Customers Reviews

Customer's Reviews

I love my green and white Verona. I picked it for the neon green color and it turned out to be a real lean mean high-performance race machine. I ride with 50mm Stradalli carbon wheels to match and Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 group because nothing shifts smoother. Best performing bike ever!


Lisa Clifford



I was a little worried before purchasing my Stradalli Napoli since I wasn’t able to test ride it before purchasing it.  The guys at Stradalli were awesome with helping me make the right choices.  It was super smooth.  I love my Napoli.


John Jacobs




My Scafati is hands down the most comfortable bike I’ve ridden. 


Cassandra Elliot



I traded my Felt for Stradalli four years ago. It is my first full carbon bike. I am holding on to this one. It is light and stiff and gets lots of looks. When time will come to upgrade it I will get another Stradalli.




Short and Simple

Best Road bike i ever bought for and raced ,

was less then half price and was a super simple buy

Ross hooked me up


Thanks Billy

Jefferson City





Searched Internet for 6 month, was very skeptical, about buying a bicycle without riding it talked with sales guy and he promised I can return it if not what I expect holly cow , was I shocked when I got my 2 boxes better then I could imagine for under $2800 full shimano bike


smiling customer

Anthony  61 - Chicago 




I have tested several bikes during my cycling career. Now I ride Stradalli, one thing I really like about this bike it's the way it turns corners. It helps sprinters like myself turn the corners fast and steady. Everyone over at Stradalli ensures you are pleased and comfortable with your bikes and products.






For being a “Larger” cyclist it is great to have a carbon frame that is strong , stiff, and still super light weight. Bin on my Napoli for 18 month and absolutely love it.





I’m one of the very few lucky people that can say I’ve seen Stradalli grow into one of the best bike companies around. I actually started on one of their prototype frames when the business was just starting. Sure there were issues all which would be expected in a business just getting started. There weren’t nearly as many as I would have expected only because the brain child behind the business was so dead set on getting it right from the start.

                I think it was that drive and determination then that has made the company what it is today. It is the best option for a cyclist out there period. It is the best value for your money out there bar none.  Stradalli’s customer service is head of the class only followed by its continuous search for better, lighter, stronger, faster and affordable equipment.

                I’ve seen more top results on my Stradalli frames than any of the other many frames I’ve  had available without compare.

                For your money it is the best deal you’re going to find anywhere and with the customer service backing it up…it’s an easy choice Stradalli is what you need to ride.







I've ridden on some of the roughest and challenging roads around the world. My Stradalli has held up and put me in many winning moves over the last 3 yrs it's supper responsive , light and looks incredible . I highly recommend Stradalli for pro rider's to your weekend warrior to beginner's . These frames match up to any 6 to 8 k frame set at less than half the price. 

     Thanks Stradalli Grant Potter.




Hallo mein Name ist Andreas. Der Service von Stradalli Cycle hat mich bereits nach dem ersten Kontakt begeistert. Mein Fragen wurden professionell und vor allem ehrlich beantwortet. Natürlich war bei der Bestellung etwas Skepsis dabei, da die Marke Stradalli in Deutschland noch nicht zu einen der bekanntesten zählt. Als mein Traumbike dann ankam und auch noch in Deutschland durch die Firma Stradalli professionell montiert, abgenommen und mir übergeben wurde, ist meine Meinung über den Service, das Preis- Leistungsverhältnis und die Firma Stradalli Cycle selbst in ein Mass vorgedrungen an dem sich alle Anderen noch ein großes Stück abschneiden könnten. Alles super sauber verarbeitet und wie auch bereits auf der Webseite beschreiben, eine absolute Rennsau :) :) :)! Mein Traumbike heist Stradalli Napoli DI2!




I have to say that my first ever experience with Stradalli Cycles was an amazing one.  In all honesty I hadn't been on a bike since I was around 16 years old but was wanting to take up cycling again to get back into shape.

I happened to meet the owner of Stradalli and we started talking about bikes.  To say that he was helpful in an understatement.  He asked me what my how much I rode and I was completely honest with him.  Told he was I was wanting to accomplish, what I could afford, and asked him if he had anything that fit what I was looking for.  I had no previous knowledge so that had always made me wary of buying a knew bike especially since buying anything of quality seems to get expensive very quickly.  He assured me that he would be able to build something just for me that would fit me, be able to handle everything I was looking for, and more.  Once they built my bike and I got to lay my eyes on it for the first time I was blown away by the look, how light it was, and how well it handled itself on the road. Since I got by bike I have lost 20 pounds and feel so much better I can't begin to explain!  Thank you Stradalli for surpassing all of my expectations and taking all of my needs into consideration!