Peter Forster, German Pro Racer for Team Stradalli – Safetti

As Peter Forster’s collegiate road season continues; his last 6 races have been all very successful. The races in Clemson, Brevard and the home race in Atlanta, 6 out of the 4 races have been wins, and 3 of those wins have been by peter on his new Stradalli San Remo on the Top step. After a tough 6 races with his Stradalli team mate Andy Scarano he was also trying new racing tactics that he has learned from being in the US. Skeptical at first he put faith in his teammates and it was proven to be successful; with a two man attack tactic attempted at the race in Brevard. Fellow Teammate Sean Fincham and Peter attacked the field with 20 minutes to go and managed to stay away until the finish resulting in a double win.

Peter continues to pull away with his lead in the south east collegiate cycling conference on his brand new Stradalli San Remo Carbon Frame and the help of his sponsors Safetti, Met-Rx and NOW Helmets with great support, feedback and race proven results. Coming up will be the last collegiate cycling event of the conference in Johnson City at Milligan University. In these race riders score twice as many point’s than in a normal race, peter should be able to secure his lead in the collegiate Men’s Class A without a problem. Good luck to Peter and the rest of the SCAD Team.