you have a great bike.” Bob McCarty

The weather conditions were perfect on Saturday with clear skies and low temperatures, a little wind but otherwise it was perfect mountain biking weather. 



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He is here! After a long journey, our new rider from Eritrea has arrived yesterday at team training camp in Mallorca! Amanuel Mengis, a young and talented climber presents his new kit! Stay tuned and learn more about his first impressions on his interview following later!

"Faenza" Green Stradalli Full Carbon Aero Road Bike. Shimano Ultegra 6800 11 Speed. Vision T25 Wheelset

Today the Stradalli Cycle - Papa Johns Women's elite team got 2016 off to a great start taking the win in the Race for Humanity road race in Dade City, Florida. It was 45 degrees with 20-30 mph winds. Tough day of racing through the hills of Central Florida. Congrats to these girls for all their hard work. Look out for them in 2016!

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Palma de Mallorca Cathedral

Stradalli – Bike Aid executives are on the island of Mallorca in preparation for the upcoming UCI 1.1 Challenge Vuelta Ciclista a Mallorca.

The island holds some of the most beautiful cycling opportunities in the world and is a popular tourism destination for cycling enthusiasts. The photo above of the Palma de Mallorca Cathedral was taken during a training ride when members of the team stopped to get a cup of coffee and enjoy some of the sites.

A part of Spain and located in the Mediterranean Sea, it is the largest island in the Balearic Islands Archipelago. It is home to some of the most scenic white sand beaches.

Also called Majorca, the island has been a popular vacation destination for royalty and celebrities for several years. 



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Stradalli Cycle and Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team have joined up for 2016. Stradalli Cycle will be the official bike sponsor for Finish Strong who will be riding the Stradalli AR7 with Shimano components in 2016. In 2015 Team Finish Strong won the best overall team competition of the USA Criterium Series which held races all over the United States. 2016 will see them chase success around the United States at the National Criterium Calendar events. 


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Richard Laizer is the only Tanzanian of this 11th edition of the Tropicale, but he is also one of the few riders of his country to move abroad. This year he is part of the German team Stradalli Bike-Aid, which has the distinction of hosting African riders, allowing them to compete with professionals in African races and on the European continent.

Fan of sprinter Mark Cavendish, Tanzanian Richard Laizer is a little surprised that we are interested in him. He was spinning round on his Stradalli bicycle eagerly awaiting the start of the third stage in Lambaréné. He removes his helmet and goggles before answering us in the language of Shakespeare.

 "I want to take this season to stand out"

Richard Laizer, who began cycling at the age of sixteen in Tanzania, is part of the German team Stradalli Bike-Aid headed by former French professional Yves Beau. It was at Stradalli Bike-Aid that Eritrean Mekseb Debesay stood out in 2014 and was elected Best African cyclist of the year. Today Mekseb Debesay is a professional rider at World Tour team Dimension Data.

 Richard Laizer has every intention to imitate Debesay’s success.

 "In 2005, I saw a bike race at home in Tanzania and I thought:" I want to do the same, '" Laizer said.

With the cycling center of Johannesburg in South Africa, he was able to come do some riding in Europe, particularly in Switzerland.

"I do not really know him before Tropicale, but I knew he was a very motivated," said his manager.

"I want to enjoy this season with Stradalli Bike-Aid and stand out," says Richard Laizer who can also follow the example of his Rwandan teammate Jean-Bosco Nsengimana. The latter brilliantly won the Tour of Rwanda in November. Richard Laizer is also accompanied by former Eritrean National Champion, Meron Teshome.

Visa problems

In Germany, Richard Laizer is fed and housed. For now, he lives his passion because it does not affect his wages except for race bonuses. Last year, he had already been incorporated into this German team, but he never got a visa. This is a recurring problem for African riders who want to grow with European teams. Bernaudeau, who heads the French team Direct Energie, wished several times to sign African athletes. In the past, he has had in his ranks the winner of the 2014 Eritrean Tropical Natnael Berhane and the Namibian Dan Craven.

Every day with his dream in mind, Richard Laizer trains towards Saarbrücken, in western Germany, but sometimes a little too much time away from Tanzania makes life tough. "Everyone suffers from home-sickness. My father and my brothers and sisters miss me, but they support me. I have to stay focused on what I do," Laizer said. 

In November 2011, Richard Laizer spend three days on a bus to get to the Tour of Rwanda with the national team of Tanzania. He lived in Arusha and had crossed the nearby Kenya before moving to Kigali. At the time, he was bike courier for a courier company. Obviously, Richard Laizer has not given up.



"Salerno" Full Carbon Road Bike. Shimano Ultegra 6800 11 Speed. 50mm x 27mm Wide Carbon Clinchers.


Congrats, Meron Teshome and Jean Bosco Nsengimana on their top 10 finishes in stage 5 of La Tropicale Amissa Bongo.  It has been a very fast, very hot race in Gabon, Africa, but the Stradalli – Bike Aid boys are tough. Teshome came in at fifth place in a tight sprint finish.

Stradalli – Bike Aid has placed 1 or 2 riders in the top 10 of every stage of La Tropicale Amissa Bongo so far and brought home the first podium finish of 2016 on stage 2 with Teshome.

Niko Holler currently sits top 10 in the general classification. He is 26 seconds off of first place.


"Napoli" Full Carbon Road Bike.Shimano Dura Ace 9000 11 speed. 27mm Wide x 50mm Carbon Clinchers.



Tom and Peter today left the Miami International Airport for Palma de Mallorca to join the Stradalli - Bike Aid team. There they will join the team for the Challenge Vuelta Ciclista a Mallorca, 4 days of UCI 1.1 races around the island Mallorca off the coast of Spain. Tom and Peter are arriving early for the pre-race press conference and photo shoot leading up to the 4 days of racing. Lining up alongside Stradalli - Bike Aid are World Tour teams with star riders finding their feet for racing in 2016. Lotto Soudal will be present with a full team Andre Greipel and Jurgen Roelandts. Trek - Segafredo will be present with a full team including Fabian Cancellara and Frank Schleck. Team Sky, Movistar and Cannondale Pro Cycling Team will also be present with top riders. The Tour of Majorca was first held in 1992 has since been the biggest race for professional riders to find their early season form. Past winners of the general classification include Alex Zulle, Alejandro Valverde and Philippe Gilbert. Stradalli - Bike Aid is currently racing La Tropicale Amissa Bongo and have already found their way onto the podium. The Tour of Majorca will be the second of over 100 UCI races for Stradalli - Bike Aid in 2016.


"Scafati" Full Carbon Road Bike. Shimano Dura Ace 9000 11 Speed. Stradalli 50-85mm Carbon Clincher Wheel Set.




After a disappointing year (broken bones) 2016 will go up again

Reason to celebrate for Daniel Bichlman because the Traunsteiner will start the new season as a professional cyclist. "I was happy to see my contract with Team Bike-Aid-Ride extended and I love riding the new Stradalli carbon Aero Aversa I will be using this season," he says proudly. "And now I'm going into my third season of this international group."

However, the name of the team will change in the new season. The gain of a financially strong money and bicycle sponsor from the US allows the team to start this year under the name Stradalli - Bike-Aid," he informed. "The basic direction of the team for the promotion of cycling in Africa, however, remains unchanged," he adds. So in addition to a number of German racers , racers from Eritrea, Tanzania, Rwanda, Togo will be in the squad again.

End of the year was conciliatory

For the new season Bichlman is certainly very motivated - especially after last season did not go as well as he hoped it would. "After a very streaky spring and the broken collarbone in August the year was quite disappointing," he summarizes. I couldn‘t race the way I wanted to neither at the Tour of Almaty in Kazakhstan nor in the French classic Paris-Bourges." He was unlucky.

At least the end of the year was conciliatory. When Inzeller Mountain Bike Challenge Bichlman entered "uncharted territory" - but the same with success. "With a third place on the long haul, I reached a rather surprising and satisfactory result on home soil," he rejoiced.

Then he went to Turkey training camp to prepare there for the eight-day Tour of Rwanda in Central Africa. After Bichlman had extensively prepared for the prologue, he finished with a disappointing 11th place. "Annoyingly, I had to go with an early start time in wet conditions, the strongest competition launched later in dry operations." In the course of the itinerary of Traunstein then fulfilled his team tasks. "I drove my Eritrean team captain Mekseb Debesay to two stage wins."

Bichlman himself succeeded on the fourth stage (180 km) with the fourth place with an exclamation mark. Free fall and as part of a successful team, I was able to finish the past season so still quite conciliatory," he draws his conclusion.

Now he is already in full preparation for the new season. The first training camp for Stradalli-Bike Aid in Miami / Florida was right before Christmas. "The focus was very long basic endurance units and much organization," he stressed. Currently Daniel Bichlman is preparing for Mallorca. On the Spanish island it's already the end of January at the Mallorca Challenge with the first competition going on. "At the opening of the European road season I'll collect my first competition kilometers," he already would be. "Against the absolute world class (Alessandro Valverde, Nairo Quintana, John Deggenkolb.) I will quickly see whether the winter training has paid off."

Tight schedule in the coming months

In February it goes straight on. "For a number of renowned Spanish races I will get more opportunities to present myself and my team as possible." In March, the Traunsteiner would possibly still like to take the Tour du Cameron in attack. Because he has good memories, after all, he celebrated in this race in 2014 with a stage win so far, probably his greatest success.

"After some time out on the program to go with charged batteries in the rest of the season," says the professional. And, Bichlman adds: "Maybe in the coming months I have the big day every athlete wants and many wait for their entire career..." SB



Stradalli Pro Riders and Devo Team



Monday, January 18, 2016 The German team Stradalli - Bike Aid Racing Gabon Africa UCI Race

The German team Stradalli - Bike Aid will started Monday, January 18, 2016 the 11th edition of the Tropical Amissa Bongo (18-24 January) for the second consecutive year. Led by a former French professional, Yves Beau, this team has the distinction of hosting the last three years of top African athletes and allowing them to confront the professionals in European and African races.

Stradalli - Bike Aid completed stage 3 of La Tropicale Amissa Bongo today placing Niko Holler riding the Stradalli carbon Aversa in fifth place on the most grueling, hilly stage of the 7 day UCI 2.1 race.

The race finished in an uphill sprint with Adrien Petit of France’s Direct Energie, formerly Europcar, taking first place. The sprint was very close with Jarrier Benoit of Fortune – Vital Concept finishing on the wheel in second and Andrea Palini of Skydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team rounding out the podium in third.

Former riders such as Namibian Dan Craven were spotted by Bernaudeau for Team Europcar two years ago. Recently, the Eritrean Mekseb Debesay was recruited by Team Dimension Data, South Africa’s UCI World Tour Team with team mate mark Cavendish

"With the energy and effort of our sponsors we are able to combine the sporting progression of our riders and our involvement in educational projects in Africa,” Stradalli – Bike Aid staff said.

The Stradalli - Bike Aid team also continues humanitarian work for children in Africa. The success of Mekseb Debesay in 2014 when he was named Best African Cyclist of the year and 2015 with 8 wins UCI obtained the highest score by an African rider on the mainland last year, gave ideas to leaders of the German Continental professional team who have decided to move to the next level with six African riders in 2016.

Three will be present this week on roads of Gabon with former Eritrean national champion Meron Teshome, Tanzanian Richard Laizer and Jean Bosco Nsengimana of Rwanda who in November won brilliantly the Tour of Rwanda.


Cyclocross Pro T-700

Cyclocross Pro T-700 Full Carbon Disc Cycle Cross Bike. Ultegra 6800 11 Speed. Vision 30 CX Wheel Set. TRP HY/RD Hydraulic Brakes.


Stradalli Bike Aid Gabon

Stradalli-Bike Aid began racing Monday at La Tropicale Amissa Bongo, UCI 2.1 7 day stage race. Today we took our first podium with Meron Teshome sprinting for third place at the finish of Stage 2. Andrea Palini of Skydive Dubai Pro Cycling took first place and Yauheni Hutarovich of Fortuneo-Vital Concept took second. 

After 2 stages, Jean Bosco Nsengimana sits third overall on the general classification and holds the youth classification white leaders jersey. Jean Bosco last year won the general classification at Tour du Rwanda and is one of the top up and coming riders out of the African continent. 

Stradalli-Bike Aid is currently tied for first place in the team classification. La Tropicale Amissa Bongo continues tomorrow with a very hilly Stage 3 in Gabon, Africa. 


 Stradalli - Bike Aid German Conti Team

Stradalli Cycle y el equipo continental Bike Aid unen fuerzas para el 2016

El fabricante estadounidense de bicicletas de carbono, Stradalli Cycle, anunció la semana pasada su vinculación al equipo alemán profesional Bike Aid como patrocinador y proveedor oficial de material. El nombre del equipo para el 2016 será Stradalli-Bike Aid.

El equipo correrá con objetivos como la promoción del juego limpio y la ayuda a ciclistas del continente africano para que se conviertan en corredores de la categoría World Tour. El equipo además de correr apoyará el trabajo social y la beneficencia en comunidades alrededor del mundo.

Eric Haus, Presidente de Bike Aid indicó que la decisión de cimentar una alianza con Thomas Steinbacher y Stradalli Cycle era la opción obvia. “Para nosotros era muy difícil cambiar la infraestructura del club y combinar todo con un equipo profesional. El concepto del club es el de ayudar a los deportistas africanos lo cual nos da plena satisfacción. Hemos conseguido grandes éxitos en carreras alrededor del mundo, en los medios de comunicación y promoviendo corredores a la comunidad ciclística mundial pero necesitábamos mas dinero. La multimillonaria alianza de tres años con Stradalli Cycle nos permitirá construir un equipo mas grande y exitoso.

“No es fácil encontrar un patrocinador que este de acuerdo con nuestros ideales de ayudar a los deportistas africanos. Stradalli respalda nuestra idea y son mas que un patrocinador.  Thomas Steinbacher, CEO de Stradalli Cycle, quedó encantando con la idea y se comprometió por completo a apoyar el programa Bike Aid. Él quiso ayudar a promover nuestros ideales, trabajar por una buena causa y regresarle algo a la comunidad a nivel mundial”.

