Florida team camp 
Driving to the airport and picking up the teams in Miami traffic wasn’t the most relaxing endeavor, but seeing the racers smiles and laughs made the trip a pleasant occasion. They were excited about the trip and relieved when they all arrived at the team camp without incident.
We settled into a tasty pasta dinner, and enjoyed some brief conversation before the racers hit the showers and slid comfortably into their beds. After a decent night’s rest, hot showers and hearty bowls of oatmeal, the team loaded into the Stradalli bus destined for Stradalli headquarters in Pompano Beach FL. A round of short interviews, informal team meetings, and a quick photo shoot, quickly filled their agenda for the morning. 
For some of the racers, this is their first visit to the USA, so the ‘oversized’ variety and selection of restaurants, made their lunch break better than expected. The team took their new Stradalli carbon bikes out for a second test spin and finished up the remaining bike fittings. Tonight, the team will meet some Stradalli racers from Florida and enjoy an impressive spread of Sushi. By tomorrow, the team should be jet-lag free and fully recovered for their next busy day at camp.

InterPro-Stradalli Team 2018

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