Coconut water , Sun, beach, and bicycling- another perfect day at the Stradalli team training camp
Pompano Beach- Florida
The team couldn’t have asked for better weather as they prepared to head out on their bike ride this morning. It seemed that today everyone was extra pumped to get out, put in some good fast training miles, and take in all the beautiful scenery, and lush surroundings of Florida. The route turned out excellent, with a scenic spin through luxurious neighborhoods, a bit of time riding and hoping to catch a glimpse of a few alligators, and a fun stop at the Markham 360 6 Hour MTB Race to cheer on 3 other Stradalli team racers; 2 of which took 1st place, and one who took 2nd. (Woohoo!!!!)
Finally, the day concluded with a cool and interesting visit by the talented young YouTube sensation, Alexandra Robinson. She accompanied the team to a fabulous, laughter filled dinner, including a wasabi eating challenge, and a meaningful post dinner team video-interview for Alexandra’s YouTube channel, All the racers candidly spoke of why they got into cycling, the great impact it has had on their lives, and how they enjoy being positive role models for others.

Team Interpro - Stradalli 2018

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