“Es muy difícil viajar con deportistas de África , al contrario que los europeos, por el tema legal de nacionalidades y fronteras pero será mucho mas fácil ahora que tenemos mejores apoyos. El patrocinio consiste en bicicletas, material y una suma de seis dígitos en euros pero el monto exacto se mantendrá confidencial”.

Stradalli Cycle nos proveerá durante los próximos tres años con bicicletas de carbono de máxima calidad. Stradalli Cycle será nuestro principal patrocinador, proveedor oficial de bicicletas y pondrá la mayor parte del presupuesto necesario para la operación de un equipo profesional.

Stradalli contribuirá su experiencia de nueve años corriendo a nivel profesional en los Estados Unidos. Stradalli Cycle ha realizado ya acuerdos de patrocinio con varios equipos profesionales en el pasado. Stradalli Cycle fue recientemente patrocinador de la Selección Colombia de Ruta en los Campeonatos Mundiales UCI de la especialidad  celebrados en Richmond, Virginia.

El calendario del nuevo equipo contemplará carreras en los cinco continentes con una temporada completamente profesional. Stradalli y Bike Aid quieren demostrar como el ciclismo une a las personas y al mundo en general. El calendario contemplará carreras UCI entre las categorías 2.2 y 1.HC lo que significa que el equipo Stradalli-Bike Aid estará en la línea de partida junto a equipos World Tour.

El CEO de Stradalli, Tom Steinbacher señaló que la posibilidad de trabajar con Bike Aid era algo que no iba a pasar por alto. “Habíamos estado buscando el equipo perfecto durante largo tiempo y con Bike Aid encontramos una sinergia espectacular pues creemos en la causa y en las personas que han manejado el equipo. Creemos que el Stradalli-Bike Aid traerá muchos cambios positivos y limpios al ciclismo mundial”.

“Todos los equipos encuentran dificultades al principio pero no tengo dudas de que será un gran año para nosotros. La idea es que este sea el primer escalón para la formación de un equipo World Tour en el futuro próximo. Para 2016, también tendremos un equipo profesional de Criteriums con base en Estados Unidos, el Stradalli-Safeti. Tendremos igualmente un equipo femenino para las categorías amateur y élite, Stradalli-Papa John´s y un equipo junior para el desarrollo de nuevos talentos, Stradalli-Wizard Racing Team” puntualizó Steinbacher.    




UFC Fighter Gilbert Burns With Stradalli Cycle Full Carbon Road Bike

UFC Fighter Gilbert Burns Using Stradalli Full Carbon Road Bike to Train Cardio

3-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion and UFC fighter Gilbert Burns will be training on the Stradalli Cycle full carbon Trebisacce SL1 road bike in preparation for his next fight. Burns is a member of the Blackzilians MMA Team and currently trains at the JACO Hybrid Training Center.

It was at JACO that Burns was told about the benefits of training on a full carbon road bike as opposed to running. It is challenging to strengthen your legs and do cardio without putting pressure on your knee joints. However, professional cyclists are able to strengthen their legs without the wear and tear on their knees because the impact on the joints is significantly less with cycling as opposed to running.

Burns said cycling is the training of choice to improve his fitness ahead of his next fight.

“The trainers explained to me the benefits of cycling when you want to improve your conditioning. Running can mess with your knees and your back, but you have to strengthen your legs when you are in MMA. A lot of the guys don’t even drive to the gym. They ride their bikes. When I told
them I wanted one, they told me to go to Stradalli.” Burns said.

Burns said Stradalli Cycle made the process of getting a new bike seamless.  

“Tom doesn’t just hook up the guys from Blackzilians. He works with us to make sure we get the most out of our time on a Stradalli. He makes sure the bike is the perfect size. He understands the importance of training for UFC and he knows how to incorporate cycling into that. I even got to spend some time with World Champ Grant Potter who gave me some tips to help me get started.” Burns said.

Tom Steinbacher, Stradalli Cycle CEO, has had a long relationship with JACO Training and Clothing as they are sponsors for a number of race teams. Many of the athletes who train at JACO ride Stradalli carbon road bikes.

“When the Blackzilians send a fighter here for a bicycle we treat them like any other customer . pro or beginner they need the perfect fit and best deal . We help them to get exactly what they need. The bike has to fit them properly and we make sure they get the best deal on whatever bike they want. We help them learn how to incorporate training with a bicycle with everything else they do. They have to get the most out of a workout just like everyone else.” Steinbacher said

“We’ve had a lot of customers come in over the years because they see a fighter riding one of our road bikes down A1A on their way to the training facility in Boca. They want to see what we can do for them. I tell everyone you have to find the right bicycle for you. If you get the right one you enjoy your ride more and you get more out of it. A strong UFC fighter needs a super stiff, durable and responsive bike. Gilbert is getting the Trebisacce because it is the perfect road bicycle for him.” Steinbacher said

Stradalli Cycle Blain Reeves Full Carbon Road Bike 

50 Or Older? No Excuse Not To Be In Shape

They say age is just a number and there is one member of the Stradalli – Safetti men’s race team that is proving that to be true.

Blain Reeves may be 50 but if he enters a race of any kind you will often find him near the top of the leader board, not just in the masters’ category but for the entire field. Triathlons, road races and anything else he can race in.

A member of the United States Army, Reeves owns multiple Stradalli full carbon bikes and rides over 300 miles a week while working for the United States Southern Command. Over the years he has raced all around the world and won the best ranger competition in 1993 and was a member of the US Military Cycling Team. But what drew him to cycling was the team mindset. 

“The military has some great training programs and routines they’ve developed over the years. However, the main focus of the military’s training is mental training. It helps you build a stronger mentality, stay focused and push yourself beyond the limits you have already built up in your mind. Cycling started out as just a new form of cardio but I really got into it and then was invited to a few races and what I enjoyed the most was the teamwork involved. There’s competition, adversity, speed and you have to work together, what’s not to love?” Blain Reeves 

Another aspect of riding full carbon bikes that appealed to Reeves was how it reduced the wear and tear on the body compared to other forms of training. No matter what you do to workout you are beating up your body. However, cycling strengthens your legs and lower back in a way that running can’t while also eliminating wear and tear on your knees.

For Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher, adding Reeves to the team was an obvious move as he was looking to strengthen the team mentally as well as the talent level. Blain is the perfect strength and mental conditioning coach for the young racers on all the teams.

“Blain is one of the most competitive guys I have ever met but what I like is how focused he is. No excuses, no backing down, you have a mental approach to everything you do and just go. That’s what you need in cycling. We have a lot of very talented but also very young guys on Stradalli – Safetti and I wanted someone who could be a great mentor for them. Who better than someone with years of training in the military and mentoring young men and women in all areas of fitness? But I’m not just looking for someone to play dad on this team, you have to be able to race and compete and he can compete with the best of them.” Said Steinbacher

You can have all the talent in the world but if you do not have racers committed to the team succeeding you will not go far.

“I will never win a race on Stradalli – Safetti even if I cross the finish line first. The team wins a race no matter who crosses the finish line first. That’s what you have to understand about cycling, it’s a team race and you have to work together. You train together, travel together and you race together.” Blain Reeves 


 Time Trial Bike

The right time trial bike can make or break a winning time, but time trials are much more than just having the coolest, newest and most extravagant bike. It feels good to be on a badass time trial frame, but proper arm position, comfort and position feel even better. Do all these things correctly and you can find yourself in a position that is comfortable, but also minimizes the winds drag over your body.

A bike only accounts for 10 percent of the surface area which hits the wind. The other 90 percent is you. Getting a better position on a frame that fits you correctly will offer bigger gains than getting an incredibly expensive frame and group set. You don’t have to spend obscene amounts of money to go faster. 

Weight is important in time trials. However, in flat time trials, aerodynamics counts for much more. You don’t have to get super-lightweight to go fast. If you do mainly flat time trials, weight isn’t so significant. Time trial bikes are usually heavier than road bikes because often the frame is thicker and wider. A bigger surface area can give aerodynamic benefits, though the cost is extra weight

Position and comfort are the most important aspects when choosing a time trial bike. Adjustability in the front end is a huge issue a lot of riders find in their time trial frame purchases. Stradalli time trial frames offer a huge amount of adjustability in the front end, which allow the rider to gain more leverage and control over their bikes. The front end of the TTR-8 was engineered to be as stiff as possible and as clean as possible.

The trick was to do this and still provide a time trial frame that was suitable for riders of all shapes and sizes. We did this by keeping the top tube length slightly shorter than a traditional time trial frame, which has most riders looking like superman on a bike. At the same time we increased the adjustability options in the front end. The rider can easily adjust the bike to meet his or her needs instead having to compromise with a frame that simply does not fit.

This bike was not designed with any particular group of riders in mind. Some companies, such as Cervelo, design frames specifically for courses such as the Hawaii Ironman which was flat and windy. They are great bikes, but Stradalli has a different customer in mind. The Phantom 2 and the TTR-8 were design to meet every rider’s needs, whatever their situation may be, to ensure they achieve the best possible position. A good bike should be a bike that helps the rider perform well under any circumstance.

The aerodynamic qualities with any company’s time trial frame are obvious by simply looking at the bike. Some bikes look like Ferraris while others look like Lamborghinis. They all cost a lot of money. The truth is they are all fast, but you don’t need to spend huge amounts of money to go fast. It is the details, such adjustability and the frames ability to cooperate with the rider which truly make a frame great.


Stradalli MTB Full Carbon 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or expert racer. Every rider struggles with the same question. No matter how many bikes you own, the problem always seems to be which bike you are going to buy next. It is always about the details, how much weight you can save and some will say the most important factor is the cost.

Mountain bikers, and entry level racers especially, have the toughest time when it comes to choosing a mountain bike. The difference in performance between a 27.5 and a 29er mountain bike are huge. Your bike choice could turn your racing season into a disaster if you pick the wrong bike. Your bike choice could turn your wallet into a disaster if you pick the wrong bike.

There isn’t a rider out there who wants to huck around a monster all season, but entry level riders often find the cost of preventing this is out of their price range. The goal as an entry level racer should be to save your wallet, but make the right choice to make your first season a positive one.

Full suspension bikes may look cooler, but a hard tail mountain bikes teach you to ride smoother and think about your next move on the trail. This is an aspect of mountain biking everyone needs to learn early on. It isn’t about crushing your pedals all the way through the trail. It is about how smooth the rider is. The smoothest riders often post the best times with little effort.

The most technical trails require the best handling skills. Often a 29er mountain bike is too large for the rider, too bulky and hinders maneuverability out on the trail. For the entry level racer, a 27.5 is going to do you a world of favors. A 27.5 will be responsive and save you significant amounts of weight. You can save up to two pounds on a bike build by just switching from a 29er to a 27.5. Two pounds is a lot in the cycling world. Every gram of the 2 pounds of weight savings will seem like a miracle when you are at the end of a mountain bike race, totally worn out and covered in mud from the trails. 

The wheel set alone can save weight as much as 7 percent going with a 27.5 instead of a 29er. The fact is a light wheel set will provide you with better acceleration, which can save you precious time in your first mountain bike race.

Mountain biking is tough and making the right bike choices early on is very important. For the entry level racer, the 27.5 hard tail mountain bike is the way to go. The Stradalli Blue Yellow 27.5 mountain bike for $1499 is the best bang for your buck you will find in the market. This bike is durable, lightweight and saves your wallet from the blown up price tags you will find on carbon fiber 27.5 mountain bikes with full Shimano components. Even if you are a road cyclist just looking for cross training, this is the perfect bike. Great performance. Low cost.

Get your season off to the right start. The money you save on this bike is money that can be put towards your race entry fees, your post race trip to Starbucks or a nice vacation for you and your friends or family. The ride quality from this bike is the best you will find for the money and will have you owning the trails on the way to your next win in no time.

Stradalli MTB Full Carbon Frame


January 18, 2016 marks the beginning of La Tropicale Amissa Bongo. Its UCI 2.1 status puts it on the calendar of some of the best teams in the world. More importantly it is the most prestigious race in Africa and it is the first race on the calendar for Stradalli-Bike Aid.

          La Tropicale Amissa Bongo has been held annually for the past 10 years in Gabon, Africa. Gabon sits on the West Coast of Africa next to Republic of the Congo and south of Cameroon. The 2016 race consists of 7 stages. 3 stages take the riders on a tour through the hillier parts of Eastern Gabon. 1 stage is an individual time trial and the rest of the stages will be held near the flat coastline of West Gabon.

          Team Europcar and Bretagne-Seche Environment are just two of the Professional Continental teams to frequent the race in the past. Lining up alongside Stradalli-Bike Aid in La Tropicale Amissa Bongo in 2016 are teams representing countries from each region of Africa as well as Skydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team.

          La Tropicale Amissa Bongo is one of the few races where amateur African cycling teams have the opportunity race with professional teams who race a full UCI calendar. It is one of the few races on the UCI calendar focused on developing African cycling, which makes it a large target for Stradalli-Bike Aid.

          Timo Schafer, team leader for Stradalli-Bike Aid, said La Tropicale Amissa Bongo is the perfect place to begin the season.

          “We had a great off season from a training standpoint and a business standpoint. The team has been all over the world, from the United States to Europe, training for what could be our biggest season yet. We picked up some incredible sponsors in the form of Stradalli Cycles and Bolle. It is nice knowing we have strong legs and strong sponsors to build the momentum before the season even begins. Now we get to go to Gabon, Africa to show how serious we are about our mission to develop African cycling.” Schafer said.

          Mekseb Debesay, Eritrean professional cyclist, is the most recent success of the Stradalli-Bike Aid Continental Cycling Team. Dimension Data, UCI World Tour Professional Team, bought Debesay from Stradalli-Bike Aid because of his performances over the course of 2015. Debesay is just one success story of the Stradalli-Bike Aid team and Dimension Data are not the only major players who have noticed.

          Matthias Schnapka, professional rider for Stradalli-Bike Aid, said the sponsors they acquired in the off season are going to make the difference in 2016.

