A letter from Angel David Rodriguez
Hi, for those of you that don't know me very well my name is Angel David Rodriguez, I am a 10 year old from Doral, Florida that love the sport of cycling. When you see this, I will be on my way to California, to compete on a Mountain Bike XC race for the National Title. My performance will be dedicated to all the kids in this World that like me are touched by the Autism Spectrum. On Wednesday about 4:30 pm pacific time, all of you can help me with your thoughts and prayers so we, together can make this happen.
Although I am well prepared mentally and physically by may coach Filippo Barbieri and I will be riding my trusty Stradalli 650 B AKA "The Beauty". Your wishes will be the extra boost needed to get the best result possible. For some of us "Autism is not a disability, it's just a different ability".
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