Stradalli Cycle Sponsor Bill Bone Renews for 2016 Season

Stradalli Cycle is happy to announce one of its longest sponsors Bill Bone Bike Law has renewed for the 2016 racing season. Bill Bone is not only one of South Florida’s most respected Bicycle Accident Lawyers but he is also considered the face of Florida Cycling. His dedication to protecting cyclists throughout the state has given him an impeccable reputation among the bicycling community. He's sponsored more races and advocated for more legal changes than any other lawyer in the state. He is a lifetime resident who has championed recreational and professional cycling in Florida since he was a young man. He loves the sport--but more importantly when it comes to helping cyclists, he is a great lawyer. Bill Bone is Board Certified by the Florida Bar as a specialist in Civil Trial Law. He was named a Super Lawyer and has the highest A-V Preeminent status by Martindale Hubbell, the nation’s oldest lawyer rating service.  As a recreational cyclist he may not come in at the head of the peloton but he leads the way in the courtroom and that's what counts.

"Bill Bone is cycling in Florida. He has dedicated a large part of his professional and spare time to improving cycling as a sport and a recreational activity. Our sport would benefit greatly from more people like him. South Florida is becoming more cycle-friendly and Bill Bone is a big reason why that is happening. We were very excited when he wanted to become part of the Stradalli Cycle team years ago because we knew he would fit in great with our overall mission and what we expect to accomplish.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher

South Florida is one of the top cycling communities in the country as far as the use of bikes for recreation, exercise and transportation. However, pro racing is quickly gaining popularity in the region with more events than ever now taking place, including the Bill Bone Pro Am Race Series which not only covers all of Florida but has expanded into other states as well. 

“We’ve had racers in some of the events in the Pro Am Series and they always love how they get to compete in races close to home. I think Florida is practically begging for more pro events and we are getting there. Guys like Bill are the reason these things happen because he understands the big picture of the sport and he sponsors/hosts most of the events personally. It is more than just getting on a bicycle and pedaling, it is a way of life for a lot of people and the passion he has for it is why we are excited to have him as part of the team. You look at what he does with charity work, raising awareness, educating children on the benefits of being active by riding bikes and everything else he does, then to be one of the top trial lawyers in the state, that’s impressive. ” Tom Steinbacher

The law firm has been a great addition to the long list of sponsors Stradalli Cycle has. Even though the pro team competes nationally the company and most of its racers are from South Florida. Bill Bone sees the value in that connection.

“Stradalli is building a global brand but no matter how big they get their home is South Florida. What they are doing for pro cycling in the United States is why they caught the attention of a lot of people including myself. Tom loves the sport and wants to build it up the right way and he started by putting together a great race team. These kids are young, athletic and they love to compete and that’s exactly the kind of group I want representing us in races all over the country but especially ones in the state of Florida. We are branding more than just a law firm; there is a cycling movement currently underway in Florida and we feel that Stradalli Cycle is the perfect team to show the rest of the country that pro racing in Florida is the real deal.” Bicycle Accident Lawyer Bill Bone