          “I have been training on the Stradalli Aversa for a couple months now. It is great to know I have a quality bike to carry me through the race season. Every professional cyclist will tell you having quality equipment and preparation are the most important things when it comes to racing. I know I speak for the whole team when I say the support from FSA - Full Speed Ahead has been incredible. I can say the same for Prologo Seats . Having large companies like those go out of their way to support you is something special.” Schnapka said.

          Niko Holler, professional rider for Stradalli-Bike Aid, said finding sponsors was never easy, but now that the job is done it is going to make racing a whole new experience for Bike Aid.

          “We get to go into La Tropicale Amissa Bongo with full confidence now that we know we have sponsors like Stradalli and Prologo who are committed to us and our mission. Prologo supports guys like Alberto Contador and Peter Sagan and Stradalli Cycle is making some of the best carbon frames in the market. Having companies like these gather and support you means a lot for us and means even more for African cycling. We are going to be able to do so much more with these resources in 2016.” Holler said.




Stradalli Cycle – Bike Aid Rounds Out Roster With 2016 Rio Olympics Bound Janvier Hadi

For those wondering if the Stradalli Cycle – Bike Aid Conti Team from Germany would be lacking depth and talent for the start of the upcoming UCI racing season due to the loss of Mekseb Debesay who signed with the Dimension Data World Tour Team there is nothing to worry about as the field of African riders has been completed with Janvier Hadi who will be representing Rwanda in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero and the 2015 Tour of Rwanda winner Jean Bosco Nsengimana.

“When Mekseb left there were people who asked what we were going to do. We weren’t concerned because we knew the level of talent out there was deeper than most understand. You have world-class athletes looking for an opportunity to race in Europe, they are going to the Olympics, they are winning the Tour of Rwanda yet they have a hard time getting on a conti team? This shows even more why the Stradalli Cycle – Bike Aid cause is so important. It gives these amazing athletes the opportunity to compete at the top levels of cycling.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher

The story of Hadi and Nsengimana is truly inspirational as they come from a country devastated by war, poverty and genocide. As the country tries to rebuild there is a demand for more than just money and food. Opportunity is truly scarce in Africa and the people are grateful for every chance they are given for a better life.

“If our roster has 1 or 2 success stories many people would think that we succeeded but that isn’t the case. We want multiple success stories each year and this year we are proud to announce that there will be 6 riders from Africa on the roster. That is a huge accomplishment in such a short period of time and it shows not only the hard work of those wanting to be on this team but those who support us with sponsorships, donations and other assistance. This is shaping up to be a great year for our team and we are excited to get the 2016 racing season underway.” Eric Haus (Founder and CEO of Bike Aid)

The new members of the Stradalli Cycle – Bike Aid conti team will be racing this season on the Aversa full carbon road bikes from Stradalli Cycle which have been used in top races all around the world.

“You should see the excitement we get from fans and the new racers from Africa when they see the pictures of the new Aversa full carbon road bikes we got from Stradalli. Some members of the team got a chance to go to Florida last month and try out these cycles and were very impressed with them. Now with our new title and bike sponsor and more support than ever before, a great team loaded with ambitious and talented young racers from Africa, this is going to be a great year for Stradalli Cycle – Bike Aid and we expect great things.” Pro Racer Matthias Schnapaka 

Written By James Cox


Stradalli-Safetti, United States based professional criterium team, has released Ruben Companioni from his contract to join Jamis Professional Cycling Team for the 2016 season.

Companioni was under contract to race with Stradalli-Safetti for 2016. Stradalli-Safetti decided for Companioni’s career, the best thing would be a change of focus in his racing schedule. The formation of Stradalli-Bike Aid Germany Continental cycling team led to some talks about the possibility of road racing in Europe. The level of racing in Europe is a huge step up, but not necessarily the step up Companioni is looking for at this time.

Thomas Steinbacher, CEO of Stradalli Cycle said Companioni is still and always will be a part of the Stradalli family, but Jamis was the better fit for his talents for 2016 and wanted him to race road not just

criteriums. “Ruben is a great criterium racer, but an even better road racer. He has been great for our team, but I want him to have the best arena to use his talents. Jamis was a good option for Ruben because there are some Spanish speakers there and they will take him to big races like we did.” Steinbacher said.

Stradalli Cycle currently sponsors a European Continental Team, a United States Professional Criterium Team, a Women’s Domestic Elite Team, and a junior development team. Stradalli Cycle uses all its avenues to develop riders and bring them to the next level.

This idea is one of the foundations the Stradalli-Bike Aid Team is based on. Bike Aid most recently brought African rider Mekseb Debesay into the international scene and then saw him move on to Team Dimension Data to ride along side Mark Cavendish in the UCI World Tour. Stradalli-Bike Aid has two U23 stagiaire roles left to fill for 2016.

In 2016, Stradalli-Safetti will continue its focus on United States criterium racing while Stradalli-Bike Aid races in the top level road races in Europe. For Companioni, a United States based road racing team will not only allow him to realize his talents, but it will allow him to stay close to family as well.

“Family has to come first. Stradalli is my family and without them I wouldn’t have these kinds of opportunities. I have my family here in Miami to care for first and foremost. With Jamis I can travel to the biggest races and have the best opportunities, but still be close to home and my friends.” Companioni said.

“Stradalli-Safetti is all about opportunity. We keep a tight family here because that is how racers develop the best. Ruben had great success with us and he will have great success with Jamis. Now another up and coming racer will have the opportunity to race for Stradalli-Safetti. In a year or so, if Ruben keeps developing the way he has, then maybe we will talk about bringing him to our European team. For now, we wish him the best of luck in 2016 and always will stay in close contact.” Steinbacher said.



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Stradalli Cycle Joins Bike Aid For True Success Story In Africa

Many of you do not know what a full carbon bicycle is or what the difference is between that and the bikes you get at Wall-mart. One thing you have heard of is the devastation and poverty that is day to day life in many parts of Africa. There are so many charitable organizations striving to help and a great one is Bike Aid, a German bicycle club with over 600 members who help to bring aspiring cyclists to Europe.

The Bike Aid Conti Team has raced all around the world to raise awareness of their cause and in only two years they already have a true success story they can be proud of. Mekseb Debesay, one of the young men from Africa who was given an opportunity to race in Europe because of Bike Aid will now be a teammate of Mark Cavendish for team Dimension Data in the World Tour.

“The story of Mekseb is truly a successful one, not only for him but for us as well. It was a challenge in the beginning to raise awareness and funding for this project as it is so expensive to bring African athletes to Europe to compete but we knew it was a worthy cause. With the success of the program we are getting more attention and help than we ever thought possible in such a short period of time and we are excited that 2016 we will not only have more African cyclists on the team than ever, but we will also have the help of our new title and bike sponsor Stradalli Cycle from America.” Bike Aid Racer Spokesman Matthias Schnapka

Stradalli Cycle is a full carbon bicycle manufacturer based out of Florida and took an interest in Bike Aid early on.

“I think pro cycling is changing all around the world. It is becoming more popular in America; you have major races and events on all continents now and athletes from every corner of the globe not only trying to get in but having true success. Mekseb is a remarkable story and an example of how there are fantastic cyclists looking for an opportunity to compete on the biggest stages in Europe but they don’t get a chance because of where they were born. In the next ten years you could see athletes from Asia, North America and Africa competing at the highest levels and winning races. I’ve always wanted Stradalli Cycle to be a part of pro racing in Europe but you have to be careful, you want a clean and legitimate group representing you and that’s why I didn’t rush the search. But when I saw what this team and organization was doing and met with a couple of their representatives I was impressed. They are more focused on helping people than anything else.

When we announced the deal that we would be the title and bike sponsors and the team came over to Florida to train and meet everyone I was even more impressed with how all of these cyclists care so much about the cause. They have guys on the team who are just kids and the experiences they’ve had in Africa have truly humbled them. They want to be a leader, a representative of this program and help the team and that’s exactly what I was looking for. There’s thousands of pro racers in the world who want to compete at this level but I want a team that is going to do more than that, they are going to be a great representative of both brands as well as represent pro cycling in the right way.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher

Mekseb leaving opens up the door for several new racers to showcase what they can do in the upcoming season. The Stradalli Cycle – Bike Aid Conti Team will be racing on the Aversa full carbon road bikes and both organizations are expecting great things in 2016. 


Another fun day of riding and photo shoots as the new Stradalli Cycle – Bike Aid Conti Team got the chance to ride with the Stradalli Cycle pro racers from around the US. 


Stradalli pone a prueba sus modelos 2015 y 2016 en el desierto de Arizona (FOTOS)

En carreteras del estado de Arizona se pusieron a prueba varios de los modelos 2015 y 2016 de la fabricante norteamericana de bicicletas y accesorios, STRADALLI, con motivo de la realización del Campamento CINCH, evento que durante una semana reunió en Tucson (AZ) a empresarios y periodistas de los Estados Unidos.

La Revista Mundo Ciclístico fue uno de los medios invitados directamente por Tom Steinbacher, presidente y CEO de Stradalli para probar los modelos Napoli, Salerno y Faenza, bicicletas del catalogo 2015-2016 de la compañía con sede en Pompano Beach, Florida.

Stradalli Napoli (Marco desde $900 USD. Completa: $1950 USD con grupo Shimano Ultegra y $2950 USD con grupo Shimano Dura Ace)

Uno de los modelos de entrada de Stradalli es también uno de sus marcos mas vendidos por su calidad y precio competitivo con modelos similares de otros fabricantes. Fue la elegida para ascender el Mont Lemmon, Fuerte escalada de 35 kilómetros y escenario habitual de los entrenamientos del equipo World Tour Cannondale cuando se concentra en los Estados Unidos.

Bicicleta muy rígida pero cómoda. Con pedaleo eficiente y recorrido amplio. Cambios eficaces en la partes mas desafiantes del ascenso y una gran respuesta en la bajada. Poderosa maniobrabilidad y muy confiable. Muy buena relación costo-beneficio pues es una bicicleta cuyo marco no pasa de los 1000 dólares.

Stradalli Salerno (Marco desde 995 USD. Completa: $2100 USD con grupo complete Shimano Ultegra y $3050 USD con grupo Shimano Dura Ace) 

La resistencia a la tracción de 50 toneladas por centímetro cuadrado y un tejido exterior de 3000 tejidos por cruce (3K) hace a la Salerno una de las más rápidas y cómodas bicicletas de Ruta. Es por esto que la probamos en una larga salida de 120 kilómetros que no llevó desde Tucson hasta la frontera con México a través de carreteras planas donde los vientos fuertes fueron el principal obstáculo.

Mientras se mantiene el aumento de la eficiencia en el pedaleo y se preserva la rigidez lateral del marco, la Stradalli Salerno ofrece deflexión más vertical lo que brinda más comodidad. La curvatura del tubo superior y el asiento permiten que el marco se flexione en una dirección que permite un desplazamiento indulgente y más suave. Sin embargo, la bicicleta mantiene un eje de pedalier BB30 y una cabeza de tubo cónico de gran tamaño lo que conserva las características de rendimiento.

El tubo de dirección cónico proporciona un confort excepcional en las montadas más largas, haciendo que se maniobre excepcionalmente bien y proporciona una mayor resistencia a la torsión.

El tubo superior curvado permite una máxima absorción de las vibraciones. Es una de las mejores geometrías posibles para pruebas de resistencia y largo aliento donde la estabilidad y la comodidad son las principales preocupaciones del ciclista.

Stradalli Faenza (Marco desde $1100 USD. Completa: $2200 USD con grupo Shimano Ultegra y 3300 USD con grupo Shimano Dura Ace)

La Faenza es uno de los modelos “consentidos” de los ingenieros de Stradalli, es por esto que la probamos en todos lo terrenos. Es una bicicleta que ofrece un rendimiento equilibrado, con accesorios aero que permiten un transferencia de energía increíble y un manejo sensible que proporciona menos resistencia. Tubo de dirección cónico de gran tamaño, lo que hace de esta una bicicleta indicada tanto para profesionales como para aficionados.

Un ascenso rápido de seis kilómetros al Mont Lemmon permiten sentir una bicicleta muy liviana pero con rápida respuesta a la hora de imprimir fuerza en los pedales. El descenso fue lo que no dejó mas gratamente sorprendidos con muy buena respuesta al viento de frente y de costado. El circuito rápido a travéz del parque nacional Saguaro nos permitió probar su gran agilidad en terreno de columpios muy similares a las carreteras de Colombia. 

Los tubos cónicos del marco mejoran aún más la ya avanzada tecnología de cuadro de carbono con un aumento sustancial de la rigidez frontal sin peso adicional. La Stradalli Faenza fue una de las pioneras en la utilización de un tubo de dirección de gran tamaño para ofrecer una sensación de solidez los esfuerzos sobre el sillín y los descensos a alta velocidad. 



Bike Aid Concept Convincing In Their Second Year 

Mekseb Debesay is now a teammate of Mark Cavendish in the World Tour. 

After 2 years of work, the most successful rider of the team will be riding side by side with Mark Cavendish in team Dimension Data, formerly known as MTN-Qhubeka, for the 2016 season.

Eric Haus, President of Bike Aid, said the teams goals are being achieved exactly as planned. 

“This is a success story that has turned out just as we would like. Mekseb is currently one of the most popular cyclists on the African continent. He has achieved many victories for our team. We used our media work and our racing calendar as a platform for our successes. The leap from our team to the highest class of cycling is exactly what we want to achieve in our project for African riders,” Haus said.

Bike Aid has already had similar success with Dan Craven, who successfully completed the Vuelta a Espana in 2014 with Team Europcar.

Timo Schafer, Team Coordinator for Bike Aid, said he looks forward to working with new riders for 2016.

“Mekseb leaving does create a big gap, but it is important that we also create space for new faces. We have a number of new African talents for 2016 and we are excited to see how it will evolve in the team,” Shafer said.

The Stradalli-Bike Aid Continental Cycling Team is the first professional cycling team in Saarland, Germany. Stradalli Bike-Aid stands for fresh, honest cycling with a socially sustainable background. The team competes annually in more than 100 races on all continents and has already achieved considerable international success with multiple podium appearances.

The Stradalli-Bike Aid Continental Team promotes athletes from Africa by helping them to fulfill their lifelong dreams. They assist with sports training, education and internship offers as a cultural exchange program. Stradalli-Bike Aid looks to make cycling a fascinating experience for as many individuals as possible, regardless of their social and cultural backgrounds.

