Stradalli Cycle – Bike Aid Rounds Out Roster With 2016 Rio Olympics Bound Janvier Hadi

Stradalli Cycle – Bike Aid Rounds Out Roster With 2016 Rio Olympics Bound Janvier Hadi

For those wondering if the Stradalli Cycle – Bike Aid Conti Team from Germany would be lacking depth and talent for the start of the upcoming UCI racing season due to the loss of Mekseb Debesay who signed with the Dimension Data World Tour Team there is nothing to worry about as the field of African riders has been completed with Janvier Hadi who will be representing Rwanda in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero and the 2015 Tour of Rwanda winner Jean Bosco Nsengimana.

“When Mekseb left there were people who asked what we were going to do. We weren’t concerned because we knew the level of talent out there was deeper than most understand. You have world-class athletes looking for an opportunity to race in Europe, they are going to the Olympics, they are winning the Tour of Rwanda yet they have a hard time getting on a conti team? This shows even more why the Stradalli Cycle – Bike Aid cause is so important. It gives these amazing athletes the opportunity to compete at the top levels of cycling.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher

The story of Hadi and Nsengimana is truly inspirational as they come from a country devastated by war, poverty and genocide. As the country tries to rebuild there is a demand for more than just money and food. Opportunity is truly scarce in Africa and the people are grateful for every chance they are given for a better life.

“If our roster has 1 or 2 success stories many people would think that we succeeded but that isn’t the case. We want multiple success stories each year and this year we are proud to announce that there will be 6 riders from Africa on the roster. That is a huge accomplishment in such a short period of time and it shows not only the hard work of those wanting to be on this team but those who support us with sponsorships, donations and other assistance. This is shaping up to be a great year for our team and we are excited to get the 2016 racing season underway.” Eric Haus (Founder and CEO of Bike Aid)

The new members of the Stradalli Cycle – Bike Aid conti team will be racing this season on the Aversa full carbon road bikes from Stradalli Cycle which have been used in top races all around the world.

“You should see the excitement we get from fans and the new racers from Africa when they see the pictures of the new Aversa full carbon road bikes we got from Stradalli. Some members of the team got a chance to go to Florida last month and try out these cycles and were very impressed with them. Now with our new title and bike sponsor and more support than ever before, a great team loaded with ambitious and talented young racers from Africa, this is going to be a great year for Stradalli Cycle – Bike Aid and we expect great things.” Pro Racer Matthias Schnapaka 

Written By James Cox