McCarty & mud at 6 hours of Haile

5-22-2018 - FLE #7 - 6 Hours of Haile - Hailes Trails - Newberry, Fl

Although the race started with great conditions it only lasted till about the halfway mark when the skies opened up and turned the demanding Hailes course into a mudder but at least the first lap which was a silent tribute to Shawn Smith was dry and perfect. Shawn a former winner of this event passed away on May 10th as the result of being hit by a truck while riding his bike and was honored by the silent lap where all the racers rode the first lap in slience and stayed together leaving no one behind. There was also a very successful raffel and silent auction for the Smith family that raised over $5700. Many thanks to all that participated and donated to the memory of Shawn Smith.

Back to the race action, Ryan Woodall took the 3 hour men's win and Mose Howard was the Florida Endurance series 3 hour champion. Beata Wronska was the winner of the very commpetitve women's 3 hour class, however Jennifer Howard walked away with the series championship. Robert Duncanson wrapped up the 3 hour FLE championship by racking up another win in the Clydesdale class. In the 6 hour categories it was Bob McCarty of Stradalli Team taking the overall win while Ryan Saylor came in a very respectiable second overall and took home the 45+ class win. Teresa Costello won both the female class on the day and the overall championship for the female 6 hour FLE title. Mikhael Ponso took a strong win in the men's amateur class and ended up winning the series championship by one point and the team of Wes Irons and Tyler Junkins took third on the day and it was enough to win the 2 person relay championship. Ivar Kozeja took second place in the 45+ class which secured his class championship, congrats to all of the winners, champions and all of the racers that braved the tough conditions.