Bike Aid is a unique cycling community founded in 2005 in the Saarland as a non-profit association. With around 600 members, donors and sponsors Bike Aid is one of the largest and most active cycling clubs in Germany. Bike Aid is linked to social engagement for enjoyment of cycling and nature. To date, more than 200,000 euros in donations for social projects were collected and many young athletes have been promoted successfully. Through the activities of our members, the association is represented annually to around 400 events. 



The Stradalli Cycle – Bike Aid Conti Team and The Wizard Racing Development Team in Florida for a fun day of riding and photo shoots. 


The Stradalli Cycle-Bike Aid Conti team has been enjoying sunny South Florida during training camp to get ready for the 2016 season. 



Stradalli Cycle Mountain Biker Doug DeWeese Championships

 Stradalli Cycle MTB Rider Doug DeWeese Wins FSC Championship

Stradalli Cycle Mountain Biker Doug DeWeese Clinches FSC Championships As Bob McCarty Returns

It was a pretty spectacular weekend for the Stradalli Cycle family. Doug DeWeese clinched both the FSC Elite championship as well as his age group and Bob McCarty returned to action for the first time since his injury earlier in the season. Both raced well as Doug finished 3rd and Bob followed with a 4th place finish, remarkable considering it was his first race back.

“I was a little worried this weekend. Doug was sick and had to really suck it up to even start the race and Bob coming back from the injury. But both of these guys love to race and this weekend was a huge win for Stradalli Cycle, not just in championships but how both of our riders wanted to compete and race. Hopefully this is what we can expect next year with some great racing between the two of them throughout 2016. I am proud of Doug; he battled through adversity this year and never lost his focus. You aren’t handed championships you have to win them and he dominated the entire year. I am also very proud of Bob; people retire after a crash like that or at the least they pack it in for the rest of the year and sit on the couch but he worked hard to get back on the bike for this season. That’s all you need to know about those two.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher

It seems that DeWeese was more excited to see McCarty back in action than he was to actually win the championships.

“It was really awesome to see Bob back in the race. I know neither of us were 100% but just to know that we both ended the year strong is fantastic. I owe a lot to Stradalli, Tom and Bob. On my first day Tom hands me a full carbon 29er full suspension MTB and says whatever you need it’s yours. All year long he had me test and review other mountain bikes so I can compare and learn more about them and then to be able to work and train with Bob, you can’t ask for more help than that. I really appreciate everything they did for me this year and I look forward to next season.” Stradalli Cycle Mountain Biker Doug DeWeese 

Stradalli Cycle MTB Riders Doug DeWeese and Bob McCarty

Stradalli Cycle Mountain Biker Doug DeWeese Racing His 29er Full Suspension MTB


A fun day of riding and photoshoots for the Stradalli Cycle/Bike Aid pro team joined by the Wizard Racing Development Team on their new Stradalli Cycle full carbon road bikes. The shoot took place in Boca Raton, Florida. The Wizard team traveled from Orlando and the new Stradalli Bike/Aid Team is currently visiting South Florida all the way from Germany before the start of their season next month. 




Catlike Helmets Becomes The Official Helmet Sponsor Of The 2016 Stradalli Cycle Men’s Pro Team 

Catlike will provide the men’s pro team with the Mixino VD 2.0 helps for next season. 



Stradalli Cycle Cyclo Cross University Of Florida

Stradalli Cycle pro racer Sebastian Morfin takes time off from school to train on his Stradalli Full Carbon Disc Cycle Cross Cyclocross Bike.

with fellow riders at the University of Florida in preparation for Swamp Cross and other local cyclocross events. Morfin races with the Stradalli Cycle pro team in the USA Crits Series but also rides full carbon fiber cyclo-cross bikes while attending UF. 

 Stradalli Cycle Cyclo Cross University Of Florida





Today we went for a ride with Stradalli-Bike Aid Continental Cycling Team Rider, Patrick Lechner, who was putting his Aversa through some tests in preparation for his 2016 season.

Lechner has been the Saarland, Germany Road Racing Champion 4 times during his career. In 2016 alone he took the road, mountain bike, uphill and cyclocross titles of Saarland, Germany.

Lechner is incredibly strong and is often the keystone to his team’s success. It was his personality and his insight into cycling is what makes him an irreplaceable part of his team.

Today Lechner gave us some feedback about his new Stradalli Aversa.

“The bike is beautiful,” Lechner said. “Aside from that, I am a bigger rider and I need a stiff frame. This frame responds to every effort I put into it. I love it. When a bike performs this well, it makes me very confident for the upcoming season.”

 Lechner only had a few moments to spend with us before he had to get back to the grind of team training in South Florida. South Florida sounds relaxing, but Stradalli-Bike Aid is here to do work in preparation for the upcoming season. They will average around 6 hours per day for the next two weeks and every mile of the training will be covered aboard the new Stradalli Aversa.





Stradalli Cycle Mountain Biker Doug DeWeese Goes For 2 FSC Championships

It’s been an anything but dull season for Stradalli Cycle MTB racer Doug DeWeese and his full carbon 29er full suspension MTB as he prepares for the final race in the FSC series this weekend at Santos Trails in Ocala Florida. At the beginning of the season he was neck and neck with his mentor and teammate Bob McCarty. Then McCarty was in a bad crash that took him out of contention and cost him most of the FSC season.

Facing tough competition and having to go at it alone for the next few races DeWeese put on a show of dominance, winning most of the season or finishing near the top. He has overcome crashes, mechanical malfunctions, bad weather, and tough competition and now comes into Santos as the leader for both the Elite category as well as his age group.

“Doug has had an incredible season. Every time he is faced with a new challenge he somehow finds a way to keep going. You can teach someone everything you know but you can’t teach effort and you definitely cannot teach anyone how to battle the way he has through this year. We’re very proud of him and the season he has had and we want him to bring both championships to Stradalli this weekend.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher

In attendance for the race will be Bob McCarty who despite the injury has attended several races this season to show his support and offer words of wisdom to DeWeese who will not be taking this race lightly despite having a commanding lead in the Elite and age categories.

“I need to win this race, not for points or anything but with Bob coming back next year I don’t know if I will win anything.” Joked DeWeese “I think the biggest downside to this season was not getting to race Bob for a championship. Otherwise I’m very proud of how this season has gone and I have to thank Bob for all he has done for me as well as Tom. Stradalli Cycle has given me more support than I could ask for. They did more than just supply a mountain bike and a jersey, Tom literally comes out and trains with me, has me test out and review other bikes they have, we always have people at the races, it really is like a family and it’s been a lot of fun.” 


Stradalli Cycle/Bike Aid Pro Team Ft. Lauderdale

The newly formed Stadalli Cycle/Bike Aid Conti Team is visiting South Florida from Germany. After a few days of training and checking out the full carbon Aversa road bikes they will be using next year in competition, the team is enjoying the sights of Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton as well as the Everglades including sitting courtside at a Miami Heat game and checking out the giant snowman on Ft. Lauderdale Beach.

“We knew that Stradalli Cycle had great bikes from what we heard about them from Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships but we were eager to see how well they would handle. Tom invited us to Florida meet his US team, review and test the Aversa road bikes and we were very impressed with how well they handle. We cannot wait to use these next year in competition; they are going to give us a real advantage.” Stradalli Cycle/Bike Aid Pro Racer Nikodemus Holler

The team was joined for a training ride by Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher as well as the US Crits team pro racer Ruben Companioni who rode his full carbon AR7 road bike. 




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Stradalli Cycle Becomes Title And Bike Sponsor For European Professional Continental Team Bike Aid

The US based full carbon bicycle manufacturer Stradalli Cycle has agreed to become the title and bike sponsor for the German Professional Continental Team Bike Aid for the 2016 racing season. Stradalli Cycle’s high 6 figure commitment includes title sponsorship, providing full carbon road bikes for the 2016 UCI HC racing season as well as to raise awareness for the cause of Bike Aid; helping African athletes reach their dreams of competing in the highest levels of European cycling as well as provide education and other resources to their communities.

“We have spent years looking for the perfect fit and synergy with a pro team to race in Europe. What grabbed my attention was not just the level of talent they have but each pro cyclist’s commitment to this wonderful cause. They could race for almost any team but these guys believe in this amazing cause so much that they race to bring awareness to it and help it continue to grow as it has for several years now.

Stradalli Cycle/Bike Aid will not only field a competitive team but will bring a lot of good, positive and clean changes to the cycling world. It will take some time to adjust and be on the same page but we have a great team and are expecting a big 2016.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher

There were several companies who offered to sponsor Bike Aid for the 2016 UCI season but the team and members were looking for the sponsor that would commit more than just financially.

“We want a sponsor who is going to be a part of our cause and our mission. Tom believes in our cause, he believes in his product and he will support both relentlessly. We have seen how well the Stradalli Cycle full carbon road bikes performed at Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships and in races all around the world the past seven years but we need more than just a great bicycle. Tom understands how to raise awareness, how to get people’s attention for a powerful and valuable cause and part of what makes this partnership great is that it is a full commitment. As both the title and bike sponsor Stradalli Cycle is showing they are fully committed to this team as well as our mission.

For us it was difficult to change the clubs infrastructure and combine everything with a pro team because the concept of the club is to help African athletes. With the club we are able to accomplish a lot and help as well as give back to African athletes with lots of worldwide success and bring them into the community. But it is a challenge to do this on our own and we needed more than just a big paycheck, we needed someone who would assist and back us in our goal to get to the next level with both our racing and our charity efforts. This 3 year contract from Stradalli Cycle, the commitment of their high end full carbon bicycles as well as their worldwide infrastructure we believe that 2016 is going to be the most successful year in the history of Bike Aid. It’s very difficult to bring in athletes from Africa because of the rules and politics but raising awareness and having a strong partner will help us to do just that.” Bike Aid President Eric Haus

The 2016 calendar has been set and the official Stradalli Cycle/Bike Aid will have races from all continents in the high ranking UCI categories from 2.2 to 1. HC. And will be at the starting line with all the World Tour teams. 


 Stradalli Cycle Mountain Biker Doug DeWeese

Stradalli Cycle Mountain Biker Doug DeWeese Wins Stage 8 Of FSC Series

The 8th stage of the FSC series at Caloosahatchee Regional Park in Alva, FL wasn’t without drama. Stradalli Cycle mountain biker Doug DeWeese entered the race leading the Elite category as well as his age category for the FSC Series. The last couple of races Doug has been focused on racing smart, not taking chances that could lead to a mistake and cost him a championship he has all but clinched. However, even the best plans don’t work out. During the 3rd lap of the race Doug was in a small crash but was able to recover. Unfortunately his bike lost shifting and was locked in a single gear but that didn’t stop him. He relentlessly attacked the field and in a short period of time caught back up. Then he finally reached the leader for the first time during the entire race and battled his way to an impressive victory.

“Not the way we drew it up this week but a win is a win. The bike took a beating in that crash but the 29er was more than enough to help me get back in the race. I’ve never done that with only a single gear but luckily I was able to just get into a strong pace and catch back up. I think it helped a little that I was more focused on just racing smart at that point and that let me get back to the front.” Stradalli Cycle’s Doug DeWeese

In attendance at the race was Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher 

“Doug is dominating the Elite category and is so close to a championship. We have been telling him for weeks to just race smart and he has done such a great job. But this is racing and sometimes crazy things happen and you can’t avoid them. He crashed and the crash had an effect on his bike but he could still ride it and instead of letting that ruin the race for him he got back on and road his ass off to get back to the top. You can teach a guy to be a smarter racer and Doug is quickly becoming one of the smartest out there but you can’t teach ability and talent and that’s what he showed off this weekend. He showed everyone why he’s dominating this series.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher 




Stradalli Cycle Mountain Biker Doug DeWeese Closing In On FSC Championship

While the NASCAR Championship will be decided at Homestead, Miami Speedway this weekend there is still some racing to go in the FSC Series. Stradalli Cycle mountain biker Doug DeWeese has dominated the series and extended his lead in the Elite category at stage #7 at Loyce E Harpe Park in Lakeland FL this past weekend.

DeWeese finished 2nd in the race, 1 spot ahead of his biggest challenge to the championship. “It was a great race, plenty of challenges and competition. I’m never excited about 2nd place but this time I am. There were some chances I could have taken but I’ve learned enough from Bob and Tom that it’s time to race smart and not try to get too aggressive out there. I want this championship and I have to be smart if I’m going to win it.” Doug DeWeese 

Excited for the progress his close friend has made is Stradalli Cycle mountain biker Bob McCarty who is recovering well from an injury earlier in the year and will be ready to go for next year. “I am really proud of Doug. He is having a great year and he’s always had the talent and ability but this year he’s racing smarter. I guess he’s had a great teacher.” Joked McCarty who will be in attendance for the championship race in Ocala next month.

“Bob has helped me a lot this year and I wish I could be racing him for the championship. He keeps telling me it’s on for next year. I know he’s going to be back at full strength and give me a run for my money but right now I want to finish this season strong, get at least one more win for Stradalli Cycle but most importantly bring home a championship.” Doug DeWeese

“Stradalli Cycle has two of the most competitive mountain bike racers on the trails and I’m just grateful they get along otherwise I would have a real problem on my hands.” Jokingly said Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher. “Doug has been a great help this year, a lot of guys after an injury would use it as an excuse to sit at home on the couch but he’s been to several races, he talks to Doug everyday on the phone and is there if Doug has any questions and that’s real teamwork.” 



Stradalli Cycle’s Alex McLaughlin Reviews Cycle Training Environments  

It’s difficult to say which cycling environment is better. On one hand you have the incredible view after a long ride to the top of a towering mountain or the environment where you’re treated to an incredible view after a tough battle into ocean winds.

This weekend the Stradalli Cycle team is experience both. Some of us are in Tucson, Arizona preparing for the upcoming season and attending several events while the rest of us stayed back in Florida.

The benefits of training in the mountains are pretty simple, but riding flat roads exercises requires a different skill set completely. In order to be a successful team, every member has to be prepared for every situation that may come up during a race in which they are called upon to fulfill a role they aren’t used to. Cycling is truly a team sport despite what people may think. No one rider will dominate without the help of the team. The amount of tactics, communication and pure fitness that go into winning a race is what makes cycling such an incredible sport.

