Look who just stopped by to pick up his brand new Green Stradalli 650b MTB Trail Bike, UFC Feather weight fighter Chas Skelly!

Chas is 31 years old originally from Texas and just moved recently to Boca Raton for training; he is currently holding an impressive 17-2 UFC record. Chas also holds some UFC records such as fastest UFC submission and fastest UFC win turnaround. He currently training with Henri Hooft, and has chosen biking and swimming as a substitute instead of running to cross train for his fights. He prefers the lower impact workout on his knees and hips which cycling offers and plus he says he just loves to ride! Chas was so happy with his new Stradalli Carbon Bike he couldn’t wait to start his cross training. Thanks for stopping by Chas!

Chas Skelly and Stradalli Trail Bike