Early Success for Richmond 2015 and Stradalli Cycle

The UCI Road World Championships have been a homerun at Richmond 2015 with tight races, lots of drama and plenty to talk about. But that’s just the warm up as you can expect things to get crazy this weekend.

Richmond 2015 thus far: The biggest news surrounding the UCI Road World Championships is Richmond itself. Many foreign press members and cyclists have commented on how there has been a steady crowd all week long something that doesn’t happen until the weekend usually. “It wasn’t until the weekend of last year’s races that you started to see large crowds gathering along the course. That hasn’t been the case here; there’s been a great following and crowds the entire week. Richmond really did an awesome job promoting the event.” Team Member from Colombian National Team

The race is being covered by over 150 nations including locally by Universal Sports and the NBC Sports Network.

Stradalli Cycle Turning Heads: Another surprise at Richmond 2015 is the impact Stradalli Cycle is having as the official sponsor of the Colombian National Team. Stradalli arrived in Richmond with a bus, van, SUV’s and Lamborghini wrapped in the company logo and all have caught the attention of racing fans, cyclists and members of the media. Spectators have even begun taking pictures of the Lamborghini and several broadcasts have started filming interviews in front of it.

 Image result for stradalli lamborghini

“We’ve had a lot of the racers from a few teams want to take their picture with the Lambo. The fans love it and it is grabbing a lot of attention so that’s always a good thing. I’ve even seen a few tags on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter of it so I guess it’s working.” Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher

The Lamborghini is not the only thing drawing attention to Stradalli Cycle at Richmond 2015. As part of the sponsorship agreement Stradalli Cycle provided carbon road bikes to be used by the Colombian National Team for riding and races during the entire week. The bikes have been so well received by the team that ESPN commentator Georgina Ruiz Sandoval did an interview with Colombian Cyclists in front of the Stradalli Cycle van and shot footage of the cyclists riding around on their Stradalli Bikes. If that wasn’t enough USA Olympic Medalist Dotsie Bausch shot footage for Universal Sports and NBC Sports UCI Road World Championship Coverage while riding a Stradalli.

“I wanted the company name to get a lot of attention. That’s why I sponsored the Colombian Team and wrapped something like 7 vehicles in the company logo to come up here with. But I knew the one thing I wouldn’t have to push was the bikes. All we had to do was get these cyclists on the bikes and word would spread. That’s how confident I am in our carbon bikes! ESPN and NBC Sports aren’t going to do footage of an inferior product. They cover the best of sports and this week has already proven that our bikes are elite!” Tom Steinbacher

TV coverage and crowds are expected to increase dramatically over the weekend and Tom Steinbacher says not to worry, he still has a few surprises for fans who are at Richmond 2015 as well as those who are watching the UCI Road World Championships on TV. For now if you are in Richmond you can spend a little time looking for the Lamborghini and get your picture taken with it.