Thus the different training environments this week for the team. The entire team couldn’t leave town at once, but we can make the best effort possible to improve the areas where we think we are weakest. I sat out the mountains this weekend partly because I wanted to be at work making sure things ran smoothly and because I have already spent an entire month of this year training in the mountains I felt it was my turn to stay back and help the team on the home front.

I am a have my cake and eat it too type of person, but I want to and need to be responsible for the time being. I love the mountains more than anything, but I need to keep my cool and help my Stradalli teammates improve as much as they can in the areas I can help but also learn from them as much as they learn from me. I want to be at the front with all my teammates in the mountains. I don’t want to ride by myself in the big races. Winning races requires us to stick together. I can be happy with riding along the beaches and enjoying the views for a while if it means helping to strengthen the team overall.

I’m not calling myself the most experienced guy on the block by any means, but I have spent my fair share of time in the mountains. To make it to the top requires two huge things. The ability to say no to quitting when things get hard and the ability to recognize the going will get tough down the road no matter what. Sacrificing for your team is more important than personal ambitions. Having that sense to keep your efforts in check over time will help you in training and in racing. Attacking the bottom of a mountain is fun, but it isn’t always the smartest decision.

I realized the more I did that, the more tough it was for me at the top. I also learned the more I did for myself in the begging of races, the less I could do for my teammates at the end of a race.  If I wanted to win and be there when it counts, I had to learn that lesson. I know the Stradalli guys are going to be better from their Arizona training experience. Check out what I am currently doing for training below.

Am I upset I am missing out on the mountains? No because no matter how much I improve this offseason I know that I will get nowhere without the team and they need to improve as much as I do. When your team is at the front of a race making everyone else’s life miserable, you get an incredible feeling. That’s what the work is for, self improvement but also doing whatever it takes to help the team improve as well. 

Hoover Dam

Stradalli Cycle Executives Visiting Las Vegas

Stradalli Cycle CEO and entrepreneur Tom Steinbacher and other executives are visiting Las Vegas this week for several meetings and events. Joining the trip is Sergio Camilo Urrego, Senior Editor of Revista Mundo Ciclistico who covered Stradalli Cycle’s sponsorship of the Colombian National Team at Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships earlier this year.

This will be a busy week in Las Vegas as the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) convention is currently being held. SEMA is held annually at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada and features over 2,000 new products in the world of electronics and the automotive industry. There will be over 60,000 people attending SEMA 2015 this week.

During a morning ride Steinbacher and Sergio Camilo Urrego were able to stop by the Hoover Dam and checked out other sites around Nevada as well.  


Nice Sunny Florida Morning in Everglades 


 Miami Heat Vs Atlanta Hawks

Stradalli Cycle Courtside at Miami Heat vs Atlanta Hawks

Members of the Stradalli Cycle family were in attendance for the Miami Heat game against the Atlanta Hawks, one of last year’s NBA powerhouses. The Miami Heat missed the playoffs last year mainly due to an inexperienced roster and several key injuries but with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh healthy and Hassan Whiteside ready to prove he can be one of the top centers in the league this is certain to be one of the most entertaining seasons in Miami Heat history.

“Stradalli has always been big fans of the Miami Heat. You don’t lose a player like Lebron James and fall off a bit but 1 year later Pat Riley already has them back in contention. And yes they have the great veterans like Wade, Bosh, Haslem and Stoudemire but the fact that they also have a great core of young guys including Winslow, Whiteside and others shows that they are prime to contend for a championship this year.” Stradalli Cycle Executive  

Stradalli Cycle CEO and entrepreneur Tom Steinbacher is well known for having business meetings at sporting events holding several this year at multiple Miami Marlins and Miami Dolphins games. “If I can’t have a good time at a Miami Heat game with someone then I don’t want to do business with them so that’s the perfect place to have a meeting. Where are most big deals done for entrepreneurs? Playing golf, fishing, sporting events, etc. You don’t do business with people you don’t want to be around so why not have some fun and what better place to do that then at a Heat game?” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher 


Stradalli Cycle Doug DeWeese Wins Stage 6 of FSC Race

Stradalli Cycle Mountain Biker Doug DeWeese Extends Elite Lead with Haile’s Trails Win

It was another tough race for Stradalli Cycle mountain biker Doug DeWeese but once again he was up to the challenge. Racing one of the toughest courses on the FSC Series circuit Doug was able to get out to a good start and by the end of the first lap had built a quality lead over the rest of the field.

“I love racing at Haile’s Trails here in Newberry Florida. It’s one of the toughest courses with a lot of steep climbing but that’s what makes it fun. You embrace the pain and you keep going. It was a fun race and I’m glad I was able to add another win to the Stradalli trophy case this year. The 29er full suspension Tom gave me is just unreal. I’m starting to really trust this bike and what it can do these last couple of weeks and it’s really paying off.” Doug DeWeese

Embrace the pain was right as this race took its toll on Doug but he didn’t let that discourage him. “I honestly was more motivated when it started taking its toll on me because I knew the other guys were going through the same thing and the only way I was going to lose was if I made a mistake. So I just remembered what Bob always taught me about racing a smart race and I focused more on the trails than the competition. I think the only thing I would change about this year is Bob not being here. It may mean fewer wins for me but there is nothing more fun than battling Bob McCarty for a win and he loves this race.”

Doug was able to extend his lead in his age category as well as the Elite category for the FCS Series with only a few races to go on the schedule.

“Doug is having a great year and he has learned a lot from Bob because the talent and ability was always there but now he’s one of the smartest racers out there as well. He just has to race his race and not worry about the competition and more times than not he will be standing on the podium.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher 


Stradalli Cycle Doug DeWeese Wins FSC Race at Markham Park 

Stradalli Cycle Mountain Biker Doug DeWeese Dominates at Markham Park

It was safe to say there was going to be a bit of a home field advantage for Stradalli Cycle mountain biker Doug DeWeese as he entered the 5th stage of the FSC championship series. DeWeese who lives in South Florida and trains at Markham Park knew there would be a big advantage as well as more pressure for this race. 

“I have to admit I was a little nervous because I really wanted to do well in this one. Tom and Bob were there, other members of Stradalli Cycle, friends and family and I wanted to do well. I got off to a little bit of a slow start and was in 15th after the first 100 yards or so but I know this course like the back of my hand and I felt like that gave me a huge advantage and I was able to hit corners more comfortably than the other guys who don’t train here and by the end of the first lap I got back to the lead.” Stradalli Cycle mountain biker Doug DeWeese  

DeWeese was able to use that experience to not only regain the lead but win the race and extend his lead in the FSC Championship Series Elite Category.  

“After I got to the lead it was really just me and one other guy in a battle and we were both focused on just building the gap on the other guys rather than worry about beating each other. That was the perfect strategy because by the end of the first lap we had built a pretty big gap on the rest of the field. The next lap or so was just about hitting my strides and not making any mistakes and I knew exactly how to race this track, especially after it rains like it did Saturday and I took advantage of that. Towards the end of the 3rd lap I had a pretty good lead and that’s when I saw Tom and Bob standing there and Bob was pointing to his head and yelling at me to be smart and just race my race. That calmed me down a lot and I had a smooth final lap.” 

Doug has been training with Stradalli Cycle mountain biker Bob McCarty who is currently injured but was able to attend the race on Sunday.  Also in attendance was Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher who was happy with the result. “He better win if I show up to the race, especially with two German pro cyclists to see him race!” joked Steinbacher “I knew Doug was going to do great at this track, he knows it better than most and he just had to race his race. We are very proud of the season he is having and it was great to see a lot of members of the Stradalli Cycle family in attendance as well.”

Stradalli Cycle Doug DeWeese on Full Carbon Mountain Bike


Come out to Markham Park This Weekend with Bob McCarty and the Stradalli
Cycle Family

Sunday morning Bob McCarty and members of the Stradalli Cycle family will
be in attendance at Markham Park for the FSC Series Round 5 as Stradalli
Cycle mountain biker Doug DeWeese tries to extend his lead and add to his
point total atop the Elite Category.

“This is a big weekend for us as a family because it is a big race in our
own back yard, Doug is leading the FSC Series right now and we want to
make sure he has a huge crowd and lot’s of support from the Stradalli
Cycle family. It will also be the first chance many people get to see Bob
since he was injured and everyone is looking forward to going out there.”
Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher

DeWeese has been atop the FSC standings most of the season and is looking
to make the home crowd proud.

“There’s no denying this gives me a few butterflies. Racing is always
exciting but to be racing where you train all the time, to be racing with
the lead against tough competition and to be racing in front of close
friends and family and Bob is going to be there, ya you can say the
pressure is on me but that’s what makes it fun.” Stradalli Cycle mountain
biker Doug DeWeese

The race starts at 9:30 in the morning but fans are encouraged to be there




Stradalli Cycle R7 Carbon Road Bike Frame- 3 Colors All On Sale!

Stradalli Cycle has placed three of their R7 carbon road bike frames on sale. The R7 is 100% carbon fiber and is the smoothest riding frame we produce.  It’s radically thin seatstays allow for an unmatched vertical compliance. The over-sized chainstays also produce maximum power transfer from the crank to the wheels.

Each frame is built around a BB30 which maximizes the power transfer from the rider to the wheel. The headtube uses a "tapered design" to increase front end stiffness and allow for better tracking through corners. 

What you need to know: The R7 Frame climbs as well as it descends and it is comparable to carbon road frames that retail for over $11,000!

R7 SL Carbon Road Bike Frame 

Stradalli Cycle Full Carbon Road Bike Frame 


R7 SL White Pro "Team Edition" Carbon Road Bike Frame

 Stradalli Cycle R7 Carbon Road Bike Frame


Stradalli R7 Stars Full Carbon Fiber Road Bike Bicycle Frameset

Carbon Road Bike Frame from Stradalli Cycle


Stradalli Cycle Mountain Biker Doug DeWeese 

Stradalli Cycle Mountain Biker Doug DeWeese Remains In Lead of FSC Elite

The 4th Stage of the FSC Series in Alachua was a success for Stradalli Cycle mountain biker Doug DeWeese who finished the race in 3rd but more importantly maintained his lead in the Elite FSC Category as well as his age category.

The race wasn’t without its share of drama as Doug jumped out to an early lead but a small crash cost him early on. However, he was able to stick with the lead pack and battle to a 3rd place finish just a few bike lengths behind the leader. 

“This was nearly a photo finish. The leaders were that close together and the last lap literally could have been anyone’s race. I usually am frustrated when I don’t come away with the win but I think Bob McCarty’s wisdom is starting to rub off on me. He’s talked to me a lot about being patient; don’t lose your focus and how to race for a championship not just wins. This was a fun race to be a part of and it wore us out so we actually sat on the podium after as a joke.” Moutain Biker Doug DeWeese 

While DeWeese is focused on a championship he had to admit he likes the fact that next week’s race will be a bit of a home field advantage for him. 

“I do love riding at Markham Park in Sunrise but I think the part I love most is going to be being able to sleep in my own bed all weekend and have family and friends at the race Sunday. Hopefully I make the home crowd proud.” Doug DeWeese 

Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher is pleased with the success of his mountain biker and looking forward to the race this upcoming weekend. “Doug is doing a great job and Bob was doing great too before he got injured. I can see a big difference in how Doug races ever since he started training with Bob last year. I think that maturity and calm demeanor Bob is famous for is starting to rub off on Doug. I know there’s going to be a lot of support for Doug this weekend at Markham Park. That’s’ where we train and test out all our mountain bikes and it’s an awesome place to have a race.” 

Not in attendance at the race in Alachua but well missed was Stradalli Cycle mountain biker Bob McCarty. Many of the racers Sunday had a sticker of a #1 with a ponytail on their bikes to honor McCarty.



Stradalli Cycle Would Like To Thank Safetti Smart Wear For A Great Year!

As the best season in Stradalli Cycle racing comes to an end we cannot help but look back at all the great friends and sponsors who contributed to the success of this past year. Every contribution regardless of size was greatly appreciated. Stradalli Cycle would like to send a special thank you to Safetti Smart Wear for their sponsorship and for providing the racing uniforms that helped propel our cyclists into championship contention. The match has greatly benefited Safetti as well as they have been able to expand their brand in the United States and gained valuable exposure with the success of the Stradalli Cycle Pro Race Team.

“We build carbon fiber bikes and we do it better than others. But to put together a bike and especially a racing team you need the support of great sponsors and we certainly had that this past year. Safetti goes above and beyond with their clothing and that’s why we value our relationship with them. They are a lot like us, they have a great product, a great work ethic and a great brand they are just building it up and just like us they made huge strides this year and are looking for a huge 2016.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher 


 Doug DeWeese and Tom Steinbacher at Markham Park Stradalli Cycle Mountain Bikes

Stradalli Cycle Mountain Biker Bob McCarty Missed at Markham Park While Testing the New All Blackout Inverted Front Suspension 

Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher, mountain biker Doug DeWeese and Stradalli Cycle friend and customer Leo Colman were at Markham Park to test out the new inverted all black mtb forks. 
Unable to attend was Bob McCarty who had successful surgery this week and is on his way to a fast recovery but not at the park yet :) .

“We arrived at Markham Park to test out the new upside down forks and people immediately started asking us about what fork this is and how to buy it,  and everyone is asking how bob is doing, when will he be able to start training and racing again, etc. That’s how well liked Bob is and we all are glad to hear that he will be back soon.” Stradalli Cycle Mountain Biker Doug DeWeese

“We miss Bob, everyone does but we had to laugh because we knew he wanted to be out here testing out the new upside down front suspension. He’s constantly told me that he wants to test out the new inverted forks when we go to Markham Park and unfortunately he can’t. He is getting better and
pretty soon he will be back to doing what he does best but for now we are all having fun getting to do Bob’s job. We do miss him though.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher

Stradalli Cycle Mountain Bike


Andrew Crater Wins on Stradalli Cycle Cyclo Cross Bike 

Andrew Crater Racing Cycle Cross on his Stradalli Carbon Disc Bike

“Any great entrepreneur will tell you the most important thing is to diversify. If you want to win you can’t put all your eggs in one basket. I want to prove that Stradalli Cycle sells the best carbon bikes in the world, not just road or mountain bikes but every bike we sell is the best quality at the lowest prices. It’s easy to see we have the lowest prices, just go to our website! But to prove that we have the best carbon bikes we have to put them up against every bike manufacturer in the world and the best way to do that is by racing them. We had a great year in road and crit racing and our carbon road bikes were a hit at Richmond 2015 while we are dominating in mountain biking. We can’t keep our TT bikes on the shelf because they are so popular and now it’s time to show everyone what our carbon disc cycle cross bikes can do.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher

Crater is a familiar face with Stradalli Cycle as he has raced with the team in multiple pro road races and has used Stradalli carbon bikes in plenty of other races.

