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Stradalli Cycle Mountain Bike Champ Bob McCarty Looks to Defend Title

Thursday, December 29, 2016 12:09:41 PM EST5EDT

Stradalli Cycle Mountain Bike Champ Bob McCarty Looks to Defend Title

Stradalli Cycle Mountain Bike Champ Bob McCarty Looks to Defend Title

Bob McCarty flew into LAX this morning with his wife on their way to Mammoth Lakes, California for the 2015 MTB Championship. McCarty is the defending champion and is excited to compete at Mammoth Mountain for the first time since 1998.

“It’s been an awesome year and we still have more races to go. But for me this is a big race, I want to defend my title and it’s been almost 2 decades since I last raced at Mammoth. That’s crazy to even think but I love California and I am looking forward to going back and being in what I expect to be a really exciting race.” Bob McCarty

Staradalli Cycle has a lot of focus on California this month as the Crit team (and current USA Crit Series Leaders) are also traveling to California for the San Rafael Sunset Criterium.

“I would have loved to have seen the guy’s race and vice versa. I’ve been getting calls and texts from the guys and Tom the entire week wishing me luck, asking if I need anything. They really wanted to be here but we are going to just miss each other by a day. It happens but I’m very proud of them and I hope we can all bring Stradalli Cycle a lot of championships this year. Tom and the company have just been awesome to all of us and it really does feel like a big family.

Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher is on the trip with the Crit team as they prepare for another tough race. “I talk to Bob every day, I wanted to go to Mammoth to see him in action but the travel dates didn’t line up. The entire Stradalli Cycle family is so proud of what Bob has done, not just this year but since he joined the team. He is a class act, a great friend and I look forward to hearing how the race went.”

McCarty’s dominance in Pro Mountain biking further proves the reach the Stradalli Cycle organization has in all aspects of bike racing and this is proving to be a breakout year for them. 

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Bob Mccarty and Doug DeWeese are Getting Ready to Race There Stradalli Carbon Race Machines at Marathon XC National Championships

Stradalli shows their versatility

The 2015 season is off to a great start for Stradalli Cycle Racing. However, that success is not only limited to road racing. Mountain biker Bob McCarty had a very successful weekend at the USA Cycling Marathon Nationals over the weekend on his 650b carbon cross country full suspension bike

The race in Georgia, just outside of Augusta, is over 60 miles along and has some of the toughest terrain you will find. There are parts of the race where you actually cannot ride your bike, you have to hike with it over your shoulder as you walk through streams and over down trees. Mountain bike racing is certainly a different breed of racing but it brings excitement to fans and competitors alike. McCarty led most of the race in the age 40-44 category and finished 2nd. The most impressive stat of the day is that he finished with a top ten time out of all amateurs of the weekend, including riders half his age.

“This is the type of race where you have to be in great shape, you have to be able to grind it out there, but you also need to have the experience and understanding of what the course is going to throw at you. Sometimes it’s the weather and sometimes, like this weekend, it’s the actual terrain you are up against. You can be the fastest guy on a bike and that’s great, but this is mountain bike racing, if you can’t transition from clean road to throwing your bike over your shoulder and hiking through water and then jumping back on your bike and not letting that slow you down, you aren’t going to be very competitive.” Bob McCarty.

Bob was not the only one pleased with his race results at the USA Cycling Marathon Nations. Team owner Tom Steinbacher loves the versatility of his race team; “When people look at cycling, when they look at our team they may think of us as a usa pro road team and we have been having a great year at that. But I want to be more than just a pro road cycling and pro ncc crit team, I want us to compete all over the world in any type of race that involves a bike. That’s the mark of a true race team and bicycle brand, not just versatility but being able to win races, no matter the type of race it is. You want to be a real race team, you have to be able to compete anywhere. Every weekend it seems we have great news regarding the team because we are in so many races and competitions. I love that. ”

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Bob McCarty Delivers Big Win for Stradalli Cycle at Sea Otter Classic

Monday, December 26, 2016 10:51:33 AM EST5EDT

Bob McCarty Delivers Big Win for Stradalli Cycle at Sea Otter Classic

The Sea Otter Classic is one of the biggest cycling weekends in North America and Stradalli wanted to grab some attention before they went home. They accomplished that and more with a victory by Stradalli Racing team member Bob McCarty.

