Team Stradalli-Safetti Pro Cyclist Jose’ Frank Rodriguez

Team Stradalli-Safetti Pro Cyclist Jose’ Frank Rodriguez (Rep. Dominican Republic) has been on one amazing ride. A Journey which began 2 years ago where he placed 3rd at the UCI Paralympics World Championship held in Greenville, SC. But the story doesn’t start there. Back In 2002 Jose’ was involved in a near death life changing car accident where his leg was badly crushed from the knee down.

A difficult decision, left Doctors almost having to amputate his Left leg from the knee; but with amazing medical technology they were able to save his leg while although still badly scarred and with limited movement; he still and has learned to be a top level pro cyclist with this handicap and still capture countless podium finishes with Non-handicapped riders all over the world and country. A testament to his hard work and a positive attitude; by not letting this otherwise life changing accident keep him from achieving his dream of bringing home a Gold medal for Team Stradalli-Safetti and his country at the Rio’ Paralympics Games in 2016.

Competing in roadrace, track and Time Trial, maybe its 3 podiums. He still has one big race left on his calendar which he considers“training”. The Clasico Cayey in Puerto Rico, August 17th-22nd   after

that it’s back to the D.R for some Intense Mountain Training and other local races from August 22nd to September 3rd. Then he will travel over to Brazil, September 7th-18th for the Rio’ Paralympics Games; which will be his final challenge to bring home the Gold Medal. 

We will keep you updated on his success as we follow this travels.