“Stradalli cycle makes awesome carbon bikes . Doesn’t matter if it is a mountain,track , road, TT or cross bike they are great. Tom’s a cool guy to race for because he gets it, if you give a racer the best quality he or she has a much better chance of succeeding. He makes sure we have great bikes to race with and lets us do our thing. I have been road racing for years but living in Greenville, North Carolina you see so many different forms of bike racing and I have been wanting to get back into cycle cross racing for a while. ” Pro racer Andrew Crater

For Crater cycling is a passion but he looks beyond racing to find ways of improving his health. For him, Yoga is the secret to keeping your body healthy.

“Every athlete looks for that training method or trick to keep their body healthy, not just to perform better but to help it heal faster from injury. I found yoga to be the perfect answer because it allows you to stay healthy, improve endurance and perform better on a bike without beating your body up in the gym.” Andrew Crater

Crater may be on to something as he won last weekend’s Hellhole Gravel Grind on his stradalli disc carbon cross bike. 



Stradalli Cycle Wishes Mountain Biker Bob McCarty a Speedy Recovery

It was a bitter sweet weekend for the Stradalli Cycle family. Stradalli Cycle mountain biker Bob McCarty was leading the 3rd round of the Florida State Championship Series when he crashed hard and had to be taken out by stretcher. He is expected to make a full recovery. The entire Stradalli family wishes Bob a speedy recovery.

Doug DeWeese was able to battle despite the crash being on his mind and finished on the wheel of the leader to come in second place in the race but most importantly remains the leader of the Elite category as well as his age category.

“This may have been tougher than last week’s race. The conditions were great but to see Bob get hurt and when he didn’t bounce back up in true McCarty fashion you knew something was wrong. It was really tough to keep racing but I knew Bob would be screaming at me if he found out I stopped. Everyone was worried about Bob at the race, even the guys on other teams, that says a lot about the kind of guy he is.” Stradalli Cycle MTB Racer Dough DeWeese

News about the crash reached Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher during the race.

“I was shocked when I found out. Bob doesn’t get into bad crashes and even if he does get hurt he’s usually right back on the bike and finishes the race. We are all worried about him but he’s expected to make a full recovery and just needs time to heal up. He’s a fighter and this won’t stop him from getting back on that bike as soon as possible. I’m also very proud of Doug. He and Bob are really good friends, actually I don’t know anyone who isn’t a great friend of Bob’s because he’s such a great guy, but to see that and keep battling and racing to represent Stradalli Cycle really shows you what kind of competitor he is. These guys have had a rough couple of weeks and they keep fighting, that’s what I love about my racers.” Tom Steinbacher 


Colombian Cyclists at Richmond 2015 on Stradalli Cycle bikes 

Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships Recap from Stradalli Cycle

The Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships were a huge success, not just for Stradalli Cycle but for professional cycling in general. Richmond produced great crowds all week, solid TV ratings and a great deal of national attention for a sport that is on the way up in the US. For Stadalli Cycle who sponsored the Colombian National Team there were plenty of positives to take away from World’s but most importantly was the buzz around their carbon road bikes.

The Stradalli Cycle carbon road bikes were a hit with the Colombian National Team as racers used them in competition throughout the entire week and they more than held their own. The bikes were used by some of the top cyclists in the world and each one more than passed the test.

“We had 2 goals for Richmond 2015 when I agreed to sponsor Team Colombia; first I wanted an opportunity for our carbon road bikes to be center stage in front of the entire world to prove that they can hold their own against any other bike out there. This was an opportunity to directly compare a Stradalli bike to any other one used in the top races in cycling. The second thing I wanted to do was get our name out there and we did. When you have ESPN filming in front of your team bus and NBC and Universal Sports using your bikes to do segments for their coverage of World’s you know that you have a name and a product that is starting to stand out.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher

Stradalli Cycle Colombian National Car at Richmond 2015

Even the Colombian Pro Cyclists were impressed with what Stradalli Cycle brought to Richmond.

“I think the team really loved us being there. They were taking pictures with the vehicles, especially the Lamborghini but I also noticed they really were into the bikes and I think they liked the fact that no one else had these. Think about it they got to ride an exclusive brand, something no other team got to use. They asked questions about the company, our history, some of the pro teams we have and they were really interested in us because I think we bring a new and refreshing product to racing in general. Even after the races they were impressed with how the bikes did and that’s how you know you have a good product.” Cesar Grajales Stradalli Cycle Colombia 

It wasn’t all work as the week was spent riding through some of the scenic back roads of Virginia, checking out the sites and meeting some of the top cyclists in the world.

“This was one of the coolest trips I have ever been on. Getting to meet some of my favorite cyclists and just try to learn as much as I can from them. The funny part is some of them were asking me questions about the bikes. It’s really weird knowing you have more pro racing experience on a type of bike than someone who just raced in the Tour de France but the way things are going I wouldn’t be shocked if we saw Stradalli bikes in the Tour next year.” Stradalli Cycle Pro Racer Abel Quintana

Steinbacher invited Quintana and other members of his pro team up for the races as a reward for a great season as well as to get a first class education on being a pro cyclist.

“Look at these guys, the ones racing in Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships. They just raced in the Tour de France and the Vuelta A Espana and a lot of them also raced in the Giro d’Italia and now they are here. Why wouldn’t I want my pro racers to learn as much as possible from not just the Colombian cyclists but anyone they can meet and have a conversation with? This is where Stradalli Cycle is heading and that’s why next year you are going to see some big things from us.” Tom Steinbacher

Stradalli Cycle would like to thank the Colombian National Team and management for their hospitality. Also we would like to say congrats to all the racers who competed this past week at Richmond and to the medal winners; Women’s Elite : Elizabeth Armitstead (Great Britain) who won and Anna Van Der Breggen (Netherlands) and Megan Guarnier (United States of America) who rounded out the top 3. Men’s Elite: Peter Sagan (Slovakia) who won, Michael Matthews (Australia) and Ramunas Navardauskas (Lithuania) who rounded out the top 3. 



Andrea Patiño and Camila Valbuena Richmond 2015 Stradalli Cycle

Early Success for Richmond 2015 and Stradalli Cycle

The UCI Road World Championships have been a homerun at Richmond 2015 with tight races, lots of drama and plenty to talk about. But that’s just the warm up as you can expect things to get crazy this weekend.

Richmond 2015 thus far: The biggest news surrounding the UCI Road World Championships is Richmond itself. Many foreign press members and cyclists have commented on how there has been a steady crowd all week long something that doesn’t happen until the weekend usually. “It wasn’t until the weekend of last year’s races that you started to see large crowds gathering along the course. That hasn’t been the case here; there’s been a great following and crowds the entire week. Richmond really did an awesome job promoting the event.” Team Member from Colombian National Team

The race is being covered by over 150 nations including locally by Universal Sports and the NBC Sports Network.

Stradalli Cycle Turning Heads: Another surprise at Richmond 2015 is the impact Stradalli Cycle is having as the official sponsor of the Colombian National Team. Stradalli arrived in Richmond with a bus, van, SUV’s and Lamborghini wrapped in the company logo and all have caught the attention of racing fans, cyclists and members of the media. Spectators have even begun taking pictures of the Lamborghini and several broadcasts have started filming interviews in front of it.

 Colombian Cyclist Interview with Stradalli Cycle

“We’ve had a lot of the racers from a few teams want to take their picture with the Lambo. The fans love it and it is grabbing a lot of attention so that’s always a good thing. I’ve even seen a few tags on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter of it so I guess it’s working.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher

The Lamborghini is not the only thing drawing attention to Stradalli Cycle at Richmond 2015. As part of the sponsorship agreement Stradalli Cycle provided carbon road bikes to be used by the Colombian National Team for riding and races during the entire week. The bikes have been so well received by the team that ESPN commentator Georgina Ruiz Sandoval did an interview with Colombian Cyclists in front of the Stradalli Cycle van and shot footage of the cyclists riding around on their Stradalli Bikes. If that wasn’t enough USA Olympic Medalist Dotsie Bausch shot footage for Universal Sports and NBC Sports UCI Road World Championship Coverage while riding a Stradalli.

“I wanted the company name to get a lot of attention. That’s why I sponsored the Colombian Team and wrapped something like 7 vehicles in the company logo to come up here with. But I knew the one thing I wouldn’t have to push was the bikes. All we had to do was get these cyclists on the bikes and word would spread. That’s how confident I am in our carbon bikes! ESPN and NBC Sports aren’t going to do footage of an inferior product. They cover the best of sports and this week has already proven that our bikes are elite!” Tom Steinbacher

TV coverage and crowds are expected to increase dramatically over the weekend and Tom Steinbacher says not to worry, he still has a few surprises for fans who are at Richmond 2015 as well as those who are watching the UCI Road World Championships on TV. For now if you are in Richmond you can spend a little time looking for the Lamborghini and get your picture taken with it. 

Mundial de Ruta, Richmond 2015: Serika Gulumá (CRI Élite)


Mundial Richmond 2015: Javier Montoya y Julián Cardona (CRI Junior)




 Stradalli Cycle Mountain Biker Doug DeWeese and Bob McCarty

Another Dominant Weekend For Stradalli Cycle Mountain Bikers Bob McCarty and Doug DeWeese

It is only round 2 of the Florida State Championship Series but if this keeps up they may have to rename it the Stradalli Cycle Florida State Championship Series. That’s because once again Stradalli Cycle mountain bikers Bob McCarty and Doug DeWeese dominated the field as Bob took home the win for the Elite category as well as his age group and Doug finished second in Elite and first in his age group. After two races Doug leads the Elite standings while Bob has jumped up to 2nd. Both lead their respective age groups as they are dominating the early stages of the FSC Series.

It was not an easy victory however; as it was raining all week at Ft. Clinch State Park in Fernandina Beach. This, along with the Lunar Eclipse and the Full Moon made for some of the toughest conditions Bob McCarty has ever seen in his career.

“This was not an easy one. It was a battle; I felt more like a triathlete than I did a mountain biker at the end of this one. There was one stretch of water and mud that had to go more than 50 feet and it was bottom bracket depth the entire time. Then we got to a trail, sort of, where it was high tide and you couldn’t even see the trail. We had to go by the opening in the trees and to make matters worse on the last lap the tide finally went down but that just left some of the thickest mud I have ever been through.” Stradalli Cycle mountain biker Bob McCarty

Despite a rough week for both Bob and Doug they were able to not only make the trip but stick to their game plan and work together to get the top two spots for Stradalli.

“I’ve won a lot of races but I might be more proud of this finish than most of my wins. It was a rough week and when we got here you knew after the practice lap this was going to be a battle but that’s what mountain biking is all about.” Stradalli Cycle mountain biker Doug DeWeese

Unable to attend because he was in Richmond for the 2015 UCI Road World Championships was CEO Tom Steinbacher who is very proud of his two mountain bikers.

“I’m at the race at Richmond 2015 and staring at my phone waiting for updates on how Bob and Doug were doing. Then I get sent a pic of both of them on top of the podium. I am really proud of them, they had every excuse to not do well this weekend but not only did they race, they dominated. If this keeps up I’m going to have to hire a 3rd MTB racer to give them some new competition.” Jokingly said Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher

Next up is Round 3 of the FSC Series at Alafia River State Park in Lithia, Florida. 

Stradalli Cycle Mountain Biker Bob McCarty


 Stradalli Cycle Lamborghini

Big Announcements From Stradalli Cycle At Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships


Stradalli Cycle has had plenty of big announcements since it released news that they would be the official sponsors of the Colombian National Team for Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships.

After coverage at Richmond 2015 of the Colombian National Team by ESPN as well as several other publications there has certainly been a lot of buzz around Stradalli. If that wasn’t enough USA Olympic Medalist Dotsie Bausch rode her pink Stradalli Faenza through Richmond while doing a shoot for NBC Sports.

“ESPN and NBC Sports are pretty good companies to do favors for. They wanted to shoot some footage of the bikes and we didn’t mind. But we had to draw the line when they wanted to take the Lamborghini out though. That car has been getting more attention this week than the racing.” Joked Cesar Grajales Stradalli Cycle Colombia

So what’s the big announcement for the Stradalli fans?

The same road bikes being used by the Colombian National Team at Richmond 2015 will be available for purchase. These bikes will be on sale at a ridiculously low price. That’s right; this is your opportunity to take advantage of the huge sale on the 2015 models being used at World’s!

But that’s not all! Want the actual bikes being used by the Colombian team in the races at Richmond 2015? Each bike, once they pass inspection, will be sold at at a great low price!

This is your chance to get the actual cycles used in the races by some of the top pro cyclists in the world! These bikes were covered in an interview of the Colombian National Team by ESPN, used in footage for NBC Sports and they have been featured in multiple headlines regarding the UCI Road World Championships and you have the opportunity to own one of them!

 BUT WAIT WE AREN’T DONE! It was later revealed after Eurobike and Interbike that Stradalli was releasing their line of 2016 carbon frames to the public early rather than waiting until next year. Road Bikes, Time Trial Bikes and more are on the way. These carbon frames are affordable, lightweight and durable; everything you need to begin building the perfect bike!

