Big Announcements From Stradalli Cycle At Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships


Stradalli Cycle has had plenty of big announcements since it released news that they would be the official sponsors of the Colombian National Team for Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships.

After coverage at Richmond 2015 of the Colombian National Team by ESPN as well as several other publications there has certainly been a lot of buzz around Stradalli. If that wasn’t enough USA Olympic Medalist Dotsie Bausch rode her pink Stradalli Faenza through Richmond while doing a shoot for NBC Sports.

“ESPN and NBC Sports are pretty good companies to do favors for. They wanted to shoot some footage of the bikes and we didn’t mind. But we had to draw the line when they wanted to take the Lamborghini out though. That car has been getting more attention this week than the racing.” Joked Cesar Grajales Stradalli Cycle Colombia

So what’s the big announcement for the Stradalli fans?

The same road bikes being used by the Colombian National Team at Richmond 2015 will be available for purchase. These bikes will be on sale at a ridiculously low price. That’s right; this is your opportunity to take advantage of the huge sale on the 2015 models being used at World’s!

But that’s not all! Want the actual bikes being used by the Colombian team in the races at Richmond 2015? Each bike, once they pass inspection, will be sold at at a great low price!

This is your chance to get the actual cycles used in the races by some of the top pro cyclists in the world! These bikes were covered in an interview of the Colombian National Team by ESPN, used in footage for NBC Sports and they have been featured in multiple headlines regarding the UCI Road World Championships and you have the opportunity to own one of them!

 BUT WAIT WE AREN’T DONE! It was later revealed after Eurobike and Interbike that Stradalli was releasing their line of 2016 carbon frames to the public early rather than waiting until next year. Road Bikes, Time Trial Bikes and more are on the way. These carbon frames are affordable, lightweight and durable; everything you need to begin building the perfect bike!

“We have great customers and fans and this has been a special year for Stradalli Cycle. We wanted to do something exciting and awesome for everyone who follows Stradalli and what can be cooler than having the same bikes used by Team Colombian at Richmond 2015 or being able to get the 2016 frames as early as September? And that’s just the start of a long list of surprises we are going to have this fall. We like to spoil our customers!” Tom Steinbacher Stradalli Cycle CEO

So if you want to have a bike like the pros you can get it on sale. If you want the exact bike used by the pros that’s been featured in footage from ESPN as well as NBC Sports by USA Olympic medalist Dotsie Bausch you can get it on sale. And if you want the bike being used by the pros in races all around the world next year you can get that on sale too! 

Stradalli Cycle Grabbing National Media Attention at Richmond 2015

When Stradalli Cycle agreed to sponsor the Colombian National Team for Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships they expected to get a lot of attention from racing fans and even cyclists at the event. But what has been a surprise to even them is the national media attention they have gotten.

Backdrop: The Stradalli Cycle vehicles have been used as backdrops for countless interviews with cyclists from the Colombian National Team during Richmond 2015. At one point there were 4 consecutive interviews being filmed in front of the team bus as it provided the perfect backdrop for television crews.

ESPN : When ESPN Commentator Georgina Ruiz Sandoval stopped by to do a story on Team Colombia the carbon road bikes they were using quickly took over the story. Not only did Georgina and ESPN film interviews with Colombian Cyclists in front of a Stradalli Cycle video but there was also footage taken of them riding their Stradalli carbon bikes.

Universal Sports and NBC Sports : US Olympic Medalist Dotsie Bausch is covering Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships and wanted to do a segment where she rode a bike along the same course the racers would be riding down. She used a Stradalli Faenza for the shoot and was very impressed with the carbon road bike. : The financial and media site has covered many stories leading up to this week’s events and Stradalli Cycle has been at the center of most of them. has utilized Stradalli for inside information about the races, access for interviews and much more.

Bicycling Mag: Shared coverage and content on Twitter

International Coverage: The Colombian Cycling Federation has also done several stories involving Stradalli Cycle and their sponsorship, bikes and more.