Stradalli Cycle Mountain Biker Doug DeWeese Goes For 2 FSC Championships

It’s been an anything but dull season for Stradalli Cycle MTB racer Doug DeWeese and his full carbon 29er full suspension MTB as he prepares for the final race in the FSC series this weekend at Santos Trails in Ocala Florida. At the beginning of the season he was neck and neck with his mentor and teammate Bob McCarty. Then McCarty was in a bad crash that took him out of contention and cost him most of the FSC season.

Facing tough competition and having to go at it alone for the next few races DeWeese put on a show of dominance, winning most of the season or finishing near the top. He has overcome crashes, mechanical malfunctions, bad weather, and tough competition and now comes into Santos as the leader for both the Elite category as well as his age group.

“Doug has had an incredible season. Every time he is faced with a new challenge he somehow finds a way to keep going. You can teach someone everything you know but you can’t teach effort and you definitely cannot teach anyone how to battle the way he has through this year. We’re very proud of him and the season he has had and we want him to bring both championships to Stradalli this weekend.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher

In attendance for the race will be Bob McCarty who despite the injury has attended several races this season to show his support and offer words of wisdom to DeWeese who will not be taking this race lightly despite having a commanding lead in the Elite and age categories.

“I need to win this race, not for points or anything but with Bob coming back next year I don’t know if I will win anything.” Joked DeWeese “I think the biggest downside to this season was not getting to race Bob for a championship. Otherwise I’m very proud of how this season has gone and I have to thank Bob for all he has done for me as well as Tom. Stradalli Cycle has given me more support than I could ask for. They did more than just supply a mountain bike and a jersey, Tom literally comes out and trains with me, has me test out and review other bikes they have, we always have people at the races, it really is like a family and it’s been a lot of fun.”