Stradalli Cycle Races into Speed Week

The biggest weekend for Stradalli Racing is here at last. This is the weekend we all have been waiting for, Speed Week in Athens Georgia. This is the 1st official 2015 USA Crits Race and the biggest. The early success this year has been great for team Stradalli Cycle but this is the weekend where they will matchup against the best in the world. The competition will be tough but Stradalli is bringing a full team with them. Ruben Campioni, Sebastian Morfin, Yosvany Falcon, Grant Potter, Cesar Grajales, Machete and 4 guest riders will be heading up for the weekend.
“I’ve been extremely proud and excited about how this racing season has gone so far. We’ve had some great results with Ruben and Cesar winning races and the other guys placing great finishes as well. This is truly a strong team from top to bottom. But after every weekend we’ve had I keep having this thought, let’s see how we do during Speed Week. Well now it is here and we have a chance to show off what we can do and I think we have the team that will grab some attention. We have a great combination of youth and experience so the younger guys have that to draw from, they can rely on Grant or Cesar for their knowledge of this weekend and what to expect. Cesar knows this race and town like the back of his hand; I’m honestly shocked they haven’t named this weekend after him.” Tom Steinbacher team owner.
Steinbacher isn’t joking. Not only is this the biggest Pro Race on the USA Crits schedule but it is a homecoming for Cesar Grajales. He lived in Athens for over 5 years, was given accommodations by the mayor of the town and actually beat Lance Armstrong in the Brasstown Bald.
“Athens has a very special place in my heart and I love this weekend. The town is completely different, it becomes one big giant party as students from all the nearby colleges come in, cyclists and fans from all over the world come in and everyone makes it the biggest event of the year. Speed week is over 30 years old, it’s tradition speaks for itself and I still get extra excited heading up there because it’s such a special event to me. I have this weekend circled on my calendar every year.” Cesar Grajales
Grajales wasn’t exaggerating, the entire city of Athens transforms for this weekend and cycling fans will see some of the toughest races and competition out there. The Stradalli Team is ready for action and they are out to prove that the early success of the season is just the beginning.
“The team has been fantastic this year, the fans have shown a lot of support and the sponsors have been awesome with their support as well. FSA with their cranks, SAFETTI gave us the uniforms, DIADORA with the shoes, JACO Athletics provides clothing as well. But it’s not just the things these sponsors give us, they really have been supporting us this year and I think that is as much a part of why we are having the results we are having. I want to thank everyone for this year, I love cycling but this year I feel more like a fan than ever because I am just having so much fun. Hopefully the fun continues or Princess won’t be happy!”