The Italian saddle company Prologo was founded in 2006 with a straightforward mission – to become the world’s leading technical brand for saddles by producing and developing innovative, high-quality, high-performance products. This makes for a perfect match when paired with Stradalli bicycles. Having the right seat will make all the difference in your riding comfort and will ultimately effect how you feel about hopping on your bike and hammering out some miles.

Prologo Saddles Technology

-Now with the etablishment of the CPC power control project, Prologo is ready to take cycling technology into the age of nano-technology. Prologo is spreading its focus to encompass all the contac point between the cycling and his weapon.

-ACTIVE DENSITY is the new solutions, patented by prologo that allows a high level comfort.

-The Prologo models basic width, has been conceived to cover the 90% of the riders bone. With multisize, Prologo addresses this gap in its range.

-Ergo Shape Design (ESD) is the result of ergonomic and biomechanic studies and test done by Prologo in the last few years.

-PAS is the system specifically researched and developed by Prologo to protect the cyclist perianal area.

-R&D Prologo team have developed a lineup of saddles dedicated to providing maximum comfort, ergonomics and performance.

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