“We have great customers and fans and this has been a special year for Stradalli Cycle. We wanted to do something exciting and awesome for everyone who follows Stradalli and what can be cooler than having the same bikes used by Team Colombian at Richmond 2015 or being able to get the 2016 frames as early as September? And that’s just the start of a long list of surprises we are going to have this fall. We like to spoil our customers!” Tom Steinbacher Stradalli Cycle CEO

So if you want to have a bike like the pros you can get it on sale. If you want the exact bike used by the pros that’s been featured in footage from ESPN as well as NBC Sports by USA Olympic medalist Dotsie Bausch you can get it on sale. And if you want the bike being used by the pros in races all around the world next year you can get that on sale too! 

 USA Olympic Medalist Dotsie Bausch Stradalli Faenza Richmond 2015 NBC Sports


Stradalli Cycle Grabbing National Media Attention at Richmond 2015

When Stradalli Cycle agreed to sponsor the Colombian National Team for Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships they expected to get a lot of attention from racing fans and even cyclists at the event. But what has been a surprise to even them is the national media attention they have gotten.

Backdrop: The Stradalli Cycle vehicles have been used as backdrops for countless interviews with cyclists from the Colombian National Team during Richmond 2015. At one point there were 4 consecutive interviews being filmed in front of the team bus as it provided the perfect backdrop for television crews.

ESPN : When ESPN Commentator Georgina Ruiz Sandoval stopped by to do a story on Team Colombia the carbon road bikes they were using quickly took over the story. Not only did Georgina and ESPN film interviews with Colombian Cyclists in front of a Stradalli Cycle video but there was also footage taken of them riding their Stradalli carbon bikes.

Universal Sports and NBC Sports : US Olympic Medalist Dotsie Bausch is covering Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships and wanted to do a segment where she rode a bike along the same course the racers would be riding down. She used a Stradalli Faenza for the shoot and was very impressed with the carbon road bike. : The financial and media site has covered many stories leading up to this week’s events and Stradalli Cycle has been at the center of most of them. has utilized Stradalli for inside information about the races, access for interviews and much more.

Bicycling Mag: Shared coverage and content on Twitter

International Coverage: The Colombian Cycling Federation has also done several stories involving Stradalli Cycle and their sponsorship, bikes and more.

Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships from Stradalli Cycle


Stradalli Cycle Grant Potter at Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships  



The Stradalli Cycle Pro Racers Taking Advantage of Richmond 2015

Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships are not only having an impact on Stradalli Cycle but they are also having an impact on the Pro Racers sponsored and employed by Stradalli. Before the races CEO Tom Steinbacher
emphasized how big of an opportunity this would be for his race team, coming off their most successful season in the USA Crits Series.

“It’s stupid to think that sponsoring Team Colombia at Richmond 2015 is just going to benefit us for a week or two. I want everyone at Stradalli Cycle to benefit from this experience, the racers, the sales guys, the marketing team, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and everyone is getting a first class education, even me. I went to the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France this year and I learned a lot about owning and running a pro team. I’ve always felt that every experience is an opportunity to learn and in the same year I’ve been to the Giro, UCI Road World Championships and countless other big events around the world. I learned a lot and I expect everyone in the company to do the same. I told the racers that they need to watch how these guys prepare, how they setup their bikes, how they eat, when they go to sleep, everything you can learn is an advantage you have over guys you race against next year who are sitting at home right now watching the races on TV.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher

The opportunity to learn how the elite do it is too good to pass up and for cyclists the goal is to one day compete in races of this magnitude.

“Tom really helped us a lot this year with strategizing and preparing for races and a lot of it was from what he saw at the Giro. He said he wished we could have all experienced it just because of what we would have learned. That’s why when Richmond 2015 came around he said we all were going to get a firsthand education on what true cycling is and learn from it. He wants a full trophy case next season and he’s giving us everything we need to do it.” Stradalli Cycle Pro Racer Abel Quintana


Richmond 2015 May Give USA Crits Series a Boost in 2016

There is no doubt that Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships are going to be a great boost for cycling in the United States. But there is one organization that is literally banking on it. The USA Crits Series which just concluded its season is looking to take advantage of the national interest in cycling initiated by the World Championships.

“When you look at USA Crits Series it is definitely headed in the right direction. Pro racers from all around the world are now coming to the United States to compete in our races so the talent level is higher, the coverage is better and the attendance is going up at races. When you have nearly half a million people viewing your races online you are doing something right.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher

Steinbacher owns one of the top teams in the USA Crits Series as well as several other race teams around the world. He noticed this past year that sponsorship interest and viewership was up and feels that Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships could be exactly what the USA Crits Series needs move up to the next level.

“Look at soccer. The attendance and viewership in America always goes up after the World Cup even though they aren’t seeing the same guys play that they saw on TV. Why? Because it is an addicting sport to watch and it creates interest in the sport that people want to see locally. Richmond will do the same thing for cycling, it will make the increase in popularity go even higher and leagues like the USA Crits Series will benefit greatly from that.” Tom Steinbacher

Cycling’s popularity has been growing steadily in the United States and not just as a recreational activity. However, many feel that the reason it cannot get to the upper echelon in sports is because it lacks the star power and big races that you have in Europe as well as South America. That’s where USA Crits may have the advantage as they present a platform for some of the best young talent in the country to gain experience and exposure with Daniel Holloway (2 time defending champ) and Stradalli Cycle pro racer Ruben Companioni leading the charge of a very impressive youth movement.

“People respond to faces. They want to cheer on an individual and cycling needs stars. Daniel and Ruben are very young and talented and they have what’s needed to be the stars of the league for years to come. If USA Crits can bank on their talent as well as some of the other young stars coming up the pipeline it is going to lead to a lot of good things for the league and the sport as a whole in the US.” Tom Steinbacher


 Stradalli Cycle Grant Potter Team Colombia Richmond 2015

Stradalli Cycle’s Grant Potter Shares His Richmond 2015 Experience

Stradalli Cycle Pro Racer Grant Potter is in Richmond 2015 for the UCI Road World Championships. For Grant this has been a hectic but exciting week as he and his son Benny have been part of the crew to assist with preparations for Team Colombia. Stradalli Cycle is the official sponsor of the Colombian National Team and has been participating in several events at World’s. For Grant this has been a great experience.

“When Tom told me about this it was big news for Stradalli but then when I found out I got to bring my son Benny with me that made it even better. I think I just got invited cause I’m the only one Tom trusts driving the big bus with a trailer but hey I’m glad he needed me.” Joked Grant Potter “All kidding aside I really appreciate Tom letting me be a part of this, this is a special thing. This is the biggest thing to happen in cycling in the US in decades and it is really a cool experience and I’m glad I get to share it with my son.”

Grant hasn’t been on a sightseeing tour, he has had to help with the preparations and setup for the team.

“We have all these bikes that need to be moved and worked on, we had to pick up the team from the airport and of course we have to keep the Lamborghini looking good. People have been taking more pictures with that Lambo than they have the Colombian pro racers. Everyone loves that car and I don’t blame them, it has definitely been turning heads.”

One of the biggest thrills for Grant has been getting to train around Richmond as well as with the Colombian National Team.

“I was coming here regardless of what I got to do, how can you pass this up? But I’ve gone riding with the Colombian National Team twice and they are very nice. They’ve been asking us about the different Stradalli Bikes we brought up, what other models we have and how the racing is back in Florida. They were really impressed with the bikes. Then I got to do a couple of rides around Richmond. Some of the back roads around farmland are simply beautiful. I took a 3 hour ride this morning and it felt like 20 minutes, that’s how awesome a time I was having.”

The crowds have been good to start the week but every day more and more people show up to Richmond 2015.

“I think by the weekend Richmond is going to be packed. We saw Eddy Merckx here already and some top cyclists we saw at the Girl d’Italia. It’s been a really cool week and I think it’s going to get even better this weekend.” 


Rigoberto Uran Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher Georgina Ruiz Sandoval ESPN

Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher joined by Colombian Cyclist Rigoberto Uran and ESPN Commentator Georgina (Goga) Ruiz Sandoval before individual time trials at Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships.

Uran currently races for Etixx-Quick Step and was the first Colombian Cyclist to make the podium at the Giro d’Italia. He also finished 2nd at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Uran is one of the top racers for the Colombian National Team and has contended for the lead in several major races around the world with fellow countryman Nairo Quintana.

Sandoval has over 25 years of commentating experience for television and has covered major sporting events for over a dozen sports including the NFL, Cycling and the Olympics. She has covered the Tour De France, UCI World’s and several other top cycling races for ESPN.

“Training with my friend Uran and hanging out with Goga is pretty cool. The experiences they’ve had in the racing world are amazing. I sell bikes but racing is a passion for me and when someone who has been around cycling for over 25 years or has competed in the biggest races in the world are checking out the bikes my company designs and manufactures it means I’m doing something right.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher 


Richmond 2015 Pics

Colombian National Team Stradalli Cycle Richmond 2015Stradalli Cycle Lamborghini at Richmond 2015

Colombian National Team Stradalli Cycle Richmond 2015





Get The Same Bikes Used By Team Colombia at Richmond 2015 UCI Worlds!

Stradalli Cycle is offering a huge sale on the frames and bikes being used by Team Colombia during the UCI World’s at Richmond 2015. This is a great opportunity to get the same bikes used in one of the biggest cycling events in the world and save money at the same time.

Get the same bike, brand new and on sale right now or wait until after worlds and get one of the actual bikes used in the races! You can pay $12,000 or more for another brand or you can pay less than half of that price and get the actual bikes used at Richmond 2015 by some of the best cyclists in the world!

Silver Faenza

Richmond 2015 Bike

Orange RS

Stradalli Cycle Richmond 2015 Bike


Stradalli Cycle Richmond 2015 Bike

Rigoberto Uran Preparing for Individual Time Trial at Richmond 2015 

 Rigoberto Uran of Team Colombia preparing for the individual time trial at Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships. Team Colombia is sponsored by Stradalli Cycle


Interview with the Stradalli Cycle Sponsored Colombian National Team at Richmond 2015 UCI Road World's



Stradalli Cycle MTB Racers Doug DeWeese and Bob McCarty Dominate FSC Round 1

Over 100 mountain bikers entered the 1st round of the 2015 Florida State Championship Series at Tom Brown Park in Tallahassee but Stradalli Cycle’s Doug DeWeese and Bob McCarty are the ones who stole the show. Saturday during the individual time trials Bob edged out Doug by a single second to finish in first with the best overall time.

“I wanted to have a good time but I also didn’t want to beat the boss so finishing a second behind him is perfect for me.” Joked Stradalli Cycle mountain biker Doug DeWeese. “It’s always fun to race with Bob, he’s been a great friend and a great teacher and I also want to make him and Stradalli proud.”

Sunday’s race was the kickoff to the FSC season with a cross country race of 4 laps around a 7 mile course.

Doug DeWeese won the race overall which means he is first in the Elite category as well as his age group. “Competition was tough but the bike was perfect for this kind of course. I was able to get out to a good start and just hit my strides the way I wanted.”

The drama of the race was around Bob McCarty. Right after the start the chain on his bike broke and he had to repair it as quickly as possible. He got back on and quickly went through the masters group before he began his attack on the Elite field. The result was an overall Elite finish of 5th and a 3rd place finish in his age category.

“Bob doesn’t get nervous no matter what happens. I’ve seen guys break chains and they’re done because they can’t regain their composure and get back in it. Bob didn’t even break a sweat.” Doug DeWeese

Bob McCarty was proud of his performance but also very proud his Stradalli Cycle Teammate.

“That’s the last time I let Doug be my mechanic before a race.” Joked McCarty. “Doug did an awesome job, he is a great mountain biker and he made me and the entire Stradalli Cycle family very proud.”


Video: ESPN Stops By To Check Out Team Colombia On Stradalli Cycle’s

No matter how busy your schedule gets you always have time for ESPN. Georgina "Goga" Ruiz Sandoval, a cycling commentator who is covering Richmond 2015 for ESPN came by to do some coverage on the Colombian National Team and shot footage of training sessions on Stradalli Bikes.

Sandoval (pictured above along with Stradalli CEO Tom Steinbacher, Colombian Pro Racer Jhonatan Restrepo and Stradalli Cycle’s Cesar Grajales) spent the day meeting with racers from the team and checking out the different Stradalli bikes the team is using as they prepare for races at the UCI Road World Championships which begin this weekend.

“If I wasn’t positive that my bikes are great I am now. All weekend the racers from Team Colombia have been telling Cesar, Grant Potter and myself how much they love the bikes, asking what kind of designs we have back home, what are some of the new frames we are bringing in for 2016 and more. When I was introduced to Georgina she even had some questions about the bikes and wanted to make sure they were being shown off in the video coverage of the team. So I think no matter what happens this week there’s no doubt that Stradalli Cycles can hang with the best in the world.” Tom Steinbacher

You can watch the ESPN video of Colombian Pro Racers using Stradalli Cycle Bikes here:



It was a great first day as everyone is preparing for their races at Richmond 2015. Team Colombia had an early ride on Stradalli Cycle’s followed by a team breakfast along with Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher and the President of the Colombia Cycling Federation Agustin Moreno Aristizabal.

“I am very honored and thankful for the hospitality we have been shown from the entire Colombian team as well as Agustin. We are sponsoring them but they really have exceeded expectations already as far as what I expected. The riders love the Stradalli bikes we gave them, they are asking questions about them, different options, designs and everything. They want us involved in every aspect of what they are doing so we can take as much from this experience as they are. We have had a great relationship with the Colombia Cycling Federation for years but they really have gone above and beyond in making sure we feel like family. This is going to be a great week and I am very excited.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher

The UCI Road World Championships begin today and will run all week with races and big events held every day.



Stradalli Cycle Team Colombia Richmond Worlds


Team Colombia  for World's getting ready for a quick ride this morning with 3 Time World Champ Stradalli Cycle Pro Racer Grant Potter. Colombia is racing in Richmond 2015 World's and riding Stradalli Cycles to prepare 


Interbike 2015

Stradalli Cycle Closes Out Interbike and Heads to Richmond 2015

No rest for the weary. Stradalli Cycle leaves interbike at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas and heads directly to Richmond 2015 for the UCI Road World Championships.

Stradalli Cycle is the official sponsor of the Colombian National Team who arrived in Richmond today.

