Team Stradalli-Safetti


I want to congratulate you for selecting such a fine group of men for your team. They were excellent house guests and I really enjoyed the time they were here. I really respect how hard working and serious they were about being professional and representing your team to the best of their abilities.

I knew very little about how qualified these guys were to be on an elite team. National champions, Olympic athletes, world championship competitors, etc. Alberto even has a sister that is a national champion! Amazing pedigree!

Ole is a fine team leader and expects a lot from his team. He runs a tight ship, but is fair and respectful. Jose spent some time with me working on a squeak in my bike's stem. He is such a nice guy. We also enjoyed spending time with Alberto, Florenz, Peter, and Andy too. My wife interviewed all of them on the first night and I think that helped break the ice!

My wife and I have invited each of them back and I feel like we made friendships with our time together. We've even been invited to visit them in their countries!

I ran in to the Safetti representative on one of my rides. He was riding one of your bikes and spoke very highly of it (and your team). I am very interested in your bikes.

Thank you for this opportunity to help. We enjoyed the experience.

-Brett Woodward