Jozef Verlé, Ingrid Verlé, Femke Verlé
After your grandfather, Jozef Verlé, then your mother, Ingrid Verlé, you represent the third generation of cyclists. Cycling is a true tradition in the family, right?
I grew up with the bike. At home, there was always a bike beating the clock. When I visited my grandfather, the TV was always on a bike race. There was also a lot of talks about cycling. I saw my mother riding a bike when I was a child. She took me on the road after her run for cycling. That's how everything started rolling. I already had a race bike when I went to kindergarten ! The bike can not be ignored for me.
Your grandfather was riding in which category ?
He was professional in Belgium and won the GP of Affligem in the 50's. My mother, as well, was a pro racer in Belgium. She won the GP of Merelbeke in the 70's and won the Transplanteds European Championship in 1998 after a surgery.
And you finally became professional as well ?
Yes, to keep the tradition !!! (Laughter)