“This may be the biggest 2 months in Stradalli Cycle history. First, we went to the Vuelta Espana. Then we headed to Eurobike and met with sponsors. The pro team finished their most successful season yet and then it was off to Vegas for InterBike. Now it’s on to Richmond for the World’s. Just an amazing run for us and it’s going to get bigger.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher 


 CrossVegas 2015

Stradalli Cycle at CrossVegas and InterBike 2015 in Las Vegas


Stadalli Cycle is in Las Vegas for InterBike 2015 at the Mandalay Bay Resort. Multiple company execs have traveled to the event to check out the latest technology in cycling and meet with current and new sponsors.

“Our customers expect us to have knowledge on the latest technology in the biking world. They rely on us for inside information and the best way to get that is to come to InterBike, EuroBike and other conventions all around the world to meet with company officials directly.” Stradalli Cycle VP Alex Mclaughlin

Interbike also gives Stradalli Cycle a chance to meet with sponsors regarding the 2016 season.

“We have great sponsors and they are excited for the upcoming racing season because of how well our pro team did this past season. It also is a great chance to meet with new companies face to face who have been asking us about sponsorship opportunities. Plus you never really need an excuse to go to Las Vegas.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher

After the event the execs were able to stop by CrossVegas to check out the first UCI World Cup Cyclo Cross race in the US. It was an awesome race with a great crowd in attendance. 



Susan Shook Clare Greenwood Stradalli Cycle

Susan Shook Races to Victory in 2015 Road Masters Championship on a Stradalli Cycle

Susan Shook had a fantastic raceweek  at the 2015 Road Masters Championship in Hartberg, Austria. The race attracts cyclists from all around the world and features some tough competition. Shook has won dozens of big cycling races all around the world including several World Masters and National Championships, many of which on a Stradalli Cycle.

Also using a Stradalli Cycle and having a fantastic race in Hartberg was Clare Greenwood, another former World Masters Champion. Susan and Clare have been using Stradalli Cycle’s in championship races for years now.

“We have our pro racers and pro race teams that compete and win in races everywhere but it is also very cool when you get an email or a text from someone who sends in a pic of them competing and doing great in races on one of your bikes. I’m very happy for Susan and Clare, they are some of our most loyal and longtime friends and racers.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher


Susan Shook and Clare Greenwood Dominate World’s Time Trial Masters Championship with Stradalli Cycles

Susan Shook and Clare Greenwood had another fantastic Masters Championship race, this time at the World’s Time Trial Masters Championship in St. Johann, Tirol. Susan took the victory and Clare finished near the top as well, both racing on Stradalli Cycles. Susan and Clare have been using Stradalli Cycles for years and have both won multiple National and Worlds Masters Championships all around the world.

“Clare and Susan are members of the Stradalli Cycle family. I can’t even call them customers because they are great friends and I love when they send me updates on how they do in races all over the globe. That’s what I want to see from people who ride our bikes, I don’t want you to buy it and not use it. I want you to use your bike to get to work, have fun on the weekends, join some local races and if you really have the ability compete in bigger races. Cycling is all over the country and the world and there are races held nearly every weekend in your area. When someone buys a bike from us I tell them to get out and use it, make it a part of your daily routine and you will love it even more. Getting updates and pictures from customers about how much they love our bikes and where they are using them is awesome. Usually Clare and Susan’s pictures come with a few trophies as well which isn’t a bad thing either.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher 


Stradalli Cycle Ready For Interbike at Mandalay Bay Resort In Las Vegas

Stradalli Cycle will be heading to Interbike 2015 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Interbike is the largest bicycle trade show held in North America and will see over 25,000 visitors and the latest in cycling products and technology from all around the world. 



Stradalli Cycle Sponsor MET-Rx

Stradalli Cycle Would Like To Thank MET-Rx

Stradalli Cycle would like to thank MET-Rx for their sponsorship and support this past year. Many of the long road trips taken by the Stradalli Cycle pro race teams were accompanied with awesome gifts which were greatly appreciated and helped tremendously on multiple cross country trips made this past season.

“No one can put together a great race team without the help of awesome sponsors. MET-Rx was more than just a sponsor for us. One of the hardest things to do on a long trip is find healthy snacks for an entire race team but MET-Rx and Pure Protein eliminated that problem and the guys loved everything they sent us.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher

The Stradalli Cycle pro race team has completed their run in the USA Crits Series for this year and is gearing up for the 2016 season. Multiple sponsors have already renewed with the company for not only the pro team but other teams and individual racers Stradalli Cycle has all over the world.

MET-Rx is the performance fuel that builds confidence.  It is the brand that you can rely upon to provide your body with the delicious and authentic fuel you need. When you need to accelerate peak performance…with MET-Rx, you will be ready.


 Stradalli Cycle with Diadora Shoes

Stradalli Cycle Would Like To Thank Diadora-Canada

The Stradalli Cycle pro race team had an amazing season and we want to thank our great sponsors including Diadora-Canada for providing us with the best carbon shoes in the business. No matter how good a cyclist is they can’t get far without a great bike and reliable gear and a race team can’t get far without the best shoes made for cyclists and those are without a doubt Diadora carbon shoes! 


 Ruben Companioni Gateway Cup St. Louis

Stradalli Cycle Pro Race Team Ends USA Crits Season on High Note!

The Gateway Cup in St. Louis is one of the most competitive races of the year because it is the last of the USA Crits and NCC Series as well as the last chance for many cyclists to showcase what they can do as they look to strengthen their position going into next season.

The Stradalli Cycle Pro Race Team was already having the most successful crit season in company history but wanted to use the race to send a message that next year they would be racing for championships.

“We had an awesome year. This is a great group of guys and we spent the entire trip up to St. Louis working on a strategy for the race. We wanted this to be a statement race of how far we have come this year and how far we expect to go next year. We battled hard, the competition was tough but we were able to get the job done and at the end of the day I know this is a team that can win many championships next year.” Stradalli Cycle Pro Racer Ruben Companioni

Each team has 1 lead racer they hope can contend for the championship. In the case of Stradalli Cycle they have multiple racers who finished in or near the top ten in the overall standings and expect to do even better next year.

“Ruben finishing 2nd and Martin 4th in such a tough race as well as Ruben finishing 2nd in the overall standings, the team finishing 2nd in the overall standings, one of our young guys Sebastian Morfin finished 4th in the U25 rankings which was a super competitive group this year. This really has been a great year and these guys are awesome to be around. I was impressed at how strong the chemistry was and despite having a lot of young guys they all worked well together to get the job done. I said over 6 months ago that this was going to be a big year and I think we more than proved that. This has been a monster year for the company; our pro race team and individual racers all around the world have all done an awesome job. I’m going to have to get a big trophy case built this offseason the way things are going.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher 

Stradalli Cycle Pro Race Team



Watch the Stradalli Cycle Pro Race Team Live This Sunday at the USA Crits Gateway Cup 

The Stradalli Cycle pro race team is heading to St. Louis, Missouri for the final race of the year in the USA Crits Championship Series. The team looks to end a very successful year on a high note and will be competing in Sunday’s race; the Giro Della Montagna.

“This is going to be a tough race because it is the last one and you will have a lot of the top racers in the series here. We have had an awesome season and we want to end it as well as possible. I have a great group of teammates, we really are a family here and I can’t wait to get to St. Louis and race.” Stradalli Cycle Pro Racer Ruben Companioni

Companioni is currently ranked 2nd in the overall standings behind defending champion Daniel Holloway and is one of several Stradalli Cycle pro racers to have had a very successful season.

“I am so proud of our team. They have done a great job all year and to be perfectly honest it has been a lot of fun traveling with these guys. We’ve had to travel to Colorado; California a couple of times, Idaho, Canada, Pennsylvania and plenty of other spots and it has been a blast. I really enjoy watching these guys battle and compete during races. That’s why I wanted them here; they want to win and the tougher the competition the better they seem to race. That’s the kind of team you want to have and that’s why this has been a great year for Stradalli Cycle.” Tom Steinbacher, Stradalli Cycle CEO

You can watch the race live this Sunday 



Pro Bike Racer Girl Riding Carbon Fiber Bicycle from Stradalli Cycle with Lamborghini 



 Colombian National Team for World's

Stradalli Cycle News: Nairo Quintana On List for Richmond 2015 Worlds

It was announced last week that Stradalli Cycle is the official sponsor for the Colombian National Team for Richmond 2015. A long list of potential cyclists for the team has been released and the top of the list features some of the best cyclists in the world including Nairo Quintana.

Quintana won the 2014 Giro d’Italia and finished 2nd in the Tour De France this past summer behind winner Chris Froome. He also finished 2nd in the 2013 Tour De France and will headline one of the top teams headed to Richmond.

Quintana races for team Movistar but will be representing his country in this race. Therefore he will be joined by fellow countryman who race on other teams. Some of them include; Rigoberto Uran (Etixx-Quickstep), Esteban Chaves (Orica-GreenEdge) and Sergio Henao (Team Sky) among others.  Colombia will have one of the largest teams heading to Richmond and will be a force to be reckoned with.

Stradalli Cycle is excited to sponsor the Colombian National Team and CEO Tom Steinbacher is looking forward to attending the Worlds. 



Stradalli Cycle is a Sucker for Sea Sucker

One of the most challenging things Stradalli Cycle has to deal with every year is traveling. With over a dozen teams all over the world, traveling cannot be an issue when it comes to keeping the machine running and that’s why Stradalli Cycle uses Sea Sucker mounts and racks.

Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher who was just in Europe to attend races, meet with clients and also attend Eurobike gave his Sea Sucker the ultimate test and it passed with flying colors. “140 mph on the Autobahn with strong winds and curvy roads in Pyrenees Mountains. We went through Germany, France, Andorra, Spain, Italy, Austria and Switzerland and did not have a single problem. It’s not just that it holds the bikes perfect, the Sea Sucker also is very easy to take on and off. A great product used by everyone at Stradalli Cycle!”


 Stradalli Cycle Doug Deweese

Stradalli Cycle’s Doug Deweese Wins King of the Levee

The news last week regarding Stradalli Cycle focused on a trip to the UCI MTB World Championships in Andorra where Stradalli Cycle Mountain Biker Bob McCarty had a strong showing, CEO Tom Steinbacher attending the Eurobike show and the announcement that Stradalli Cycle will be the official sponsor of the Colombian National Team for the upcoming UCI Road World Championships at Richmond 2015.

However, that doesn’t mean that Stradalli Cycle isn’t the king of their own back yard. Doug Deweese, a Stradalli Cycle Mountain Biker competed and won the “King of the Levee” in the Everglades this past weekend. “Stradalli Cycle has all this big news coming out about big things around the country and around the world. I wanted to show they are well represented back home and it was a fun race, I love riding here and my bike was awesome. Tom gave me a great bike and it really does make racing more fun when you know going in that you have the best bike in the group.” Doug Deweese

Despite being in Europe for the UCI MTB World Championships as well as Eurobike, Bob McCarty and Tom Steinbacher were very interested in the King of the Levee race. “I train with Doug, he is a great guy and I was happy when he joined the Stradalli Cycle team. I would have loved to have raced with him but I was so proud when I heard that he won. It’s nice to see the mountain bikers are making some news for the company too.” Joked Bob McCarty

The company is focusing on expanding their global brand but that does not mean they have lost interest in South Florida Cycling. “First and foremost I am so proud of Doug. To win this kind of a race with the 29er full suspension with full size mountain bike tires shows what kind of racer he is. I love hearing that our guys are not only racing but winning, I don’t care what event, where in the world, it is proof of the versatility and expansion of this company. Cycling is a passion and its popularity in South Florida is rapidly growing. I want cyclists who are passionate about racing and whether it’s on the other side of the world or in your own back yard they want to compete and they want to win. That’s how you build a champion.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher 



Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher is attending the Eurobike international bicycle trade fair in his birthplace of Germany to meet with cycling companies and officials regarding the 2016 season. 

The fair is expected to see over 70,000 fans and members of the bike industry from nearly 100 countries. It is the largest bike fair in the world where people interested in the industry as well as the sport are able to check out the latest news and technology in the cycling world.

“Eurobike is a special event and it brings tens of thousands of people from all around the world. Fortunately I was going to be in Europe for the UCI MTB World Championships in Andorra so I was able to head back over to Germany just in time to meet with some longtime friends and clients.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher

There is much discussion about Stradalli Cycle Racing heading into the 2016 season and the presence of Stradalli Cycle at the Eurobike show only adds to the discussion.

“We still have another race to go with the pro team in the USA Crits Series and we will also be attending the UCI Road World Championships at Richmond 2015. Those are major events and once we get past that we will announce the plans for the 2016 season but there is still a lot of work to be done for this year.” Tom Steinbacher 



 Stradalli Cycle Mountain Biker Bob McCarty has strong showing at UCI Worlds

The UCI MTB World Championships in Andorra featured the best in the world in mountain biking. Facing a tough field of 60 plus racers from 17 countries, Stradalli Cycle mountain biker Bob McCarty did more than hold his own as he finished a solid 12th in one of the toughest cross country races in the world.

 “The bike was perfect, the conditions were good and I was happy with my performance. I’m happy with how I did because I knew going in I was going to face some tough competition. All you can hope for in a race like this is that everything goes well and it is left up to you as a racer. That’s what happened and I was able to race well against the best in the world.” Stradalli Cycle Mountain Biker Bob McCarty

Accompanying McCarty on the trip is Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher who was more than pleased with his mountain bikers’ performance. “Bob did an awesome job. When it comes to racing there are so many variables you have to take into account. You have the top mountain bikers in the world here and I’m so proud of Bob especially being from Florida racing at altitude. He didn’t get overwhelmed or intimidated; he battled the entire time and pushed himself up the tough climbs in the Pyrenees Mountains.”

Tom and Bob have had quite an adventure in Europe. They have visited and trained in France, Italy, Germany, Andorra , Austria , Switzerland and will be returning to Germany for Eurobike 2015 get caught up with what's new in the bike industry.


Mountain Biker Bob McCarty and Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher took their bikes out for a ride in the beautiful woods of Germany and also were able to race along the beautiful coast of Montpellier in the South of France.


After that it was on to Andorra for the UCI worlds cross country MTB and the ski slopes at La Massana