USAcrits Speedweek is finally over and we came home with the following wins:


A. Won the Blue overall Lap leader jersey.

B. 3 overall racer with Florenz Knauer.

C. Second best young Racer with Alberto Covarrubias

D. Team Podium 3rd overall

E. 3 guys out of our 5 racers finished in the top 20 overall

We are super ecstatic to not only celebrate our wins and accolades but to do so healthy with not one of our racers crashed out!  To all of our fellow competitors who crashed out we wish you best of luck on your recovery and we look forward to seeing you all on the starting line.

Congratulations to all the strong teams and racers who competed hard and had fun out there!  A special thank you to to all the fans, promoters, friends, family and sponsors for making all the possible!