50 Or Older? No Excuse Not To Be In Shape

Stradalli Cycle: 50 Or Older? No Excuse Not To Be In Shape With A S...:

They say age is just a number and there is one member of the Stradalli – Safetti men’s race team that is proving that to be true.

Blain Reeves may be 50 but if he enters a race of any kind you will often find him near the top of the leader board, not just in the masters’ category but for the entire field. Triathlons, road races and anything else he can race in.

A member of the United States Army, Reeves owns multiple Stradalli full carbon bikes and rides over 300 miles a week while working for the United States Southern Command. Over the years he has raced all around the world and won the best ranger competition in 1993 and was a member of the US Military Cycling Team. But what drew him to cycling was the team mindset. 

“The military has some great training programs and routines they’ve developed over the years. However, the main focus of the military’s training is mental training. It helps you build a stronger mentality, stay focused and push yourself beyond the limits you have already built up in your mind. Cycling started out as just a new form of cardio but I really got into it and then was invited to a few races and what I enjoyed the most was the teamwork involved. There’s competition, adversity, speed and you have to work together, what’s not to love?” Blain Reeves 

Another aspect of riding full carbon bikes that appealed to Reeves was how it reduced the wear and tear on the body compared to other forms of training. No matter what you do to workout you are beating up your body. However, cycling strengthens your legs and lower back in a way that running can’t while also eliminating wear and tear on your knees.

For Stradalli Cycle CEO Tom Steinbacher, adding Reeves to the team was an obvious move as he was looking to strengthen the team mentally as well as the talent level. Blain is the perfect strength and mental conditioning coach for the young racers on all the teams.

“Blain is one of the most competitive guys I have ever met but what I like is how focused he is. No excuses, no backing down, you have a mental approach to everything you do and just go. That’s what you need in cycling. We have a lot of very talented but also very young guys on Stradalli – Safetti and I wanted someone who could be a great mentor for them. Who better than someone with years of training in the military and mentoring young men and women in all areas of fitness? But I’m not just looking for someone to play dad on this team, you have to be able to race and compete and he can compete with the best of them.” Said Steinbacher

You can have all the talent in the world but if you do not have racers committed to the team succeeding you will not go far.

“I will never win a race on Stradalli – Safetti even if I cross the finish line first. The team wins a race no matter who crosses the finish line first. That’s what you have to understand about cycling, it’s a team race and you have to work together. You train together, travel together and you race together.” Blain Reeves