Susan Shook Races to Victory in 2015 Road Masters Championship on a Stradalli Cycle

Susan Shook had a fantastic raceweek  at the 2015 Road Masters Championship in Hartberg, Austria. The race attracts cyclists from all around the world and features some tough competition. Shook has won dozens of big cycling races all around the world including several World Masters and National Championships, many of which on a Stradalli Cycle.

Also using a Stradalli Cycle and having a fantastic race in Hartberg was Clare Greenwood, another former World Masters Champion. Susan and Clare have been using Stradalli Cycle’s in championship races for years now.

“We have our pro racers and pro race teams that compete and win in races everywhere but it is also very cool when you get an email or a text from someone who sends in a pic of them competing and doing great in races on one of your bikes. I’m very happy for Susan and Clare, they are some of our most loyal and longtime friends and racers.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher


Susan Shook and Clare Greenwood Dominate World’s Time Trial Masters Championship with Stradalli Cycles

Susan Shook and Clare Greenwood had another fantastic Masters Championship race, this time at the World’s Time Trial Masters Championship in St. Johann, Tirol. Susan took the victory and Clare finished near the top as well, both racing on Stradalli Cycles. Susan and Clare have been using Stradalli Cycles for years and have both won multiple National and Worlds Masters Championships all around the world.

“Clare and Susan are members of the Stradalli Cycle family. I can’t even call them customers because they are great friends and I love when they send me updates on how they do in races all over the globe. That’s what I want to see from people who ride our bikes, I don’t want you to buy it and not use it. I want you to use your bike to get to work, have fun on the weekends, join some local races and if you really have the ability compete in bigger races. Cycling is all over the country and the world and there are races held nearly every weekend in your area. When someone buys a bike from us I tell them to get out and use it, make it a part of your daily routine and you will love it even more. Getting updates and pictures from customers about how much they love our bikes and where they are using them is awesome. Usually Clare and Susan’s pictures come with a few trophies as well which isn’t a bad thing either.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher