Lechner with 3rd place in Rülzheim

Patrick Lechner sprints to the next podium for STRADALLI-BIKE AID.

Last nights criterium in Rülzheim Germany he could only be beaten by Marcel Fischer and Simon Nuber while Niko Holler team Stradalli- BIKEAID ranks 6th.

It was already late evening, under the floodlight of rülzheim that illuminated the Crit course with lots of corners, when Patrick Lechner stepped up again to the podium. He just finished 3rd in the criterium before and managed to fight against the two leading criterium-teams Möbel Ehrmann and Racing students who showed up with a squad of 8 racers .

After 15 laps in front of the pack, Patrick gained already lot of points and cash money that he could only be beaten in a hard final sprint by Marcel Fischer (Racing Students) and Simon Nuber (Möbel Ehrmann). A great result in a great race where Nikodemus Holler rounded the night up with his awesome 6th place.

Well done team Stradalli - Bikeaid