Stradalli Cycle - Safetti  Pro Racer Ruben Companioni Leading USA Crits Overall Series

Stradalli Cycle -Safetti pro racer Ruben Companioni is now at the top of the standings on the USA Crits Overall Series after finishing in the top 3 and getting the midway points prime at the Hyde Park Blast in Cincinnati. Companioni is not alone as Stradalli Cycle-Safetti Smart Wear and Texas Roadhouse Cycling p/b Stradalli combine to own 4 of the top 8 spots in the overall standings. Now it’s 4 Stradalli bikes in the top 8.

“It’s really cool to look at the leader board and not only see your guy at the top, but to see so many other guys in the top 10 and even more of our racers are creeping up on the top 10 as well. Before this season we set a goal, to build the best TEAM possible for us. I wanted the team to work together
to get the best results and if you look at the standings right now that’s what you will find. Now it’s 4 Stradalli bikes in the top 8. We’ve had plenty of doubters, especially to start the season but when you look at what we have accomplished I think the results speak for themselves.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher

If that wasn’t enough, the Stradalli Cycle-Safetti Smart Wear Pro Team currently sits 2nd in the overall standings as well. With a great mix of athletic youth and seasoned veterans, this team is poised to win a lot more jerseys over the remainder of the season.

“The last trip we just came back from says everything you need to know about this team. Guys literally giving teammates their bike to finish a race, helping in any way they can to make sure Ruben got the lead overall, working on improving in the overall team standings, not missing a training session because they were tired or complaining because of how long the trip was. I have never seen a more dedicated and focused team than the one we have this year and the irony is they are all having a lot of fun as well.” Tom Steinbacher

It is amazing how focused the team is on winning. They face another big challenge coming up as they head to the Andersen/Banducci Twilight Criterium in Boise, Idaho on Saturday, July 11th.

“We love the tough competition, that’s when we seem to be at our best. This was a long road trip but we got better as we went and that’s because we enjoy being a part of this team. When Ruben got into first in the standings we all felt like it was a team win, not just an individual win. Our goal the rest of the season is to make sure he stays up there and we take the team overall championship as well. We know we can do it because we’re in July and we are still here, so whoever says we can’t hasn’t seen us compete.” Young Stradalli Cycle Pro Racer Abel Quintana

The Boise trip will start another long road trip for the team but they are looking forward to the opportunity to compete out west again and prove they belong at the top of the standings where they intend on staying the rest of the year.

Written By James Cox