Stradalli Cycle has a Great Race Weekend at Tulsa Tough

It was another successful weekend for Stradalli Cycle pro team as the they was able to work together and help Ruben Companioni keep his 2nd place in the USA Crits overall standings . He now stands only 54 points behind USA Crits leader Daniel Holloway. 

Tulsa Tough was the beginning of a 3 week road trip and one of the toughest stretches competitively on the calendar. However, despite the large amount of individual success, what has Stradalli Cycle owner Tom Steinbacher most thrilled is how his team is focused on team work and building a great cycling family.

“I heard them talking about it all during the last couple of weeks during training, let’s get Ruben in first, let’s get Stradalli on top. I have a rider 2nd overall and I have a team that’s in the top 5 overall in the Pro
standings and I’m very proud of that but what makes me most proud is how we are focused on Stradalli Cycle team camaraderie, not just individual results. Guys pass the finish line, first thing out of their mouth is where did Ruben finish, how are the teammates?”

The “team” mentality has been in place all season long with the great combination of youth and experience, but it is the success of the team overall that is starting to grab everyone’s attention on race weekends.

Special thanks to team sponsors; SAFETTI providing uniforms, FSA providing cranks, DIADORA providing shoes and JACO Clothing providing additional athletic wear.