“The team as a whole did a great job, I’m very proud of them. But to be leaving with a win at the Sea Otter Classic is a huge deal and I love what we were able to accomplish this weekend. This is the second weekend in a row we have had victories in big races on the other side of the country. This shows people that we are not just going to compete in south east races but we are going to compete and win in pro races all over the country.” Stradalli Team owner Tom Steinbacher.

With hundreds of sponsors and tens of thousands of fans in attendance, Stradalli wanted to make sure they had an impactful weekend. SAFETTI providing the uniforms, JACO Athletics helping with additional athletic wear, DIADORA with the racing shoes and FULL SPEED AHEAD (FSA) providing the cranks. Each sponsor had representatives at the Classic which added to the team’s motivation for success.

“You have over 60,000 people there just as fans. 10,000 racers and sponsors as well. If you don’t feel a little extra motivation at a race weekend like this then you are in the wrong sport. We are so thankful for the support we get from our sponsors and fans and we wanted to give them something to be proud of and I think we accomplished that. Everyone; the fans, the sponsors and the team have been very happy with the success we’ve had already this season and we want to continue with it.”

McCarty’s win is not only big for the race team, but it shows the versatility of the team as they are now putting up great results at multiple races, in different categories, each weekend, all around the country. As the team gears up for another big weekend one thing is for sure, this has the promise of being the most successful season for Stradalli Racing yet.

“This is exciting, we are top contenders in races all around the country every weekend. That’s awesome. I think it shows how solid a team we have built here, not only in South Florida but we are represented by racers all over the world. Hopefully our success continues and we see more results like we did this weekend. I hate doing laundry so I told the guys to keep winning jerseys; we won’t have to wash the old ones!”

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Bob McCarty Pushing His Stradalli 29er Through the MTB Trails.

Friday, November 18, 2016 5:24:46 PM EST5EDT

Bob McCarty pushing his Stradalli 29er through the MTB trails.

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Bob McCarty to Ride a Stradalli Cycle During Masters World Championships in Norway 

Stradalli, Tom Steinbacher, Jaco, Colavita, MTB, cycling, bicycle, Carbon bikes, Full suspension, racing bikes, 650B, 27.5, Bob McCarty, Masters World Championships 

Stradalli Cycle, the high performance carbon bicycle manufacturer, is pleased to announce that professional cyclist Bob McCarty will be riding a Stradalli full carbon 29er mountain bike during the 2014 UCI MTB Masters World Championships in Norway. McCarty, who turned Pro in 2010, has been the Florida State Champion no less than four times, winning in 1997, 2011, 2012, and 2013. With over 270 race starts, he is currently at the top of his game, feeling strong and ready to race in Norway. As well as being ranked as the number one 40-49 year old in the USA, Bob also recently won the 2014 Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, CA.

“I am in the best shape of my life. This year I will be attending the Nationals in PA., the World Cup in NY., and the World Championships in Norway,” said Robert McCarty. “I will then return to the USA to defend my Florida State Title for a 5th time.”


Bob will be riding a full carbon 29er Stradalli Mountain bike during the championships. The frames on Stradalli’s mountain bikes are made using 100% carbon fiber and have a tensile strength of 50 tons per square cm. This makes the frame strong but light, the ideal combination for mountain biking. 

“Bob McCarty is a world class athlete and we are proud that he will be riding one of our bicycles,” said Thomas Steinbacher, CEO of Stradalli Cycle. “I am sure he will do well at the event and it will be great to see him race on a Stradalli.” The 2014 UCI MTB Masters World Championships will be held in Hafjell, Norway. The picturesque village and ski resort is well equipped to host the World Championships and has successfully hosted several World Cup events over the last ten years. The Hafjell Bike Park is one of the leading mountain biking facilities in Europe. The park has 14 trails, covering over 25 km. 

About The Stradalli Cycle Company 
The Stradalli Cycle Company is based in South Florida and sells worldwide to the keen athlete who demands the best equipment. With years of experience in both high tech manufacturing and vdesign as well as a love for cycling, Stradalli brings passion and innovation to the road racing and time trial markets.

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